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I hope nobody minds me double posting, but I always worry that it will get too long, though I don't have much to say about either level.


My first impression, "Dang! This place has a real bad spider infestation!"

I thought I could hear Lara sigh and roll her eyes, "Duh, idiot! That is why it is called the Spider Tomb!" Yeah...Lara almost got herself thrown off a ledge for that one. I do not appreciate attitude. :angry2:

I used bombs to take care of the spiders, but I don't think I got as many points for them. I was angry when I didn't notice the spikey ball in one area right away. Of course, when you are being swarmed on all sides--it is hard to use the spikey ball to your advantage. And one thing I neglected to mention in the other post--you have to be careful with the big guys and the ones that shoot energy balls. They can make the spikey ball roll back on Lara and injure her. However, it turns out that spikey balls can kill anything--though some enemies are more challenging than others. It doesn't matter how big they are. And you get more points for it. I even killed one of the big, ugly kilt guys.

I wasn't able to open the gate for one of the puzzle challenges. I'm certain I did before. I must have neglected to do something.

The bridge--oh, my god! That drove me crazy the first time I did it. I could not figure out what you were supposed to do. I saw the dynamite finally on top of the spiked roller--but I couldn't figure out how to access it. I thought you had to jump to it. Lara died often. Then, out of frustration, I just started shooting aimlessly. I didn't expect that to help--so you can imagine my surprise when it did. I can't tell you how often aimless shooting has helped me in video games. :lol:

My time: 32:05. Points were low--81,700. I did the hole in one. I did the 12 leaps (died several times--I don't think Lara was ever into jump roping, despite being a jock). I defeated the spider queen. I collected the red skulls. Weapons 1/2, relics 0/2, artifacts 3/4, and powerup 3/4.

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I don't think you do. You do get a different score if your "power meter" is filled. I think there are three possible scores you can get for each monster. One for low meter, half and full. Does that make sense?

Ok, yeah, thanks. I saw that I sometimes got a different score for the same enemies and wondered what was causing that. Didn't think of the power meter :)

Also, is anyone interested in making a Group-Play leaderboard so we can compare times/scores? I know they already have one on the game, but I'd like to compare scores with you guys. Then again, several of you have posted some of your scores so I suppose it's not necessary.

Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. I'd be interested in comparing scores and times, and a thread dedicated to that would be more useful than trying to do it in this one.

So I played Temple of Light for score this evening. The first thing I realized is that it isn't as easy to avoid the big baddies without the powerful weapons. During my first time through GoL, I went back through with all of the strong weapons and completed the goals in a cinch. But it's much more difficult with only the spear and pistols.

Yeah, it's a lot easier with the powerful weapons. I've gotten all the score challenges now except for the Spider Tomb, which I'm having difficulty with for some reason. I'm going to go back and see if I can get it with the new weapons I've gotten on the later couple of levels.

I also took pictures, so I'll try to put them up now.

Actually, who wants to help me? haha! How do I put pics on without uploading them to another site first?

You can upload them as attachments to your post. Here's a short guide I wrote for someone in the Tomb Raider 2 group play thread:

Click on the "Add Reply" button at the end of the thread:


Then at the next screen look for the "Attachments" section below the text box, click on "Browse" to navigate to where you've saved your screenshot and select it, and then click "Attach this file".


Once it's uploaded, click the "Add to Post" link that's on the right to add the attachment to your post.


There is a limit on uploads, so you may have to resize if you're pictures are big and you're going to be uploading a lot of them.

Thanks to a wonderful friend, I know have GoL, But I'm a little confused so maybe someone can help. I'm playing on PC with keyboard controls... how the hell do I change weapons? The spear is handy, but I really would like to shoot something!!! LOL

Use 1, 2, 3 and 4 on the keyboard to switch weapons. The spear is 1 and the pistols are 4 by default. Once you acquire more weapons, you can choose which ones you'd like to assign to which hotkey using the inventory screen.

@Shrensh--I don't agree with Marluxia15. I think the score does change according to the weapon you use. For instance, with the spiders--when I use the spear, they are usually 500 a piece. However, when I use the spikey ball, the score doubles. I could be wrong, but I'm certain I was seeing that. And when I used a bomb to kill the spiders, I'm sure it was 100 a piece. Can anyone back this up?

