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I haven't been playing much during the last week, felt like doing stuff around the house. And as that's not always the case I figured I'd better take advantage of it!! :-)

Anyway, I'm up to the Crash Site level in the Islands area. Thank goodness the Village bit is over, I was getting tired of all the clowns with poisoned blowpipes. No animals, no women or kids, just a bunch of crazed dudes with evil eyes. Not sure I'll like dinosaurs any better though! This morning I tried finding my way around the crash site and I found it hard to see stuff. Looks like this is another level I'll be better off playing when it's darker in my house.

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Stella, a quick note. I got really confused with the instructions for Madubu Gorge. It is after you have passed the third flame trap and have picked up flares and shotgun shells. It was traversing to the other ledge. I didn't find the screenshots that easy to understand either.

As for me, Legend is my favorite TR game. It was my first Tombraider game. Before that, I had been doing Plug-and-Play games, which are like the old arcade games I grew up with: classic pac-man, etc. That first scene when Lara is climbing the mountain was incredible after playing those types of games. I loved the puzzles in Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. However, I think TR1 is my next favorite. I loved the underwater levels in TR2 and the snowmobile, but otherwise I wasn't fond of that game. TR3 is a good game when it is not p***ing me off :angry2: , which it does most of the time. I might feel differently if I had the PC version where I could save anywhere. I'm playing on PS2, though. TR4 I've never finsihed, though I've started plalying plenty of times. I get bored a lot with it. TR5 I never completed either. I loved the Ireland levels. I screwed up at the end by saving instead of reloading with the gunshot range. I hated TR6 the first time I played it but liked it a little better the second time--though it isn't a favorite. I like the greenhouse level. Anniversary I hated the first time too. I liked it better the second time. I prefer Natla in Anniversary, but otherwise I prefer TR1. Underworld is intense and rather emotional for me, as I really related to the plotline about Lara losing her mother. I hated losing Alister too. I also get a lot of headaches playing Underworld. I loved Lara's Shadow but wasn't impressed by Beneath the Ashess I'm trying to keep an open mind about this new game, but it looks like another intense one.

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I don't know if I'll keep TR3 after this--if I ever finish it. However, if I do, Madubu Gorge will always be memorable at the part I am now. It is the part I was playing while Tropical Storm Isaac was blowing through my neck of the woods.

There are too many monkey swings in this level. My thumb is starting to hurt. It is funny that things that will get you criticism in level building are often found in the old games. I've gotten a little farther than I have been before. I made it to the second boulder--but I didn't run close enough to the step and got crushed. Though I have gotten past it in the past, I got toasted by the third burner on one of the retries.

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Level 8: Coastal Village


Oh, I adore this level because it’s so environmental and most of it is outside. I adore the begining of the level, that water combined with that little island and the big one is just a perfect nature detail. :D Marvelous. I remember this level from my childhood because I never was able to get out of the water.


Okay, however, I understand that there are two ways to pass this level, however, I never found that key which opens the door in that cottage at the begining. I remember that I always wondered (when I was little) what will hapen if I put the key, but I never found out. Actually, I did ones, the key is somewhere in the water or in the clifs and the door leads to some dark space where are crocodiles. Well, I went there one time, and now I always go to the area which leads to the building where you have to pick up three rose crystal to open the three doors. I adore the nature there, it’s really amazing how they combined that waterfall with the trees around. I don’t like the black background, it’s so out of everything.


The next part of the level is my favourite, I adore the cottages in this village. I never realised how to get he medipack which is on the floating ground in some of the cottages. :S



I like the part where is a cottage on the tree, it’s really a beautiful detail. I also like killing those Indians, they are so stupid and easy to kill than the men in Nevada. They run away for me every time I try to kill them. :S


I like the part where you have to jump on roofs of the cottages and then that room with fire. -.- I always hated that part of level.



