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Awesome phone cover, rosinna, I wish it were real too :lol:

Done with the Floating Islands now! Didn't find any secrets. How sad.

My stats:


You know what I'm going to do here...




Ha ha ha ha ha...


Two of these guys at once. Not fair.


Definitely not fair!


Ok, well why doesn't EVERYONE just kill me, since it seems to be the thing to do.


Hmm, lava AND spikes. That must break health and safety rules.


Interesting, when you jump into it, you get impaled...


...and when you run into it you get set alight. What a fun experiment!


And finally, Lara gets stabbed by one of those annoyed petrified guards.

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I just heard from EldinSuper by email. He's trying to install the Golden Mask levels and having compatibility issues. Not sure which OS he has, but I encouraged him to post here.

I wasn't able to install them using 64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium. Keep getting the error "not compatible with the version of Windows you're running" even with compatibility mode set for Windows 98. Any ideas?

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Hi guys,just like Stella says, I was trying to make game run on Windows Vista.First time I got message:Please insert Tomb Raider Gold disc.Next time I putt game to run on Windows 95 and 98,just like Stella and after that I got error message.You know guys what I talking about.(Don't send error message and send error message)Other old Tomb Raider games runs just fine.If someone knows how to solve this problem please let Stella and me know.

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I should have tried TRChronicles first, but I've only had one cup of coffee so far this morning, so I'm not thinking straight. ;) They have Vista version of the Golden Mask. I tried it on Windows 7 and it wouldn't install at first. Then I right-clicked the icon and chose "Run as Administrator". After that, it installed and ran perfectly. Hopefully this will solve your problems too, Eldin.

Download link: http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com/vista/tr2g_demo.html

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Well, glad you all solved the problems :)

Hi everyone!

As you know I am playing the gold levels of TR2, and I am here to "report" on the third level Furnace of the Gods. There is a more than clear difference between the first two levels and the next two:

While the first two sets are the inflitration in that base, with the outdoor snowy environment, and all the surrounding buildings with lots of enemies, the last two are the search through the catacombs or ruins, whatever, but it is a more closed tomby environment and with fewer enemies. Mostly wildlife now.

When I first played the Furnace of the Gods level I didn't like it that much. I thought it was too hard, unrealistic and dull. Now that I have meticulously gone through it again, I realized it is not that boring, if you know what to do. It has two main areas: the golden mask area, with the giant blue hall, and the rivers of gold (yup, still don't think it is that realistic. But it is TR). The first one is pretty simple, nothing much to look at. The second one takes you to the upper part of the rivers, where you can exit to a forest (that's the fourth level, Kingdom).

I just ask myself: after Lara gets the golden mask, why doesn't she come back through the base?? She killed everyone, knows the way, and it is a much saffer way to go. But well, Lara likes to explore, so she went going. Oh, well.

I am a mouse, I am deadly, and I am coming to get you :o

post-8381-038608700 1281542443_thumb.jpg

No spikes get Lara

post-8381-032799600 1281542463_thumb.jpg

The big blue hallway

post-8381-071975400 1281542486_thumb.jpg

The golden mask

post-8381-058313100 1281542505_thumb.jpg

Yellow water. Pretty expensive, gotta tell you. Lara has just become even more rich.

post-8381-003850100 1281542540_thumb.jpg

The rivers of gold. Lara should take her jacket. The temperature for liquid gold is pretty high.

post-8381-023840700 1281542614_thumb.jpg

Ice, and gold, and water, and bones, and rock, but mostly, Lara :)

post-8381-037675700 1281542658_thumb.jpg

This is definilty my favourite are in the level

post-8381-013773900 1281542692_thumb.jpg

This pic makes me hungry... Because I once did a cake named "marble cake" that looked just like that xD

post-8381-033155300 1281542740_thumb.jpg

Big decrease of med packs usage. It has clearly fewer enemies.

post-8381-032566200 1281542864_thumb.jpg

Well, I have alredy gone through part of the Kingdom level, and I am about to have fun in a hotel, if you know what I mean :D

Happy raiding

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I can't believe I'm not even in Tibet yet. I've just been tied up with getting things ready for school, doing both my jobs, I mean my goodness. :( maybe I'll get something done today.

I'm an advanced member?! I feel special!!!