Yeah, I noticed that I was sometimes getting a different score for the same enemy. I'm going to be trying for the Spider Tomb score challenge this evening, so I'll have a closer look at the scoring then :)

I wasn't able to open the gate for one of the puzzle challenges. I'm certain I did before. I must have neglected to do something

If it's the one by the spike field, you need to run across the spike field in such a way that all the spikes are sticking up at once. I died so often trying to get that one that I had no score left at the end. LOL!

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Still sick and cranky, but thanks for the good wishes. :) I'll post more later but I wanted to mention one more thing that helped me beat the Spider Tomb score challenge. That level was the hardest for me. I kept finishing with just under 290,000 points.

I didn't know about Marluxia's tip on getting more points with different weapons. I'll definitely expermient with that, but the part about maxing out the relic meter is definitely true. So basically you want to try and beat that big horde of spiders at the beginning without taking any damage. Then your relic meter should be at maximum early on. Then make sure Lara doesn't take any damage. If she gets hit and your relic meter resets to zero, quit and reload at the last checkpoint so the relic meter is back to maximum again. If you play through this way, you should just manage to get the 290,000 points by the end of the level.

Perhaps this is obvious, but quitting and reloading if you die also helps with time challenges. If Lara dies and you just let the game reload, everything you did after the last checkpoint is counted on the timer. If you quit and reload, the timer resets to where it was when you first crossed the checkpoint. Hope that helps somebody.

Today I'm hoping to add screenshots to the Temple Grounds and Spider Tomb levels. The Spider Tomb is actually one of my favorites, even though I had to play it so many times. It's really well designed. In general I love the way the levels are put together so you keep catching glimpses of where you've been and where you're going.

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Thanks for the tip about reloading after dying! I hadn't tried it because I had assumed it would save again after the reload. I managed to get the Toxic Swamp score challenge on my first go :D From what I've seen, it doesn't make a difference what weapon you're using, only how full your relic meter is. I haven't managed to get the Spider Tomb score challenge yet, but now that I have a couple of new weapons, I think I'll give it another go.

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Hey guys! I had trouble with pics for the TR2 group-play so please bare with me! Don't mean to bother. How do you change the image size for an image though? When I try to upload it says FILE TOO LARGE. I edited my camera's settings to take the picture with the smallest ratio. What can I do without uploading it to a site before this one? How can I resize my pictures?

Thanks and I'll be back later!

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When I'm resizing screenshots for uploading to the forum, I use Irfanview:


It's a free easy-to-use image editor. Just use it to open your picture, go to Image, Rezise/Resample... and choose Set new size as a percentage of the original. Then you can choose to make it 50% smaller, or 75% smaller, or whatever you like, until it's small enough to upload. When you're saving a .jpg picture file, you can choose to reduce the quality to give it a smaller file size as well.

I've managed to get the score challenge for the Spider Tomb, finally. It isn't recorded in my best score for the level though, because when I got to the end of the level I found that I had about 5,000 points too little to win the challenge, so I had to go and backtrack to find the jewels I'd missed. Then after I'd found them, I couldn't get back to the end of the level, so I couldn't finish it and my score wasn't recorded :rolleyes: The challenge is still recorded in my achievements though.

While I was getting the score challenge for the Forgotten Gate earlier, I seem to have encountered a bug. If I quit and reloaded during the big fight that happens in the main room with all the pressure pads, the game wouldn't recognise when the fight ended. Once I'd killed all the enemies, the exits would stay closed and the fight music would continue. This happened during two separate play-throughs of the level, and I had to restart the whole level both times. Anyone else encounter this?

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Hey guys!! It's me, I'm back! =D Haha. I'm totally in for the group play. I'm getting GOL tomorrow so I'll definitely post as soon as I get started! ;D Can't wait for another fun group play. =)

BTW I'm under the same name on Steam, rosinna. I'll probably be playing mainly single player though. But if someone from here wants to do co-op I'd be happy to join. ;) Haha. I'm not really sure how the whole co-op thing works on Steam yet (just got it a little while ago) but I'll probably figure it out soon enough.

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Okay. I shall finally try to put my pictures on!


So like I said, I had to make a new profile on my Xbox to replay the game with skulls, challenges and pick-ups all reset.

***NOTE TO THE DEVELOPERS (because we know you are watching ;) ***


Here's me beginning the process of making Lara.

post-8420-094394300 1285897141_thumb.jpg

And here is her finished!

post-8420-037021600 1285897797_thumb.jpg

I loved this picture because I can see Lara thinking, 'Whatever shall I use this for?'

