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SALT on Blu-Ray Alternate Movie Options


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Has anyone bought SALT on Blu-ray? I added it to my collection (no surprise there, lol) and watched the theatrical version. The next day we had company over who hadn't seen it, so we tried the Director's Uncut version. Without giving lots of spoilers, let me just say they totally changed 2 major scenes in the movie. One was a death scene with SALT (AJ's) reaction totally changing the storyline, and another was a major fight scene that I felt made the movie.

Needless to say I switched back to the theatrical version for the rest of the movie just in case. I'm all for alternate scenes, etc. But I think if it's an "uncut" version, the normal reaction would be to expect more scenes, not ones cut out.

If you've watched either of the other 2 versions, I was just wondering what you thought compared to the original movie. As a non-obsessed AJ fan, maybe? :P (Or not)

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I thought the director's cut was the best version of the film. It tied up some loose ends from the theatrical version and the storyline made a lot more sense. And the characters were explored a bit more, their motivations, etc. I know it's only a few minutes difference, but it made a huge impact.

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there's a Director's Cut?


how come I didn't get the memo?


Yeah it's even on the regular special edition DVD as well as the blue-ray.

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We re-watched Salt for the 3rd time the other day.

So is Salt a Russian sleeper agent or not?

You have all those flashback scenes showing kids being trained to become sleeper agents and the scene where the Russian guy told Salt, when she was still a kid right before she was put into an American foster home: this is the last time you will see me. When you grow up you will go to Princeton and work for the CIA.

So she grew up, got a job as an agent at the CIA, and had a change of heart? She faked the assassination of the Russian President and she killed all the other Russian sleeper agents on the docked ship, after they murdered her husband in front of her by drowning him.

I don't think her husband dying is what turned her to become good because the fake assassination of the Russian President was before her husband dying.

Then after that she tried to save the U.S. President and she stopped her boss at the CIA, who was also another Russian sleeper agent, from launching nuclear missiles.

I also don't think she was turned by the CIA as an agent and was a double agent because the way the CIA was chasing her, they were truly convinced she was a Russian agent who infiltrate the CIA and they didn't know she was actually one of the good guys.

I guess what I am asking is when did she become a good guy or has she always been a good guy even when she was being trained as a Russian sleeper agent?

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