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Hi again. I have been working on finishing TR2 Gold, and I am halfway through the Nightmare in Vegas level. So, now I am here to post about the previous level Kingdom.

It's hard. It's REALLY hard. This is the definite TR level. It is very hard, imaginative, you have plenty of environments, from forests, to rocky areas, pseudo-temples and of course, golden rivers.

You have to work your way through the forest to get to the "Guardian's Lair" a then, you guessed it, kill him.

One think that I'd like to point out, is the fact that secrets in this level are for experts only. Especially the third secret. You have to go to a completely new area, and traverse it, and it is very well hidden: the core of the gold. That's the most rich room in TR history !!

Some rocks, trees, and wall paintings.

post-8381-012725600 1281562276_thumb.jpg

The cages

post-8381-019762200 1281562293_thumb.jpg

Entrance to the forest with a romaing sasquatch

post-8381-029688000 1281562322_thumb.jpg

The beautiful sky. It is refreshing to come back to an outdoor environment. Btw, this is the first level in TR games to feature a forest/jungle.

post-8381-042400400 1281562393_thumb.jpg

Ok, this is a glitchy pick, infraview is kinda crazy, but since the sky was so beautiful, here it is

post-8381-042960400 1281562429_thumb.jpg

The gold core

post-8381-049841200 1281562450_thumb.jpg

The entrance of the Guardian's lair

post-8381-080669100 1281562475_thumb.jpg

He's coming for you, déjà vu

post-8381-036959500 1281562510_thumb.jpg

Final statistics:

post-8381-073798300 1281562545_thumb.jpg

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Working on screenshots and revisions for the Opera House today before I have to go to my "real" job. ;) I noticed a few people asked about the painting of the lady on Bartoli's airplane. Painting pinup girls on planes is a tradition from World War II. So maybe Bartoli is older than he looks--even without his dagger powers--or maybe a WWII seaplane was the best he could afford. Here are a couple of links in case anyone's interested:

Wikipedia - Nose Art

The Aircraft Nose Art & Pin-Up Site


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Well, it is over. Tomb Raider 2 , and the Golden Mask are done. It was a very enjoying ride and next year i'll probably do it again. There is one and a half month left untill LCGOL is released (for my console, PS3), and I intend to finish all the tomb raider games. Hope I can do it :D

As for TR1, it's already done, TR2 was a co-op ride, which I enjoyed a lot, and I'm up to TR3 now. I don't know if I can post the screens and all the things like TR2, so the question is being leff right here right now:

Is the TR co-op gaming going to be extent to the other games? Since I have lots of free time now, I went pretty quickly through TR2 and Golden Mask, and I wanna go foward.

For now, my final report on Golden Mask is on the last level, Nightmare in Vegas, a pretty nice level to finish our adventure: it's an adventure through an hotel, ta daaaa. It's a pretty easy, relaxing level, with plenty similarities to the manor. Except for the two T-rexes. And the third guardian. And the sculpture. And the parking lot. And the cages. But hey, there is, like, a piano in both the hotel and the manor :D

Lara's bathroom. With an aquariaum, pretty original

post-8381-084256600 1281644591_thumb.jpg

Leopard bedroom:

post-8381-023375300 1281644615_thumb.jpg

Nice view, eihn?

post-8381-020645100 1281644641_thumb.jpg

Yay, Lara likes to jump in bed

post-8381-050625200 1281644676_thumb.jpg

Well, feel free to suicide, since there are no fences or barriers

post-8381-086820800 1281644667_thumb.jpg

Oh, but I wanted to climb

post-8381-069074300 1281644719_thumb.jpg

I would love to play in that piano

post-8381-018447900 1281644756_thumb.jpg

Keep reading the next post...





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Opera house

post-8381-000142100 1281644847_thumb.jpg

See, it has a pool :o

post-8381-002569200 1281644883_thumb.jpg

Well, we all see everyday a T-Rex behind a building. Don't we? :blink:

post-8381-055711300 1281644926_thumb.jpg

Be careful, or Lara will CUT OF YOUR NECK

post-8381-034140700 1281644964_thumb.jpg

Lara just couldn't resist

post-8381-008864200 1281645006_thumb.jpg

Statistics. I now have plenty of experience in killing these enemies. Since I mostly used the shotgun, it was easy

post-8381-095560400 1281645071_thumb.jpg

Well, TR3 is next, and man, what a BIG challenge. Had lots of fun. Thank you everyone :lol::lol::lol:

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Hi, everybody! Long time, no write!