Here's another pic I took to remind us of that part where Lara backmouths the Mesoamerican lord of darkness...

post-8420-011538900 1285897855_thumb.jpg

So I've made a Speedrunning Guide for Temple of Light tonight upon beating my record of 4:14. First, some notes:

Speedrunning Temple of Light Tips


-Throughout the entirety of the level, roll and don't stop to run! No RUNNING! ONLY ROLLING!

-Make sure your tutorials are disabled in the SETTINGS menu.

-Cut all corners when possible. This will save several seconds!

-Skip cutscenes always! When a cutscene is coming on, 360 players should press B rapidly to end them fast. Can a PC and PS3 verify what buttons they must press?

-Make sure your spear is equipped in the Temple of Light level. It is extremely important to have that as your only weapon for this level as you can skip all of the combat. So only use the spear!

-Ignore all arrow traps. Getting hit by them and recovering is faster than trying to blow them all up!

-Use the "Bomb Dive" to your advantage. This is a maneuver in which Lara can jump across a gap she normally wouldn't be able to cross and, while about to fall down from midair, release and immediately detonate a bomb. This will jetison Lara across the gap. A useful glitch, this is!

These are only a few of the tips you can find on speedrunning the game.

P.S. Thanks again Shrensh for the help and glad to see you are on board with us Rosinna! ;)

post-8420-028010300 1285897831_thumb.jpg

post-8420-067484300 1285897879_thumb.jpg

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@Shrensh--I didn't encounter that in that particular level, but something similar happened to me in a much later level. I forgot the name. Maybe Stella will remember, since I did write her.

Anyway, there is a lava T-rex. There is a save in the middle of the game. If you stop there and reload, the health meter for the dinosaur disappears--and you can't kill it. You have to finish this level from start to finish, even though there is a save in the middle. Of course, maybe it doesn't happen all the time. I don't know.


:lol::excl: This part of the game gave me a good idea either for a contest or a forum game! Seeing Big Ugly awaken that stone T-rex, I was feeling rather Christmasy. I was thinking about the "Twelve Days of Xmas"--except instead of a partridge in a pear tree...it is a stone dinosaur. :blink: I always feel like singing Xmas songs at any other time except December! :rolleyes: Anyway, I was thinking--around December maybe we should have a contest or a forum game where we redo Xmas carols in a Tombraider theme. The Twelve Days of Tombraider...doesn't that have a nice ring?

I was rather disappointed that Totec didn't stick around in single play. I was hoping it would be like the way it was in Lego games, where you have the option of switching characters. Totec seems to be very good at avoiding the heavy action, it seems to me. Maybe there is a good reason why he was the only one that survived the battle with Big Ugly. Maybe he said, "You guys go on ahead...uh, I'll join you in a minute. I forgot my cell phone." How is he in the co-op game? He's certainly not a cheerful Charlotte either. He's a real negative Nancy. "Oh, we will never make it in time! You can't possibly survive!"

I got 8050 points in this level. I did it in 12:00. I collected all 10 skulls. I destroyed all the columns. I found 2/3 artifacts.


I think this may be one of my favorite levels. I loved the ball puzzle! Oddly enough, though, I don't have much to say about it.

I got 122,750 points. I collected all ten skulls. I did it in 55:53. I got all the ball into the main room. I managed to bomb the ball onto the pedestal. I got 1/2 weapons, 1/2 relics, 2/3 artifacts, and 6/6 powerups.

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Still working on screenshots for the Spider Tomb level today. In the process, I ran into this exciting bug (no pun intended), in which Lara's normal movement morphs into this crazy pose with arms outstretched. It looks like she's trying to scare the spider.

post-2419-024891000 1285981295_thumb.jpg

Overall I haven't encountered too many glitches. Mostly things like you guys have mentioned, particularly objects malfunctioning on reloading. For example, here in the Spider Tomb, when backtracking through the first room where you put the ball in the fire pit, after quitting and reloading sometimes there'll be an invisible wall in the doorway where the ball is, as though the ball is taking up the entire space, so you can't go through. Mostly smooth sailing, though.

