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Hi all,

it's been a week since we last played the game. Today, we opened steam to find that the game was uninstalled from steam (it's installing again as I post this). However, steam was still listing the achievements... Has this happened to anyone? Do you think we'll lose the saves from our previous gaming sessions, or we'll just have to start the whole thing from scratch?




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Have you played since the official release date? I signed up for the Gamespot thing where you could play before the official release date, like you did, and on the day of the official release the game completely re-downloaded. All my progress was still there after it finished downloading the updated version, so you should be fine.

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As I understand it, when the game was released on the 28th of September officially, everyone had to re-install the entire game. I dunno why, but I think it's because that's the official release date, and Steam thought no-one had it installed, so made them re-install it again.

As for saved, there's something called Steam Cloud that some games use (LCGOL is one of them) where, even if you install the game on another computer, your saved games will be there.

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I can understand using Steam with the co-op and all but I prefer the old school way of having a disk to install.

I'm playing ball with it this way for now but if all games are download only with strings attached I'll just use the console versions.

I like having games on disks too, but I was pretty grateful to have it on Steam because the DVD drive in my computer broke about three weeks ago, and the new one only arrived yesterday. So I'd have been staring at a useless disk and getting increasingly bad tempered if I hadn't been able to play without a disk :lol:

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