@AmberNamber--my favorite level is the Ireland levels in TR5. I kind of think of them as one big level. They usurped my longtime favorite Nepal in TR7 just recently. My least favorite...running around those cities in AOD, particularly Prague. Or they are what comes to mind. I haven't played TR3-4, and I didn't finish TR5 because I stupidly saved when I was supposed to load after messing up on the shooting ranges. I'll get back to it eventually. Of course, I haven't played TR7 recently, and I may fall in love with Nepal again. It is like that. TR7 introduced me to Lara, and even though I think I prefer other TR games, when I play TR7--I fall in love all over again.

@Rosinna--cool cover! Me like!

@Stella--thanks for the video! To be young and have good reflexes and no arthritis. And OMG--they offer a Vista version of the bonus levels? I didn't know that! Is it just TR2, or do they offer all the levels? As for the woman on the plane, I realized it was nose art later--but I first saw her from under water and she looked real.

@JD_Zen--ah...there may be another reason why that water is yellow, and if that is the case--Lara isn't going to be getting richer. You sure that place isn't used by the local YMCA to teach first graders how to swim? :lol: Of course, she could bottle it and sell it as a hair restorer or something. After all, they sell processed bird poop as a wrinkle remover.

So, I just finished Level 15: The Temple of Xian. I think this is one of the most challenging levels for me...a lot of difficult jumps and traps. It certainly took me a few days to get through it. It was intense, and therefore I couldn't play it as long as I could other levels.

So, my first thought was, did Lara really drive all the way here with a blown tire?

The Temple of Xian looked like Brighton palace. It bordered on tacky, I thought. Sometimes you can have too many designs, and it can make you throw up. I swore that one of the Buddha paintings had him in a bonnet. I'm quite certain, if this is the temple that we saw at the very beginning in that cut scene with the two monks--it has been added onto.

I found the tigers to be friendly. They seemed too domesticated. They seemed to want treats.

First springboard you encounter--it is best if you face the red wall before jumping on it.

Creepy music! I kept expecting some Japanese ghost woman with long black hair and a broken neck to emerge. I was playing this at night, and I was getting scared! :blink: I kept saying to Lara, "Do you hear whispering and shuffling? I think I hear whispering and shuffling...and I think we are being watched." Lara pooh-poohed this, saying it was just an old building--and old buildings have weird noises. I wasn't convinced.

I was thinking that these ancient peoples didn't have to worry about health plans or Medicare. They knew how to solve the problem. Build spike traps, boulder traps, lava pits, etc. into buildings the populace frequents. People probably didn't grow too old in these places.

I thought the robot guards looked like S&M spanking machines. TR designers are a little kinky, I think between these and all those bottles of chloroform in TR5.

I had a problem with the first springboard you encounter after taking the dragon seal. I found it best to jump from the middle of the block you are standing on onto it.

That was a lot of ammo for Secret #3! Lara was happier than a tornado in a trailor park! She had definite plans for those!

I could not find the large medipack or grenades in the Pool with Side Tunnels and Levers. Can another PS2 player tell me if they are there? I don't know whether I missed them, or they aren't available in this version of the game. I looked all over and did not see them.

The fish are starting to P**s me off! :angry2:

Later, I realized that I wasn't hearing whispering...I was hearing spiders scuffling about. Those spiders aren't worried about bikini season. They must have fat legs to make that much noise when they walk. The big spiders, though, scared me! And it was rather funny, because I'm also playing Lego Harry Potter--and I was fighting Aragog at the same time I was doing this part of the level.

@Stella--okay, it may seems stupid...but it might be nice to mention the hallway at the left when you get to the top of the blocks in Inside the Second Temple. I got rather confused, because I hadn't noticed it, after I got the pistol clips--and the next thing I read was to cross the bridge.

I felt like a novice with those blocks in the second temple. Had a hard time with those. The second tiger startled me, even though I was expecting him (when I crossed the bridge).

