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Anyone playing Guardian of Light on the 360?

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Hi! I started playing and I must say it is different. However it is a lot of fun to play! worth 1200 ms points or 15 us for sure.

Just finished the 3rd level onto the spiders woohoo!

I got the game too and have beaten it one time through! I'm on my second runthrough going through each level individually and beating out those secrets. SO MUCH FUN AND SO WORTH THE MONEY!!!

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I finished it yesterday! I loved the puzzles! It was certainly challenging!

While the aerial view is helpful at times, I don't like having it all the time. And I like a more developed plot with interaction of other characters, like TR7.

But I do really like it!

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Just got it the other day and finished the Flooded Passage way. As said, it is very different and I really enjoy it. Keely is awesome! Also I just learned that Lara can perform a front, back and side flip! Teehee! I first pulled them off at random (like the swan dive when I first got TRL) but I am sure to perform them it is directional then A and B together. Is this correct? I ask because sometimes I can make her perform them and other times she just jumps, lands and then rolls but I think this is because of my timing.

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