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I was thinking and probably late 2011 before we see a new game and 2 years can change not only the consoles but the pc also.

The XBOX 360 will be fossilicious by then and yet the PS3 will probably hold it's own IMO.

Forget about the Wii unless they make the Wii-O that has blu-ray and better graphics.

Anyhoo we'll probably need a Quad-Core minimum with 4 gig ram and a gig of graphics ram and most likely either a Blu-Ray dvd player

or about 20 gig of hard drive space. Why so much? Well look at Drakes Fortune 2 for example. To get that onto DVD would take at least

3 dual layer DVD disks yet only 1 blu-ray. We all know a year on a pc and it equivalent to 3 on a car. Technology evolves so fast and

if Tomb Raider wants to be ahead of the curve they'll have to pull out all the stops and do it properly in 1080 dpi.

For the game I think they need to look at the first 3 and give us some of the pointless exploration in the mansion and the story so far.

Additional content should be free for all formats. The add on levels are just an excuse to make you pay again even if it's only 10 dollars.

60 for the console game 20 for both add on levels and another 10 or so for skin themes and pics and the walkthrough book 20= 110 for one game.

Get that camera sorted please thank you very much! Get the woah factor back and make those graphics and Lara Croft looking like it's 2011.

The cartoony look save for mobile phones and or the Wii lol.

Grant you I love all the games even AOD and all it's quirks but I am a TR fan and I'm partial. I'd like to see the non fans and reviewers

finally get blown away that they can't say oh no not another Tomb Raider with this and that wrong with it.

We all know Eidos wanted the cash and pressured Crystal Dynamics all the time to get it out we'll patch it later... perhaps with Square and their

wad of cash will allow the game to get finished tested and polished before they let it go to pressing.

Woah Windows 7 by then that should be fun lol :rolleyes:

What do you think? Do you think I'm close on the hardware? What do you want to see? I want kick arse realism I think that's what TR needs blood and all.

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Well I'm jumping in the conversation couple years later but I hope you don't mind :) (in my defence, I did create my account only couple days ago...) And after all, right now the new TR is probably more relevant than ever!

With the release of trailers I think we can agree that the graphics seem pretty darn good, and definitely gritty enough ;) I'll have to admit though that I'm a bit worried about that the enviroments will all look kinda the same. By this I mean that all we have seen so far is a dark island, rain and storm, and then some sort of dark cave/tomb/some-weird-cult-place kind of enviroment. Of course we have only seen trailers/demos set in the beginning of the game, but then again they have told that pretty much the whole game will be set on this one island. It may be just my prejudice but one island as an enviroment seems slightly limited to me... I mean, if it is not Crash Bandicoot 1 kind of island which I doubt :lol:

Of course there has been games where the surroundings remain pretty much the same throughout the game (eg. Red Dead Redemption) and yet those games have been intriguing. I absolutely love the concept of adventurer-archaeologist (à la Indiana Jones, Nathan Drake and of course, Lara Croft) and that is what I'm always looking forward to in TRs. It is also the reason why I have had my worries about this game.. Although the idea of having a "zero to hero" survival story may deepen Lara's character, I'm a bit annoyed by the fact that CD has pretty much abandoned every history Core Design ever created for Lara.

And now that I happened to mention history, I may also confine to you that I'm a bit(?) of a history geek. And whenever I see real historical facts hidden in games, I fall more in love with that particular game. Being the worrying person I am I wonder what kind of culture the good folk of Crystal Dynamics are going for with this island people... Seems like they just decided to create this mysterious island with the culture of its own. I don't mean to complain (but I'll do it anyway), but seems like an easy way out to me... There are just so many so interesting and little-known cultures with their unique and intriguing histories in this world, why not use one of them? (Well, that's the geek in me speaking.)

One thing I like about this game is the fact that they have spent time figuring out puzzles that seem more realistic, and not so much "run-climb-pull lever-jump-run back-pull lever-etc". Although I find all that lever pulling very nostalgic, I also like that game developers use a bit more time thinking puzzles that seem more natural. Puzzles that don't seem like puzzles set up just for the purpose of having a puzzle here, but ones that seem like you could really face up a trouble like this in the situation like this. (Does this make any sense? If it doesn't, I apologize. I'm having a hard time figuring out how to put this idea to words.)

It would be great to see non-TR fans finally give more credit to the game. It is all about the balance of keeping the old fans and getting new ones! Btw do I remember correctly that some of the DLCs would be first published in Xbox360? Can't say I'm surprised, but a bit disappointed still.. (read: a PS3 player.) Maybe they are trying to get more Xbox-players, being it that TR has always been more popular in PS.

(P.S. If there is another place where you think this message would fit in better, please do let me know. I'm still trying to find my way around in here. :rolleyes: )

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It's fine where it is and welcome to the forum! Yeah I read what I posted and who would think that it would take so long for a new game and still the old consoles are hanging on.

Windows 8 though that's a bit scary! Usually we have to skip an OS with windows so they get it right the second time lol.

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Thanks! :) Well I'm glad that PS3/Xbox360 are still hanging on... I mean I already have three PlayStations in my shell... : )

I just hope there won't be any more delays with the release of new TR! But I guess there are always delays when you really look forward to a game... Hah oh Windows, it seems sometimes like they just want to release as many systems as quickly as possible.

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