@Mute2Conversations: Yeah, Totec is a lot more heroic in the co-op game. Although late in the single-player story, he does offer to fend of the lava dinos while Lara goes and fights Big Ugly. Oh, wait. Nevermind. That's not very chivalrous is it...? ;) Anyway, my Totec is my son Max, and he's always trying to save me from plunging into lava and being clobbered by monsters. My hero! :D

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Hey guys! I already had my post written when I accidently pressed the back button and it all got deleted. So I'm going to make this brief. I played Temple Grounds today for score and got a score of 431500 and a time of 41:05. I found all artifacts, skulls and pick-ups in general. In other words I beat in 100%. And then I played Spider Tomb quickly just for the heck of it. This is my second favorite level in the game. I can speedrun it very well and got a time of 2:37. I'll play through it again later for score and artifacts!

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I've just finished the game :lol: I'm going to have to redo a few levels because I missed a few points challenges and some red skulls along the way. I might also try for some time trials too, although I don't enjoy doing speed runs all that much. I did manage to beat the Temple of Light time challenge by 7 seconds though...

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Just checking in. Not much to report, though. I've been hopping around in the game, adding screenshots and a couple of videos to the walkthroughs for the early levels. I'm still not sure whether or not I want to do full-level videos. Some people have asked for them, but I don't know if it's worth the effort. I haven't done them for any of the other games and don't plan to, but these levels are fairly quick once you get the hang of them. For now, I think I'll just focus on the challenges and maybe add more later.

While working on the Forgotten Gate level I was really reminded of the classic Tomb Raiders. Lots of platforming here, especially at the end of the level. It's fun and frustrating in equal measure. I like this game a lot. :D

P.S. To Shrensh: I'm not a big time trial fan either, but it does get a lot easier once you've got powerful weapons and speed artifacts/relics. The hardest for me was the Fiery Depths level, but eventually I beat even that one. You can do it if you set you mind (and fingers) to it. :)

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Hi everybody :D

I was really busy with school last days so I was unable to join you,but here I am now.I finish GOL last Sunday and now I just want to replay it again.I think game is great and too bad there is still no online gaming.Oh well...

Stella:Doing full level walk,well I think thats bit harder,I think that you gave too much to us with your write walk...But its all on you if you think that doing video full walk won't take you much time go on then :D

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Well, I haven't been on in a while. I was busy GRADUATING! :lol::excl: I made it! Despite wanting to quit at least four times during this medical coding course, I stuck to my vow not to quit! I didn't realize what a terrible quitter I was until I was 34 years old, and by then--I had done a lot of quitting. :rolleyes: I couldn't figure out why people who had less going for them managed to succeed where I didn't. :unsure: I entertained quite a few conspiracy theories. :blink: Then the obvious hit me...they succeeded because they hadn't quit! ;):P So, I decided to be a plugger! And I did it! I think my gaming has improved after adopting the same philosophy.

Anyway, time to catch up!


I will have to read Stella's walkthrough, because I couldn't solve the first puzzle the second time around either. I cannot get that ball to jump to the higher level--even though I've done it in other puzzles.

I really liked shooting the spikey ball with the grenade launcher--in that puzzle where there is a spikey ball surrounded by wooden stakes...and you have to get it into the fire pit. That is Lara's version of pool! To our teenage friends, this proves that there is a use for geometry!

I completed it in 1:11:25. 434,150 pts. I collected the skulls. I cleared the maze without taking poison damage. 2/2 Weapons, 2/2 relics, 1/4 artifacts, 3/6 powerups.


Spikey balls are also good for protecting you from spike traps and destroying them! :lol:

I managed to get the third gem on the wall that I wasn't able to get the first time I played.

This is the first time you see the regenerating skeleton dudes. Grenade launcher is good against them. You have to be careful in this level of what you blow up. Some of it is needed to collect something...for instance, a vase in one of the puzzles helps you reach a red skull. Of course, there might be other ways to get it.

As a general rule, I prefer using the spears than the grapple. I don't find the grapple very easy to use in this game.

It seems to me that Big Ugly really doesn't like the darkness. He is always bellyaching about it. It seems strange, since he is the god of evil and darkness. :huh: But maybe he didn't choose to be the god of evil and darkness. Maybe it was circumstances. Maybe his mom took one look at him and said, "Big Ugly, you are too d@#* ugly to be a god of arts and crafts! You have to be the god of evil and destruction!" Maybe all Big Ugly wants is a pink room with a ruffled bedspread, Hello Kitty decorations, and one of those little dogs that have to take their owner's anti-anxiety pills every fourth of July or they pee themselves senseless. I could actually picture him being that way. ^_^


You know, when you play video games, you have to suspend reality a little bit. In reality, Lara probably couldn't jump so well if she had triple D's. I know her appearance has been an issue in the past...but I tell you, you can't think too far on this one. You can't get too realistic, no matter how endowed she is, because it will definitely destroy the illusion.

