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The Guardian of Light Single Player Footage

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Here ya go:



I really enjoyed that! Did you make it? I don't get the game until tomorrow unfortunateley so I've limited myself to only watching reviews and trailers... UGH!

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I finished level one yesterday. It is so cool! I didn't have much hopes for it, to tell you the truth, after seeing the trailer. That was why I was glad to win the haiku contest, because Xbox games can be so expensive! It is really terrible to buy something you might hate.

But I love it! It has captured the spirit of Tombraider, even though they now give you the option of blowing up dart traps-- ^_^ . But it is still very challenging. There are more puzzles, which I like. I think it will be more humorous. Totec is such a chauvinist--and so Lara gets a chance to use her wit. I really liked when he gives her his spear, saying it is a powerful weapon fashioned by the gods. Lara says she is certain she'll find some use for it, and I'm like :rolleyes: ...yeah, maybe as firewood or to scratch her back. However, it turns out the spear is very useful and becomes my weapon of choice. It slays some enemies the first time--and the big dudes, it takes five or six spears (the spear is renewing, so you don't have to retrieve it--and it uses more ammo to kill the creatures with guns). The spear also helps you climb up walls or cross gaps. My only complaint is that when Lara is aiming, she can't turn around (or I haven't figured it out if she can)--so I can only fire at the enemies when they are in front of me. The controls are a little different and took some getting used to, and fortunately there were very good instructions (they sometimes interrupt the game to give you them, showing diagrams--you can turn these off later). I was grateful, because as I got a download, I didn't have a booklet.

The game has a campy dramatism you see in comic books--but I think that is intentional. However, while I rolled my eyes at first, it didn't detract from the game. The music is recycled from Legends, but that game had very good music--and it adds nostalgia and excitement. It is attractive visually. Initially, I really hated the aerial view and how small Lara was. It was harder to see, and I didn't think I'd get lost in the game. However, both issues were not the problems I thought they would be--and I was totally immersed into the game in no time. I suppose the aerial view does have some advantages because you can see more, which helps solves the puzzles--though I wish we had the ability to look a little further without moving Lara (we don't seem to have a Look button). The game has challenges that you don't have to do, but they give you extra goodies and achievements. In single player mode, Totec disappears (he runs off ahead--typical man :D )--or at least he does in the first level. Lara is older, a little wider, more muscular, a little rougher looking (as you'd expect someone with that lifestyle to be), and a little rougher in character, all feminine endowments are smaller....she isn't as attractive (at least, not to me), but it is realistic.

People's tastes are different, but I believe that if you liked the previous Tombraider games, you should like this one. It is very similar in many ways to the last two, but it is more challenging like earlier TR games--which I have missed in the later games. I always worry when Eidos decides to do something new, but it is good that they experiment and keep the game fresh.

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