The blade crossing the bridge freaked me out too. I narrowly escaped it. I wanted to do things the hard way and return to the room by the bridge. I found it a little easier, after pushing the button, to jump to the bridge as the blade came towards me (to a part it had past), and then jump/run to the room. Yeah, it was unnerving to have it on my heels--but I did better than following it.

Sometimes I don't read far enough in Stella's walkthroughs, and sometimes I miss things. But even when I expect them, they can still scare me. Those spiked walls closing in while I had to run and jump to the ladder--my heart quickend there!

Did anyone else expect the dragon statue to come to life when you picked up the main key and chomp you? I did. The slide, though, was fun--even though I died the first time. Lara's inner child was going, "Weee!"

In the second room with dragon statue and pillar that went to the top--I missed the ledge and fell. Lara survived the fall and even was able to walk around in the lava for a few seconds, apparently unharmed. Just when I was wondering what was going on, she suddenly remembered that she should be dying. This proves, I think, that we only die because we expect to.

The ladders with the blades were difficult. Finally, though, I finished. Watching Bartoli stab himself, I was thinking...you see, this is a good argument for staying home and trying to make out the squiggly picture on the TV of those spicy channels you are too cheap to include in your cable package. When you don't approve of doing such things, you find yourself joining some weird cult and stabbing yourself mortally for some reason that will probably come out in a later level.

I took a look at the next level. Freaky looking! And did I see Magneto from Xmen? Boy, he got fat! :lol:

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Finished Level 16: Floating Islands.

Neat scenery--it is like Willy Wonka's candy factory meets a Planetarium.

I found it easier to bypass jumping on the left side of the upide down V ramp, and just taking a running jump to the second angled green block.

The baddies in this game all abuse steroids and seem to suffer from digestive problems. I wonder if they are eating Winston's cooking? I heard the statues belching when they came to life.

There was no large medipack near the second plaque in my PS2 version of the game.

On Larger Island, Lower Level--definitely looked like Willy Wonka's chessboard. I guess the statues are Oompa Loompas. Wonka is now making his own brand of steroids. I was imagining them singing:

Oompa Loompa, you may be endowed!

But can't you read? No chicks are allowed!

You won't last very long

if you don't listen to the Oompa Loompa song!

Oompa Loompa, we don't mean to be rude!

But you are trespassing, so you are going to be dragon food!

Then Lara sings:

Oompa Loompas, not so fast!

I got a grenade launcher ready to blast!

I'm not some High School High musical lass!

Making me sing, I feel justified in blowing up your Oompa Loompa a--!

And I'll get your dragon too--I'm saving him for last!"

I forgot to reset the first zip line, but fortunately I hadn't saved--so I was able to reload.

In Lower Bridge Room Below Garden, after pulling up on slanted block (after climbing green block), jump over slanted roof at the left not right. I killed Lara several times until I realized this.

I'm not usually into snuff Tombraider, but even I wanted to see if Lara's head would set on fire when she jumped in that room that had a lava ceiling. It didn't happen for me.

Those four baddies and four statue guards--after Lara killed them, she said, "They ain't so bad?" And I said, "Excuse me?" She reiterated, "They ain't so bad!" And I said, "Are you kidding?"

So, next is The Dragon's Lair.

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Hello everyone!!! =D Wow it's been a while. I've been busy so I haven't had a chance to post in a while. :/ First I want to say thank you for all of the nice feedback on my TR cell phone cover. =D I really appreciate it. But I've made a lot of progress. I finished like three levels I think. I'm just gonna put the stats of all the levels I finished right here at the beginning and then get to talking about them. So:.......

Barkhang Monastery stats: http://www.twitpic.com/2fo0lj

Catacombs of the Talion stats: http://www.twitpic.com/2f348l

Ice Palace stats: http://www.twitpic.com/2f3qf9

Now onto game play,

Barkhang Monastery:

So last time I left off I was right near the beginning. Right after the hawk came out and I killed it. So right away I didn't like the monks. They kept trying to help and then getting killed themselves. Plus I couldn't run around with my guns out because then she would point at the monks and I would automatically shoot. angry.gif Grr!! I also didn't like those little awning type things on the ceilings in most of the hallways. They prevented me from running and jumping most of the way.

But the main hallway. I ran around in circles for a little while trying to figure out which room to go into first. Didn't appreciate the boulders very much either.