For instance, Lara always looks good. Every so often, you'll see a bit of mud streaked on her legs or maybe some blood. But no matter what she has went through, she looks good. No sweat rings under her arms. No bruises. Her hair doesn't even get mussed up. In reality, I doubt she would look so good.

I also doubt--particularly in Level 8 of GOL--she would look or smell so good. Let's face it, Lara sometimes hangs out in some pretty funky places. Really, she would be quite disgusting in both sight and smell if Eidos chose to be that realistic. I'm certain she got bits of big mutant fishy sprayed on her. Then there is the spider splatter.

Aside from this philosophy, not much to report on this level. Collected the skulls. 6:49 was the time. 1/3 artifacts.


I knocked the shield off a demon. I still could not bomb the rolling fire--another thing I will have to look up in Stella's walkthrough. 125,950 pts. 46:36 time. 1/2 weapons, 1/2 relics, 1/2 artifacts, 2/4 powerups.


My second favorite level. Time: 41:31. 60,300 pts. 1/2 weapons, 2/2 relics, 1/3 artifacts, 3/6 powerups. I didn't record my achievements, if there were any. I was getting irritable right before I graduated. I was also stressed out because I was facing situations, now that I'm preparing to be the major bread earner, I had never faced. You are never too old to experience something new. And I am beginning to lose hope that I will ever have all the answers like I thought adults were supposed to get. I didn't have them when I became an adult, but I thought maybe I'd get them in the middle of my life. <_<:wacko: Oh, well....Anyway, at this point, I hated everything--even Tombraider.


I really hate this level! :angry: I didn't unlock the rocket launcher right away, and it takes FOREVER to kill the lava dinosaur with a grenade launcher! You get so tired, that even if you successfully avoid getting hit with fire balls or stomped on, sometimes you fall into the lava. This level almost made me quit the group play. I had completed the game once before, but I had upped the difficulty this time. It seemed I was never going to defeat the monster. And the bug I had discovered, which I mentioned in an earlier post, still holds true. There is a save in the middle, but if you stop there, the life bar of the dinosaur disappears and you can't kill it! Fortunately, I did unlock the rocket launcher today--and that did make easy work of the dinosaur. I completed it in 13:09. 2/2 weapons, 1/3 artifacts. I stepped on all the platforms.

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Well, I haven't been on in a while. I was busy GRADUATING! :lol::excl: I made it! Despite wanting to quit at least four times during this medical coding course, I stuck to my vow not to quit! I didn't realize what a terrible quitter I was until I was 34 years old, and by then--I had done a lot of quitting. :rolleyes: I couldn't figure out why people who had less going for them managed to succeed where I didn't. :unsure: I entertained quite a few conspiracy theories. :blink: Then the obvious hit me...they succeeded because they hadn't quit! ;):P So, I decided to be a plugger! And I did it! I think my gaming has improved after adopting the same philosophy

Whoo hoo! That's awesome! You deserve a lot more than this cheesy sparkling animated gif, but it was the best I could do on short notice. Way to go! :D


I've done a lot of starting and less finishing, so I can totally relate. Isn't it a great feeling to work hard and finish something, whether it's a course, a game or whatever? That reminds me, I vowed I'd take a walk every other day this week. I've been slacking and need to get moving. So I'm off. Thanks for inspiring me not to quit.

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Thank you, Stella! :lol: It is a great feeling! :lol: Now for the real challenge: job interviews! :blink:

I love taking walks! I love being in bright sunshine! That is one nice thing about Florida! :lol: Of course, the oppressive heat and humidity is a detractor...and the allergens and bugs. But nice blue sky and sunshine is a perk! I'm glad I never moved to a place that has gray skies all the time. We get them occasionally in the winter here, and I have to say they really depress me.

Anyway, GOL....


I love the soundtrack in this level, which is the Kazakhstan level music from Legends. There are several things I will have to remember to look at in Stella's walkthrough. In this section, for instance--how to get that floating red skull...actually, I did get an idea of how to get it, but only after finishing the level. -_-

I love the rocket launcher!

It took me forever to get the spikey ball across the lava pit--you know, where you have to bomb it to the pedestal, then to the other side.