I never liked that cinematic at the end of the level because of that harmed man, yuck! xD However, the view from that cottage to the is amazing. I like this level very much and I enjoy playing it, which I cannot say for the next one because I’m affraid of that ’98s dinosaurs and their screams.



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I don't know if I like this game. However, it p***es me off so much that I just can't bear to let it beat me, and I think that is why I keep playing it. Of course, my life would be easier if I got the PC version. Indeed, it is not expensive. People who like this game seem to always have the PC version.

I have to admit, though, when I do finish a level, I am giddy with happiness. It is a bigger high than what I normally feel when I finish a level, and maybe that is why TR3 is addictive for some people. You feel like banging your fists against your chest and screaming, "I am Queen of the World" like a deranged lunatic.

I am glad to be finished. I swear I felt like puking everytime I had to start over at the alcove before all those dang monkey swings (after the first part of the kayaking level). Since last I've written:

1. I got past all the boulders, but I failed to make the jump to the ledge and fell into the water.

2. When I redid the level, I miscounted my steps with the third boulder and wound up in the burner. I believe that you should stop at the edge of the second face wall texture. You have to make sure Lara has room to dangle from or she'll lose her grip and fall into the pit. I found I had to take seven steps to do this.

3. Then I got toasted by the burners on the monkey swings.

4. Then I fell into the water trying to get those MP5 clips.

5. THEN, I made it to the whirlpool. I made sure Lara was at full health. I could taste completion of the level. She went down the hole...and died. WHY?!!!!

This time, I did three things differently. One, I used a medpack even though I had full health. Then I paddled to the opposite side of the whirlpool, As I was going down, I back paddled. All this preserved Lara's life.

She got some chunks bitten out of her by the crocs that came after, but fortunately I still had plenty of medipacks.

I am starting to give up hope in this game, though, that there is ever a time where I can just walk a little while without having to do a difficult jump, evade a trap, or have something try to eat me. This game gives you no time for a breather. This is what I find annoying. Yes, I like a challenge. However, I like to have some down time in between challenges.

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I agree with you and I'm sure I will be for a long time on Madubu Gorge because it's an awful level, even on a PC version. I was never good in kayaking and I always screwed up with it. However, I can imagine how it is for you playing on PS version and have a limited number of savegames. :/ It's really annoying. I never played it on PS, except when I was 4, but I didn't even now back then what does it mean saving game. However, I remember my uncle got pissed everytime he couldn't reach something and he talked with my father about those crystals. :)

I don't know why you so dislike this game in some way. For me, it's really enjoyable and I can play it anytime. The levels I hate are all London levels and Madubu Gorge, but the rest of the game is just awesome! :)

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Well, I think I'm more into role playing more than challenges. Yes, I like a little challenge, but mainly I'm into role playing. I like pretending to be Lara because she is totally different from me. As I am role playing, I like to make a certain amount of progress in a level. That is what I liked about TR Legend There were some difficult boss fights--like that big serpent and the last one. However, even though that was my first TR game--and actually it was the second game I had played on PS2, I was able to complete it. My skills were not that honed, but it was something I could do. The ability to progress is really important, I think, in role playing. Imagine your real life if you constantly did something wrong, and you were bounced back to some prior point...and you had to do it over and over and over again. And if you don't like the area you have to constantly repeat, then it is hard to like the game.

I don't know if I will get rid of the game, though I probably will get the PC version. I think if I can actually conquer this, I'll want to do it again sometime in the future to see if I can do it better. For me, completing this game is completing Meteorite Cavern. I'm not worrying about the Bonus Level this time. I've missed only one secret so far--I think, and I don't know if that will eliminate me from the Bonus Level. I don't think I want to replay anything just now. The Bonus Level can be something I aim for if I ever do this again. However, completing my goal will be a huge victory for me.