The pool was....... interesting. It wasn't too difficult but it wasn't too easy either.

But the rest of the level wasn't bad. I was pretty bored with the scenery by the end. And the monks were officially on my nerves by the end also. =) And it's not fair that they can walk through tables, fire, slicers, windows, etc. and I can't ! Besides the monks were pretty use less the entire level. They died pretty much every time they tired to fight. I think they need to learn that ammo wins over pointy stick about 95% of the time.

Onto the Catacombs of the Talion:

I tried to swan dive and kill her right away down that gap there but she just hit a slider and landed safely. Then I let the Yeti smack her around and then throw her against a wall. =D Aren't I just so nice to Lara. ;)

In the next room with the pool I got killed like three times in a row by those bad guys that come out when you reach the bottom of the staircase. I killed myself a couple times on the spikes below the ladder too. I just couldn't get up there!! Some days I'm really good at TR and some days I just epically fail a few times at most things. wacko.gif

The masks kind of look like this art project I had to do in 3rd grade.

I thought it was very vicious to make SIX leopards attack you when you go into the room with the frozen pond and the fire pot. And then two thugs once you get the other mask. I wanna know where they came from.

The dark room with Yeti's. I basically ran through the whole area lighting flares and screaming until I found the light switch which prompted me to blow up the released Yeti's while screaming. Safe to say that I didn't NOT like that room. It was creepy. I was very glad to get out of there.

Onto the place with the boulders and then the door puzzle thing. It took me a couple times but I finally got it. I took the route of running on the right pressure pad and jumping over the spikes.

I'm not sure at what part of the level this was in (which is why it's at the end here) but I killed her many times when you get up top right above the fire pot that you pour on the frozen lake later. I was trying to jump in, set her on fire, and then jump down to the pond and see if it would melt. It didn't work . =( Well I never got her to land on the frozen pond so I don't know if it would of melted it or not. Oh well.

Ice Palace:

First of all I have to say that this level felt very short to me. I'm no sure if it was shorter than the others or not but it seemed like it was.

I love the spring boards though!!! =D I had fun jumping and killing her a few times before using them for what they were meant. =) It was a little disappointing to see that she stopped be bounced after she died. Her dead body should've still bounced on those spring boards when she hit them. ;) I kind of want one. ;) They look fun.

I think we should've been able to shoot the Yeti's through the bars of their cage. They were definitely wide enough. I also thought that the Yeti's kind of looked like the green dude that lives in a trash can on Sesame Street. Just white and with a lot, bigger, taller, buffer body.

More dark rooms!!!! Grr!!

In the avalanche area I think the snowballs screwed up. :# The first one rolled when I ran in but the other ones didn't come down until I was already half way to the doorway.

I killed Lara around 12 times in the chasms by swan diving. =D I couldn't help it! ;)

So the gong area. I pretty much screwed up in every way possible in this area. dry.gif First of all, when dropping down, I hit X so she used the gong immediately. Then I got the thingy that looks like a lantern and jumped down. And the I saved. So I saved right before the bird dude thing came around to kill me. I didn't think he was gonna come out yet since I hadn't heard him yet! I did manage to run around and jump back up but it took a couple tries.

Temple of Xian:

I think I'm about half way through this level so far. So far I have realized that it is very treacherous. You can really tell that Bartoli welcomes visitors though. You really get a homey feel from the lava, spikes, boulders, and slicers. ;)

So I got lucky at the beginning there because she slide right past the slicer. And then I had to deal with those mutant goldfish.

But I don't have much to say about this level. Just really complicated. And a lot of vibrant red. And nasty booby traps.

The room with all of the Chinese warrior statues, or whatever they are (you know what I'm talking about?), kind of reminded me of the King Arthur level in Legend. I'm not sure why though. They just kinda reminded me of the little scene exhibits.

The really big spiders freaked me out. They like made me itch. :P And she kept standing right in them too. I was really glad that that nest didn't hatch.

I also think that this was a lot of work for a couple keys. mellow.gif

I stopped in the main chamber. I didn't do much though. That's pretty much it! =D

One thing that doesn't have to do with the game. This morning I was checking backstage iCarly stuff (I've mentioned that I'm obsessed with that show before right?) which involves checking all the stars Twitter accounts. I realize you probably don't care but I am going some where with this. So I looked over at the "Trending Topics" box and Tomb Raider was on the list!!! =D I was happy. ;) So congrats TR!! I figured that it had something to do with the fact that Guardian of Light came out recently (didn't it?). Ok that's all!! =D

See ya' next time! Hopefully it won't be this long next time.

