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Hello, everyone! Since Stella has been busy, I have decided to start the Tombraider 3 Group Play. I thought it would be a good time, since I assume most of our younger friends are out of school.

Essentially, if you haven't done this before, you play the game at your own pace. You tell us about your experiences playing the game. You can be technical and share better ways of doing things, mention bugs, etc. This will be helpful to Stella when she gets around to revamping her walkthrough.

You can also be imaginative like me--or maybe be a chick about it :rolleyes: --and discuss what you think Lara is thinking, her motivations, why she does what she does, etc.

So enjoy! I hope people will play with me--because I didn't really enjoy this game playing by myself. I'm playing on Playstation, and I have to wait for save crystals to play--and getting save crystals often involves painful deaths. So it was really frustrating, and I am hoping group play will make it more enjoyable.

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Ok, I am done with Lara's Home. Its been more than 2 years since I last played Tomb Raider 3, but here I am now.

Lara's Home is fun level to learn how to control Lara, well if you count last two Lara's Home in Tomb Raider 1 and 2 than yes.... but Lara's Home in Tomb Raider 3 is much more than just a trening level..its accualy little adventure where you need to find something in this case thats key. I like this level very much and so far this is the best Lara's Home for me... in Tomb Raider 1 Lara's Home was only there to teach you how to use controls, in Tomb Raider 2 it was more than that, but still only to learn controls, but now in Tomb Raider 3 it feels like you accauly playing an adventure.

Here are some pictures from Lara's Home.. it was fun to play it.. :D


Where this water goes when Lara is done with it?


Ok, Winston time to freeze.. XD


I like Lara's pool room very much... It is beatiful right?


Its fantastic when Tomb Raider 3 PC version is set to Gamma 3..


My Quadbike Treak results!


My Assault Course results!

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Hell yes I'm in!!! =D Haha, nice to see everyone again! I'm excited to do another one of these, they're super fun! =) I have to say though I'll probably be playing at a slower pace than before because, although I'm outta school, I'm kind of busy this summer. I'm (hopefully) going to be going on vacation sometime and I have other projects I'm working on, but I'll eventually get through the game. My dad and I did start playing TR 3 a few months ago and I think we only got to like level 5 so I might just start from there if that's ok with ya'll? That way I won't be too behind. =) I'll recount what I thought about the levels I already played, I'm pretty sure I'll remember!! I'll just look at Stella's walkthroughs to refresh my memory on what the levels are. Ok I'm rambling, like usually. ;) Can't wait to read all your posts too!! =D

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Very stoked for this! It seems like last summer was forever ago! Tomb Raider 3 should be much more fun. I'll start up soon, maybe do Lara's house first. What do you guys think of LCO's new forum design? I'll kind of miss the old shades of blue color scheme, but this is nice (and has a new Tomb Raider graphic...lol) It'll be nice playing with you all again!

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YES! I just bought TR3 today, so this will be my first time playing it! I'm excited. I really missed these group plays :)))

bring it ON!

Oh man. I remember you all XD this is awesome. awesomeawesomeawesome.

P.S. Say hello to Nyan-Lara!

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I was glad to start this. I had been thinking about it for some time, but I was worried about appearing as someone who was "taking over" something. We all know people like that. ;) But I knew Stella already had so much on her plate.

It is so nice to see the old group! I started playing TR3 some months ago and got frustrated with it and quit. I was waiting for the group play, thinking it would help me enjoy it more. I am playing TR3 on Playstation, where I have to wait for save crystals. Why am I playing on Playstation instead of the PC? Well, my mom got a great deal on the first five Tombraider games (plus a memory card)--and they were all Playstation. I might eventually get the PC version to save myself save crystal grief. <_<

Actually, this is the story. I originally bought TR3 from Gamestop for 99 cents. This was before I found Stella's site. I had no idea how to move Lara. I got so frustrated, I tossed it in the garbage--along with AOD, which I had also gotten hopelessly stuck on. When I found Stella's site, I thought I should give the old games another try...because Stella is thoughtful enough to include Controls in her walkthrough!

@Caity--glad you got a copy. It wouldn't have been the same without you.

@Marluxia--I'm just glad the forum glitch got fixed. I was bummed out when I couldn't log on. I really like having the group plays here.

@rosinna--play at your pace, and start where you want. We're not sticklers here.