I completed TEMPLE OF PUNA yesterday, and I think this is my new favorite level. It is funny, because I started out ticked off with it. I have given up the thought that I will be able to walk around for a little while before coming up on something challenging in this game. Every step is pretty much a challenge, which causes my heart to thud in an unpleasant way. Oddly enough, I had more patience with this game because yesterday I was stuck in bed with the stomach flu. Even after I stopped yakking, I still had cramps. The game ticked me off, but I welcomed the distraction. That is probably why I was able to finish this level so quickly. It was a short level but difficult.

So I started cursing with those rolling blades. How can I possibly see where the seam is when the floor is down below? At first, I stayed in the corner. This worked at the far left--but the corners are not always safe, I found. And Lara, for some reason, gets killed when she turns around and crouches (she is not facing the wall). However, after repeatedly doing it, I finally figured out the safe places to crouch. I used the save crystal before doing the first switch so at least I didn't have to keep dealing with the blowpipe guys and climbing all those stairs.

Spiked ceilings always unnerve me, but I managed to pull the block out. Boulder traps are also unnerving. Even though Stella had warned about using Look to break Lara's vision of the boulder, I got confused and got crushed.

I guess what I liked about this level is that I didn't really mind repeating the stuff over again when I screwed up. I really got tired of kayaking and monkey swings. The second time I did the boulder run, I succeeded. I used the save crystal afterwards.

I had a hard time finding the secret. I never saw the door, so it took me a while to find it. Then I had my doubts about the textures I had to jump and grab to get to it, but I trusted Stella.

Is it my imagination, or does the PUNA look like the alien in Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull? I didn't get a close look at the dude, but it looked like him, I thought. I got toasted pretty much right away. I didn't realize he had his force field up and wasted my desert eagle bullets. I was frustrated because I found it difficult to take care of the lizards. You had to move quickly once they died because then he would start firing at you. I found it hard to target them. I usually tried to get them when they ran in front of me, but that wasn't always possible. For my credit, I never fell off the platform--even though they tried to push me off.

I don't like switching guns while jumping because it ruins my "flow". This is what worked for me. I used the Rocket Launcher (I hope I don't regret this later). I only had three rockets. You would think that would have ended it there, but it didn't. Afterwards, I just let myself go to dual pistols rather than switching to another gun. I don't have Uzis, and as I've said--switching to another gun ruins my flow. After two or three bouts with the lizards, I managed to explode the creep.

So now I'm on my way to London. I really like the opening scene in London. I hope I don't share Stefy's opinion about the London levels. I doubt they'll be easy.

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Hey guys! Haven't played too much with school starting and all, but I'm sick this weekend, so I thought I'd take a stroll through the underground tubes of Aldwych.

The level is great, but just a tad bit long. There are a ton of things to hunt down in this level. Coins, keys, etc. I think there's a ticket - if I remember correctly - but I'll have to keep searching for that... haha

@Mute2Conversations - I like how you played during the storm. Back during the Winter, we had one snowfall in our area, and my favorite part about the whole thing was playing Skyrim on my TV which is set on a desk in front of a big window. So as snow was falling in Skyrim, snow was falling in the real world and it was really cool. :)

I thought this guy holding a torch was friendly - he wasn't moving or shouting strange sounds at me. Then when I touched the ground he charged me with his flaming club. Yikes. I pulled out my shotgun for this one, knowing I can't really use that weapon on the final boss. Does anybody else do that? Conserve their ammo with the Willard fight in mind?

I just discovered LCO's chat room tonight. I was on for like an hour instant messaging other TR fans! It was actually, really cool. Interesting to read their thoughts on voice actresses and the new TR game midst conversations on the Hunger Games and Uncharted. lol

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Level 9: Crash Site

I really like and dislike this level at the same time. First, I’m really scared of the dinosaurs which are thousands on this level, they are so scarry and so strong. Since I like to play with pistols, it takes me time until I beat one. And the bugs when they approach to you, oh. Really scarry.


I don’t like because they destroyed everything from the previous level, although we are at the same location. It’s very stupid because we can’t go back because, what? The clifs are falling from the sky? Where it was a switch, now is a platform? Come on, really weird and stupid, I really don’t like becuase they did that.