<div><br></div><div>@Mute2Conversations:  I'm glad some one else heard whispers!!  I'm like "Ok I'm 95% sure I'm not crazy.  You hear those whispers right dad?" and he kept saying no. :P  Also I loved your little song from the last post.  It was hilarious!!  I was rofl!!! =D<br></div>

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Done with the Dragon's Lair and Home Sweet Home! Wow, I really enjoyed this group play. I forgot how much I love playing the old TR games. If we have a TR3 group play, I'm totally there.

Dragon's Lair stats:


Oh joy, these guys again...


Oh boy, these guys too...


Oooh, a corpse!


What's this in aid of then?


Aaaahhh, dragon!




Finally! after about a zillion tries, Lara finally pulls out the stupid dagger.


Lara's got a new toy to kill people with.


Oh goodie, playtime...


Most secret cults drive about in black vans with their symbol emblazoned on the side, especially when they're off to rob and murder people.


My final statistics! Missed 13 secrets. Ho hum.


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Finished The Dragon's Lair and Home Sweet Home.

This game reminds me of Star Wars: Episode 2, The Clone Wars. When I saw that movie, I was so bored! I thought Anakin and Padme's relationship would be an interesting courtship, but it really wasn't. And besides, it occurred to me that Padme was quite a bit older than Anakin...and while I couldn't blame her for being turned on by him, I was thinking she was definitely toeing the line of pedophilia there.

:blink: What was my point? :unsure: Um....

Oh, yeah! Anyway, I was bored with that movie, and I was wondering why people gave it good reviews. And then the last half hour happened, where you see Yoda fighting Count Dooku...so awesome!

And this long analogy...this game was like that for me. I really liked the Maria Doria levels--The Deck is my favorite level in the whole game. The snowmobile level is my second favorite. After that level, though, I started getting bored. I don't know why. The levels were challenging enough.

But fighting the dragon was awesome! I managed to kill him and get the dagger out on my fourth try...but then Lara was killed by a falling block. Next time I succeeded in killing the dragon, getting the dagger, and getting out. Then that wonderful explosion--which I got to see, unlike that level in Venice. <_< I said to Lara, "Uh...you better get out of here before the Chinese bill you for that."

Then Home Sweet Home. I said to Lara, "Somehow, I don't think that van belongs to the pizza guy."

The ending is so funny! Here we think we're going to get a peep show, and she says, "I think you've seen enough!" and shoots the camera! :lol:

Well, guys, it has been fun. I definitely will be game for playing TR3 when you all are ready.

@Stella--are you going to send an official e-mail out when you are ready to do the TR3?


@Shrensh-- :huh: You know, it never occurred to me how the cults do make sure their vans are very memorable when they go to kill people.

Until then, I will keep reading the posts. I'm in the mood to play TR8 at the moment, so I'm glad to wait for the rest of you to catch up. I hope I don't lose my skill for playing the older games, but I've been wanting to play TR8 for several days now.

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Hiya! So I finished the Temple of Xian yesterday. Here's the stats: http://www.twitpic.com/2fpap9 And here's the game play run down.

So I was half way through the main chamber when I left off last time. I actually really liked the main chamber. Lots of jumpy jumps. And the dragon slider thing was very cool. ;) When I was at the top I swan dived into the lava a couple times for fun. ;) I just couldn't resist! =)

I thought the ladders with the slicers were going to be really hard but it turned out that I actually liked them. I felt all cool and spy-ish while doing all of the jumping to get up to the top.

Then the cut scene. I thought the thugs were walking very strangely. That was my only observation though. Oh I did wonder about one other thing. Ok, I may be wrong but weren't they standing around the same place that you come to at the beginning of the level. You know with the DROP DOWN floors! If they are then they should've plummeted to their doom. Or they disabled them. Oh, well, that was the only other thing I noticed.