@Eldin--I don't remember that top picture area. Of course, I never actually fully played Lara's home.

@gmoneypower--we are starting now!

@saxplayer1216--don't worry about the delay. Some are speed runners, but this game was so frustrating for me! I'm expecting to go very slowly.

@Eldin and Stella--you are very welcome!

@Stella--since you will be popping in, I guess you will make notes if anyone mentions glitches. We don't need to email them to you?

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@Stella--since you will be popping in, I guess you will make notes if anyone mentions glitches. We don't need to email them to you?

No need to email. I'll be sure to check back here before I do any work on the walkthrough. Speaking of which, I know it's in need of a serious overhaul. I'm embarrassed to even look at it sometimes. So if anyone has suggestions, corrections, etc., please don't hesitate to post. I may not include everything, but I'm always open to constructive criticism. Many thanks in advance!

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Level 1: Jungle

I'm on my laptop so I can type as I'm playing. Hardcore.

Man. I really missed these amazing graphics XD

At first, I just messed around on the slope, discovering the spikes early on. Then I discovered the quicksand. Then I read Stella's shortcut, and had no luck with the tricky jump X)

I really like the monkeys. I'm used to everything trying to kill me, so it was great that the monkeys were pacifists. I named all of them :D

I really hate killing tigers! I wish they were as nice as the monkeys. The animal conservationalist in me has trouble shooting many things in this game that are sometimes endangered in the real world XD I'm always like "SORRYTIGER" Except the T-rex. Those things went extinct for a reason. And the spiders in TR2. .....I hate spiders.

After killing a tiger, there was still blood splattering like I was shooting it. I immediately thought of charlie sheen. That guy is a bigger legend now than he ever would have been if he were to of stayed relatively sane.

OH. MY. GOSH. I FORGOT TO SAVE THE GAME OR SOMETHING AND I DIED ON THE SPIKES AT THE BOTTOM OF THE HOLLOW LOG. NOOOO. I tried to use level skip, but it didn't work. I tried the tricky jump again, it didn't work.

So I re-did it. RAWR.

I was reminded the hard way that auto-grab hadn't been invented yet.

I accidently shot a monkey, THEN it tried to kill me. So I put it out of it's misery.

Ah, nothing like getting pancaked by a boulder.

The monkey tripped me. These things are starting to show their true, malicious intentions. -____-

I love how shiny the save crystlas are.

So when I got to the Indra Key, I ended up having to kill the monkey to get it. :(

hahaha I love the dude at the end of the level :D

I can't take good screenshots, I use PS2. And somehow I lost some pictures I took of the blonde dude at the end. But the one I have illustrates the natural look of the trees, and how they're so boxy. XD


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I will join you too. But I'm going to vacation on Tuesday, so I won't play with you while I don't get back, and that's 23rd July. :/

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Ah, Miss Croft. Tomb Raider 3. Possibly my favourite of the series. From what I recall, quite a large game compared to the previous 2, with a lot of variety. More vehicles, including the classic quad bike, and the kayak which at times could be difficult to handle (go back...back...BACK!...yay!). Good weapons, like the desert eagle and rocket launcher. The epic dinosaur battles, and one of the most frustrating bugs ever in Lud's Gate. I think I'm up for this, but I want to see if I can complete GTA San Andreas before I do - 99.4% complete and only the dirt bike race to go, so I'll come back tomorrow.

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This is a test to see if I can post a short response in this thread.

So, I dusted my old Playstation 2 off. When I got back to playing Playstation, I remember how much I love it. Of course, wireless controls are nice. The poor Playstation doesn't get used much now that I have both an Xbox and Wii. Of course, it is more because not many games are released on PS2. However, it is good for playing old games...particularly since I've heard some PS3 consoles don't play PS1 games.

I do like the intro for TR3. Did anyone understand that guy that was doing most of the talking? He was, as we say around here, speaking "some sort of English"...which can be even more hard to understand than someone speaking another language.

I only visited Croft Manor to review my skills. I like visiting Croft Manor after completing the game, though sometimes I forget to. In the newer games, it makes more sense because you have to unlock stuff first. But I find it a nice way to end the games. Unlike so many people, I did not kill Winston or try to. I am totally against killing poor Winston, even though he does get in the way. And why is he serving Lara Croft tea? I imagine Lara would prefer a beer and some cigarettes (which are supposedly called "fags" in England...I got so grossed out when I first heard Robbie Williams singing about how his mouth tasted like twenty fags...and then I learned he meant something different). Anyway, I did not complete that level.