I had a problem finding the last ball. Then I realized I hadn't went up one set of stairs.

Time: 1:10:57 I rested the ball on the pedestal. I had 0 points (I died a lot). I stepped on the three spider tiles (which I couldn't find the last time I played). 1/2 Weapons, 1/2 Relics, 1/2 artifacts, 6/6 power-ups


First time I played this, I sang Christmas carols. It reminded me of Christmas a bit--you know, because it was snowing. It was snowing fiery ash, but it was snowing. With the first puzzle, I don't know how they expected you to solve it. I solved it by stepping on the pad, then stepped off and threw spears at the pillar as it went up. Then I jumped on the spears to get to the top.

I wish I hadn't increased the difficulty. I did finish, but I'm too stressed out to appreciate challenges at the moment.

For once, Totec does appear to be useful when he offers to take care of the three lava dinosaurs. I was glad. One lava dinosaur was enough for me!

1:02:10 was my time. I broke two shields with a truck. 96,150 points. 1/2 Weapons, 0/2 relics, 1/4 artifacts, 2/4 pickups.


Some of my pointers that I had written down when I first played the game didn't seem to apply the second time around, possibly because I had increased the difficulty. When Big Ugly was crouching over and shooting sparks at the very last, it wasn't quite as easy for me to approach him and take him out. While I lost some health last time, this was the best thing to do because it killed him faster. This time, I couldn't get up to him without dying, so I used the rocket launcher.

I finished in 58:01 minutes. I unlocked both the heavy jungle and Legend outfits.

I still like the game very much, but it was a mistake to increase the difficulty when I wasn't in the mood to be challenged. However, I think I won't go back to get what I failed to get the first time around. It is fun playing with you all, but I really want to play Legends now.

And are you still thinking about doing TR3 at the end of the month, Stella?

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Cong to Mute2Conversations,yes game was really fun to play,but for me Tomb Raider is Tomb Raider.....you want to play Legend now cool,I just started it:)

I finish Guardian of Light as well,for now I'll stay on Legend and wait to start Tomb Raider 3 with you guys....Se ya all ;)

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Thanks, EldinSuper!

AAGH! You are all seeing this, right? They've changed the layout of LaraCroftOnline! I was so confused! :wacko:

I don't know if I really like it. :unsure: It is harder on the eyes, I think. But I'll give it a try. ^_^ I'm not always open to changes. ;)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hey guys! Long time no chat! I've been busy myself, although not nearly as busy as being a graduate. So congrats Mute2Conversations! You must be so happy and proud! And if I remember correctly, you got a job too, right? And I agree, this new layout is definitely hard on the eyes. But I'll adjust. It looks pretty cool, though!


I took a nice long break from GoL to build up the feeling for online co-op. So my next post will probably be once I've played online and can talk about the experience. But, I figure I could sum up my GoL experience from my first session...

So, I loved the game, it was great. Althoguh it wasn't a customary Tomb Raider game, it will definitely give me something to do while waiting for TR9. I think they incorporated the "recycled music", as it is called, pretty well and it built up some suspense for some parts. I definitely loved this game though. My favorite level is probably Fiery Depths. First there is the cinematic between Lara and Totec which was really touching. You can definitely see how their relationship has changed since Temple of Light! I loved the fire, lava and traps in this level. I've also decided, after playing this game, that TR9 needs from high-adrenaline moments for instance the end of Temple of Light with the moving wall you have to ascend, the bridge in Toxic Swamp that collapses behind you, the staircase that does the same in Stronghold Passage, or whatever the level was just before Fiery Depths. Those are my favorite moments where Lara is combating with people as the environment is trying to knock her off. Overall this was an amazing game!

And the DLC comes out on Wednesday! Who's excited?!?! I'm Marluxia15 on XBL if anybody would like to play with me. I can't wait for these bonus packs and I hope there are some cool cinematics or a story (after or before would be cool) with them. I also ponder about what charcters will be available in the following DLCs. Hmmmmm...

Also, I am the webmaster of Hunter's Tomb Raider Tales, a fanfiction site I made over summer and I just began tonight what I call a Community Event. The first Community Event is hosted on this forum and a few others. Check my listings here: Hunter's Tomb Raider Tales In the first Community Event, I want to create the largest compilation of TR poetry in the world! So if you guys have any poems, all are accepted and you can write however many you want. Just post it on the forums for me and I will make sure they get in for you!

Cheers! ;)

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