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I came up with a few new locations that Lara should visit next during Game play. Perhaps in New Mexico since there is so much history here with the Native Americans and myth about them, It would also be cool to be in Space since she has the money to do so, and also a new mansion bigger than the last, one with doors that open to all areas of the manor including the front and back yard, kitchen etc. Another great location would be the Congo, as that remains the most unsearchable place on earth.

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I don't know now the exactly locations, but I would like some levels in city, like "Thames Warf" and "City" in Tomb Raider 3 and "Japan" in Tomb Raider: Legend.

I don't wanna her again in Egypt, TR4 is all in Egypt, and TRA and TR1 are too some levels in Egypt.

Maybe Spain, France and Germany.

I completely disagree. Revelations was nice in its way, but very disatisfying. When TR1 came out it expanded the horizons of what a game could be, it was what open-world games are today. TR4 was the opposite of that. She couldn't go 2 feet without triggering a loading screen. So while it was beatiful, it really needed to be so much more. I propose she go back to Egypt for an artifact which, when she finds it, activates and sends her back in time to 1000 BC, where she sets off on a journey of the ancient world in search of the artifact that will send her back to the present. We could see a series of open-world environments, breaking new ground with the first ever game to do so. Let us explore ancient Rome or Greece the way we want. Maybe open each environment in a linear fashion, if they must, but bring this series fully into the 21st century. After all, Assassin's Creed obviously isn't gonna give me my Egypt fix, so it's time someone outdid them. And while they're at it, give her back her somersaulting ability, for cryin' out loud. That was always one of the coolest things about her. I understand it became predictable, but they could've reinvented it instead of getting rid of it entirely. Maybe something like a move where she knocks down a door by hand-springing into it.

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