I didn't do much AT ALL in the Floating Islands. I basically ran off and killed her like 30 times in a row. :P I lite a flair once because I heard her hit something at the bottom of the abyss but it didn't show anything. =(

Well I'll be playing more tonight. See ya' later!! =D

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Well, my plans to play TR8 have been postponed--because I found out today that I was one of the winners of the haiku contest! HOORAY FOR ME!

I just finished the first level, and it is SO COOL! :wub: I didn't expect to like it, but despite whatever differences--it is still Tombraider. I could go on and on about it, but probably this isn't the thread to do it. But I felt like I was going to burst with happiness, so I had to tell somebody...and most of my friends aren't gamers and couldn't appreciate this.

And I have better hopes for this baddy we are fighting in this game too. Personally, that is one objection I had for TR2. Bartoli wasn't a great character. I mean, his turning into a dragon was cool--but you know, there wasn't much communication. Yeah, I know it is a chick thing to say :rolleyes: ...I want a man to talk to me after doing the wild thang and before he turns into a dragon and tries to burn me to a crisp. I haven't played all of the TR games, but Natla is my current favorite nemesis--Anniversary Natla in particular.

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Woah! @mute2conversations That's awesome! What was your haiku thingy? I forgot to enter that. expletive. :D-_- lol!

DANG everybody you're all finished and I'm..I'm...I forget. I'll play more today. I start school on monday so I should hurry and finish.

I'm at the Deck I think..hmm..I just kinda zoned out and lost my short term memory. yeah. :huh:

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Congrats again to Mute2Conversations! She wrote a great haiku and totally deserves her prize. :D If anyone wants to check out her poem and the other winning entries, they're here.

I'll be taking a break from the TR2 raid in order to play Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. Sorry I got a bit sidetracked toward the end there. Lots going on with the GOL launch and not nearly enough free time. Still, it looks like everyone had fun, and it's been great reading about all of your adventures and looking at your screenshots and videos. Thanks so much for doing this with me!

I plan to pick up TR2 again later on in order to finish my walkthrough revision, and I appreciate all the suggestions you guys made. Perhaps later in the fall we can do TR3. What do you think? Could be fun. :D

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Of course Stella,I am in with Tomb Raider 3 in fall,but of course I need to play LCAGOL in September 28 first:)

Anyway cong to mute2conversations on wining the price.Se ya all guys on Tomb Raider 3 forum :D

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Thanks for the congratulations! Do you know I wasn't planning on entering the contest?--even though I love Stella's contests--even if I don't win! :wub: I've only written one haiku in my whole life (until the contest), and that was in fourth grade. That was a long time ago! And I don't like haikus generally...but they are so hard to form! I couldn't do it initially, so I wasn't going to enter. Then I got depressed about something else and went for a walk. All of a sudden, on the sidewalk on 56th avenue, I was hit by inspiration! I sat down and wrote it on the back of a friend's business card. Then it started to rain, and the ink smudged. I ran home and sent Stella the email with the haiku. The rest is history!

I start school on Monday too for my last term. This last term is coding a bunch of medical charts. I know coding can be tedious, but I am getting so sick of coding patients who are alcoholics, who have had a splenectomy, who have hypokalemia, and have an old thoracic vertebra fracture. And I'm tired of Parkinson's too. :(

Stella, I'm all in for playing TR3 later. I'm also playing GOL--I wrote today on your Facebook page about how the end of the Spider tomb drove me crazy and the lucky break I got from pointless shooting. :D As for the rest of you, this is a great game! :lol::excl: To me, it has the spirit of Tombraider...though I don't know if Stella quite agrees. I'm into puzzles, which this game has a lot of...so of course I'm going to love it. :wub:

I don't want to give any spoilers...but just so you know, get used to spiders. They are bigger than in TR2, though oddly enough are easier to kill...and they explode and leave puddles of glistening spider guts. I enjoy it (I don't know if Lara does--her boots must be a mess!).

Of course, it would be more fun if I had other people to play with and share stories...but I guess there aren't a lot of Xbox players among TR fans...and so everybody is waiting for when it gets released on their system.

@CaityFM--I, for one, enjoy reading your posts even if I'm no longer playing TR2. Don't get discouraged!

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@mute2conversations :D

does anyone have a facebook....?

I'm gonna miss everyone once we're done with this..lol you all are really cool people -and I don't know about anyone else- but I would hate to like never talk to you again. maybe its just me.

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