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I started with the Jungle level. But first, my Playstation was telling me that I needed to insert a memory card into the console. Why was it telling me that when I had one inserted in there? :huh: Then I realized what the problem was. When I play PS1 games, I have to use a PS1 memory card, which thankfully I have two. It does not recognize PS2 memory cards, though they look the same, which is what I had inserted in it. So I had to search for my PS1 memory cards. Then I remembered I had better get Stella's walkthrough and had to remember which ringbinder it was in. I have lots of ringbinders, all the same color, so this wasn't easy.

But finally I was ready to start! I was disappointed when I played this game the first time, because I thought the graphics were much poorer than the ones in the first two TR games. However, the levels were more interesting--more challenging. Maybe a little too challenging for a game that uses save crystals. :excl:<_<:angry2:

Though I expected it and heard it, I was nearly crushed by the first boulder trap in the beginning. I just managed to jump over it.

Lara has trust issues. I don't. This proves it. Stella's walkthrough would say to jump somewhere, and I didn't see there was anyplace to land. But I jumped anyway. Usually, I still couldn't see the secret or whatever, but I didn't die.

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I have a horrible time keeping up with the monkeys when I'm supposed to follow them. Of course, it helps not to read the walkthrough at the same time, but I still have trouble. In fact, I think the monkeys have pretty much given up on me. At first, they'll come back...but after the third time, I'm on my own. Monkeys have lives too--you know, feces to throw, bananas to eat, lice to preen.

Speaking of monkey activities, those were some sorry looking bamboo plants in the quicksand area. Did you see the ends of them? I think the monkeys are using them as target practice. :blink:

Since I have to wait for save crystals to save, I try to be careful where I save. I decided the area with the spike wall would be a good area. I did actually save myself the first time, though I did get grazed a bit.

For my sanity's sake, I decided not to worry about monkeys unless I had to. Yes, they often had a health pack--but I can't usually see the secrets anyway. They blend right in with the scenery, and sometimes I think I see secrets that are just textures.

Then I got a message that my controller wasn't plugged in, even though it was. I actually remember this happening last time. I wonder if it is the controller or something with the game? So I unplug and replugged the controller. I blew on the end of it. I wriggled the cord. Finally, the message disappeared.

I can appreciate the old games more since doing the Tombraider Level Editor. Sometimes knowing a magician's tricks ruins the illusion, but I get quite delighted when I figure out that a particular square is a trigger. And I make mental notes about things for future reference. One such note: if I ever make a jungle level, I am going to brighten the objects so they don't blend in with the surrounding textures! Or at least the ones that I don't mean to be hidden.

I liked the music we heard when we killed the second tiger. Like romantic dinners, the right music can create the right atmosphere to indulge your homicidal desires. The third tiger startled me, even though I knew it was coming. I screamed like a girl. Of course, I am a girl. Lara wants you all to know it was me that screamed, and not her.

Then I read Stella's walkthrough about going into an area where the second tiger came from. The problem is, I wasn't paying attention! I had no idea where the tiger came from. I think Lara was checking her Ipod, and I was getting a drink of water. We were in the doorway. We were safe. We did figure it out, though.

Then came the part where I wanted to get the save crystal on the roof. What is annoying about save crystals is that getting them is very dangerous. So, here I am jumping up to grab the roof with spikes below me. I missed and died. I was on page 4 of the walkthrough, in the area with the hollow log--and I was put back to page 2, the area with the spiked wall. That was my last save point, because I was trying to conserve save crystals. So then I got p***** and stopped. :angry2:

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It didn’t take as long to redo everything, though I guess it was because I knew what to do.

Got grazed even more by the spike wall, but still survived. Second time around, very easy to get crystal on roof. Why wasn’t it that easy the first time?!

@Stella—In the paragraph that begins with (**) in Multi-Level Room With Spikes and Hollow Log, after the fourth sentence. I think it would be useful to tell people to turn around, or mention they will be climbing on the block that formed the crevice. I had a time trying to figure out what block I was climbing onto.

I saved before doing the boulder trap that occurs after Secret 5. I’m glad I did. I got smooshed.

Lara is not the waiting type. Neither am I. It was safer to wait and kill the tiger from above, but that tiger would prance off and take forever coming back. So we did it the way Lara does things—jump in with guns blazing. And while fighting the tiger, she nearly jumped into a spike trap.