But, I like this level because it’s so interesting. From the begining when you have to reach to the other side of that swamp jumping on those water lillies. :D Very interesting cause you have a map which indicates you what to do, I think it was the first time in TR (from TR1 to now) to have a quest like that. Oh, and I discovered a secret! :D


The next part of the level is very beautiful and there comes the first dinosaur. Oh, I really hate them. Then, the airplane and knowing that they crashed there, very interesting storyline for one level. I like when you have to get the two keys.


Okay, so the first key is guarded by T-Rex. You probably wonder how I killed him if I’m scared of the small dinosaurs. Where, in the video you can see my strategy. xD Pretty cowardly, isn’t it? xD


The second key is in a very intersting place. I adore the place where is the river and you have to go to the other side by shooting at the dinosaur, so that fish can eat it. Very interesting and a unique quest in TR games back then. I love when you have to climb on thos trees, and those two dinosaurs up there made me very nervous. I fell from the trees like ten times before I could beat them. And then, the worst part of the level, that dark room. Oh, that quest I really hate. I hate when dinosaurs come from nowhere, especially when there are two of them. Very scarry. I killed them some way, but the on up, I didn’t. I just grabbed the key and went out from the room.


So, back at the crashed airplane. The room with puzzles which looks like some labyrinth. I hate that part of level too, but luckily, I never forget how should I play to reach to the top of the room and go inside the airplane. However, very difficult part for the ones who plays for the first time.

Inside the airplane, again a dinosaur. OMG, I just hate them. xD So, the airplane seems very empty, strange, isn’t it? Weren’t there suppose to be some dead persons or wholes, it seems intact. :S However, I like the part when you are atacked by dinosaurs from all sides. No, I didn’t shoot at the walls which leads to the end of the level, I killed them (video). :D


And going to the end of the level. :D I picked up a big medipack and a health crystal. :D I can say I don’t remember this level at all from my chilhood, I probably never watched my uncle playing it and I beat when I played it for the first time 5 years ago without pre-knowledge.

So, Madubu Gorge next. Ah, the worst level of all. Luckily, I saved medipacks! :D



I did very weird pictures and I notice it now. xD When I was killing the dinosaur in a plane, I was rolling and I think it was some bug which brought me at the top of the airplane, at the time, I was capturing and did this:


I did some pictures when I was killing a dinosaur on the tree which are very weird:


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@Hunter--nice to see you! Did you see my notification about closing my Facebook account?

So far, I like the first London level. Know why? I was able actually to walk around for a little while and enjoy the scenery. So far, everything is manageable. I did have a bit of deja vu.

Is it my imagination, or was some of TR3's London level re-used much later in Angel of Darkness? I have never gotten this far in TR3, and it just feels so familiar.

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Level 10: Madubu Gorge

So, this level is on the second plase of the worst levels of TR3. On the first is Aldwych and on the second this. Why I dislike this level? Particulaty, it’s really beautiful and I love it because it’s enviromental, but I think still nobody wondered through all this level. There are so many paths and so many items to pick up. And the worst part is kayaking. I really don’t know how to ride the kayak right, I am really bad at it and I don’t know if there’s someone who can ride it without troubles. If there were classes of perfect kayaking in TR3, I would love to take one.


So, we begin the level in something like temple in jungle. I really like this part because it’s very nature and detailed. I always wondered if that red bridge could fall and we could go on it. I never tried and I don’t know if it’s possible. So, those poison animals, I don’t know their name, I really hate. First, because I always get poisoned by them and second, because they make screams that creep me. So, I guess there are a lot of paths to go through this level, I always use my path as I remember when I played it last time.


