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What next???


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Ok,what I am going towards is what kind of mythological/supernatural weapon will Lara be getting next. In Legend she got Excalibur and now that I am part way thru Underworld(just went down into Xibalba) I see she is going towards Thor's hammer,Mjöllnir.

So basically, what will be next?

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Boy, you guys are all about God of War, aren't ya? In "locations" I proposed an artifact to send Lara back in time to explore the ancient world, perhaps to see the original 7 manmade wonders. I was thinking of linear sequences like usual to progress the storyline, with open-world environments in between for her to earn goals that get her to the next sequence. She would travel the Mediteranean Sea a lot. Now that she keeps a log, she can use it to keep track so the larger environment won't be as confusing as it once would have been.

So, yeah, time travel thingy. Call it Chronos' Hourglass?

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More to the point and since it's been said that Shadow is the last of the reboot (or words to that effect), what kind of Lara will arrive in the next incarnation?

There's been talk of her having a family, but my feeling is that she'll become more troubleshooter, she'll explore more urban environments and be a go-to person for solving ancient mysteries, often being dragged out of retirement, which is maybe where a Lara daughter comes in.

I'd like to see her parkouring around London, New York and Paris, like she did in AOD, Legend and TR3(?) and become more high-tech, with newer weapons and gadgets, now that we've passed the re-born stage.

I think the formula will remain the same - the combat etc - why break it if it works? But the series does need a dramatic shift in direction and needs to be more tuned with the modern world that gamers can attune to.

Either way, I'll still play TR, wherever Lara happens to go or become.

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