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Watch Spike VGA Tonight tr 9 debut trailer likely

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Watch Spike VGA Tonight

RUMOURS: Other names that have cropped up in the last couple of weeks

*Left 4 Dead 3 - Linked to 'Murder Your Maker' teaser, unlikely.

*New Resident Evil title - Linked to 'Murder Your Maker' teaser, also unlikely.

*Tomb Raider - Reboot confirmed earlier this week, debut trailer likely

*Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker - Logo spotted in recent advert, linked to the game's handheld of the year nomination.

*New SXX title - A mountain peak teaser has hinted to the return of gaming's favourite snowboard series but for now it's still a rumour.

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Shame, even a Tomb Raider sneak peek would have been nice.

"Murder Your Maker" was for Prototype 2...meh, lol.

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