In the boulder trap with the three boulders, she nearly missed being squashed like a bug. Guardian angels are working overtime today.

In the river, Lara got stuck near the right white ledge—when you are going downstream after getting Uzi clips up stream. I had to reload.

A few months ago, I did Path A. Since the level is already challenging enough, I decided to make my life easier and do Path B. I didn’t find Path A, if I recall, much fun. Just long.

I was able to do my swan dive, which is rare for me. Of course, I always worry about diving onto dry land and cracking Lara’s head open. It is probably because I was lectured so often as a child not to dive into rivers and lakes, because you never know what is at the bottom—and how deep it actually is. You could dive in and hit your head on an old air conditioner. Do they still preach about how many ways you can die in school? When I was a child, there seemed to be assembly after assembly about how dangerous your life can be—even if you are not Lara Croft. You could get hit by lightning standing under a tree (particularly if you were blonde and blue-eyed), get abducted by perverts (again, especially if you were blonde), accidentally ingest poison, hit your head while swimming, blow off your hand with fireworks, die in a fire, die from taking someone’s medication…did I forget anything? Hmmm.

Near the end of the level, when you emerge from the pool—I came face to face with the tiger. And I swore he was giving me the same look my cat does when I haven’t changed its litter or given him food when I first wake up in the morning.

I was reading the walkthrough when monkey grabbed the key. I rather enjoyed shooting it.

Wasn’t that guy’s suitcase very interesting? I think he even outdid Lara. Okay—what do we need to pack? A big bomb. A radar thingy. Oh, yeah…he’s going to get through customs. :P

My statistics:

Time: 1:23:40

Secrets: 6/6

Kills: 8

Ammo used: 310

Hits: 181

Health Packs: 1.5

Distance Travelled: 3.46 km

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USPS is sooo sloooowww... of course, it might help if I had gotten the order in line faster.. but oh, well. It was shipped this morning, should be here in a few days. I love summer break, let's me sit on the computer all day, playing and replaying various games until the new ones come in the mail. Also ordered TR4 with it. Should be good. I want to get 1&2, but I'm worried about compatibility issues since neither had a listing for compatible with XP. hmm....

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Well I began the real adventure today. India. Yesterday I did Croft Manor which was lots of fun, but there wasn't anything new there...except I noticed that Lara has an orange toothbrush. :) I had 40 seconds on the race track, and I really think I was getting good at it. I can't wait to drive it around the treetops in the next India level. <3

So I did India, completed it in 1:12 (hours and minutes). This level was actually intriguing even though I've done it a million times. (This was the only level in TR3 I've ever beaten before.) I never knew there were two paths you could choose to complete the level, and I ended up taking the path which involves a second zipline and a switch hidden atop a tree trunk that hangs over a small stream. It was a great refresher to do this level again, but in a different way. :D

I jumped at a monkey. When you pull yourself up to get the Indra Key, my screen froze momentarily and I knew something was going to happen. Whenever I activate a trigger in these games for my PC, the game freezes for a brief second to a brief few seconds, and it really builds suspense. So I thought, hey, I'm probably about to face a tiger. Then I turned and a freaking monkey was lunging for me. Talk about the scariest thing in my life.

I was ticked off because I only got 5 of 6 secrets. According to Stella's guide, it's Secret #2. I remember going into the level thinking, I'm going to explore every INCH of this level for its most hidden secrets, and then I got the first secret (the shotgun) and looked at the large tree trunk thinking, hmmmm...that's a cool-looking tree...and then continuing down the slope...Lara was silently screaming "NOOB!" at me the whole way past the spikes at the bottom...

@CaityFM - Your T-rex joke killed me. It literally made my day. LOL..."they went extinct for a reason..." HAHAHA!

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@Jessica: When my dad told me they were called fags I was like "LOLWUT?!" I think it's pretty funny. And yeah, that guy's suitcase was interesting. Maybe he was the terminator...good luck getting through airport security. That reminds me, I wonder how the TSA would react to Lara..

@Hunter: The monkey lunged at you? O.o I had to shoot it to get the key. Me no gusta. hahaha yeah I don't have a problem killing the t-rexeses...I imagine the people of Vilcabamba worshipped it or sacrificed people to it in TR1. I always imagined that..

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