I always go to the platform where is a switch. I pull it and then go to the rooms with spiked which finally leed you to the begining of the waterfall where you should kayak. So, this is a maginificent view, I really adore the view from that waterfall and that cottage in dark. I always jump behind the waterfall. I’m always confused when I get to this location. I always hear the music for secret and I don’t understand how this could be a secret if it’s a path which you have to go if you want to finish the level. At least, it’s my path. I hate that room with fire, I always hated fire in Tomb Raider series and I think it’s because of those in the offshore rig levels in TR3. I remember there is a room with fire.


The path leads to the down of the waterfall where is a health crystal and then you get to the room where kayak is. Oh, greetings hell, I really love you. I always kill crocodiles from the platforms, the reason is because I still don’t have a harpoon gun (I’m bad at secrets. lol) and if I had one, I don’t know how to use harpoon guns, I always shoot until I lose all ammo, but every water „thing“ is still alive. However, I enter to the kayak and drive it like a crazy.


I really have problems goin left and right because Lara goes very left and very right and turns the kayak in a wrong position. So, I remember I entered one in that cottage and I found some pick ups (a large medipack beyond them), but I didn’t get now there because I forgot how. LOL So, that part whith spikes is really tricky. Can someone explain me how you should pass it without getting hurt? I suppose there isn’t a way. However, I continue kayaking looking at the clifs I will climb later.


Finally, I get in some room and a crocodile waits me. I had to jump in water and then go to the platform where poison animal waited me. Really annoying: a crocodile in water and a animal which will poison me if I don’t kill it soon. So, I really lost in that battle and fell into water and then got again to the platform. However, I killed them in the end and continued along.


The path led me to the room with 4-5 boulders. I didn’t manage to avoid them at first because I forgot how many are there and how to avoid the ones in the room with fire. I managed to pass them and got outside to the platforms which leed to the house with a switch to open the whole in water and get to the Temple of Puna. Two poisoned friends waited me and I killed them.


I pulled thw switch and then the path led me back in the room where kayak was. I continued along and at first I went in a wrong way because I taught I didn’t have to fel in the whole because I’ll die. However, I realised later that I have to go down there.


A crocodile. Again. I killed him from the platform, then pulled the water switch and BOOM, two crocodiles. I died three or four times here trying not to use the medipack while I get back to the platform. I managed it for the fifth time and I killed the crocodiles. I went to the darkness and entered in Temple of Puna.



So, this is the largest review I ever wrote. I can’t believe since is about my less favourite level. I think Perusin Pixels had influence on me and made me more inspirative. So, see you soon with the review of Temple of Puna – one fo my favourite level. I’ll record the video of the boss fight, so might take it long. :)

I was surprised when I realised that I wasn’t out of medipacks at any moment in this level. o.O I couldn’t believe because I remember this level as medipack eater because of that stupid kayak and now I finished it with 8 small and 3 big medipacks which was a good relief. I always hated in some way Temple of Puna because I had to reload every time that guys poisoned me because I didn’t have so much medipacks to waste. I think it’s because I picked them levels erlaier which wasn’t the case of my last replay. I was always lazy for pick ups and I let many medipacks, but now I didn’t. So, I’m happy because I have plenty of medipacks now! :D

Maybe I’m boring, but I really hope someone reads my posts because I really make effort in it (pictures and all stuff). I’m waiting for some Stella’s reviews, more than just the mansion which she reviewed like a month ago. :)

Edited by Stefy
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Madubu Gorge is a tough level, no doubt. A lot of people complain about the kayaking. I hated the kayaking and all those monkey swings. I figured out how to the get save crystal after the first dive you take with the kayak--but I could never get that one that was mid-way down the waterfall. I swore I passed through it, and I still didn't get it! Then I usually died from the impact.

In the end, I usually chose to just go through the spikes rather than avoid them. I did use more medipacks this way. Later I wished I had went through the green rope, though, since this apparently produced a save crystal. But I didn't. However, Madubu Gorge is just a bad memory now. I'm now fighting the robot in Thames Wharf. This area is a little boring now, but I still like it better than the South Pacific levels.

Though my favorite level too was Temple of Puna.

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I can't say I hate South Pacific levels because I adore Coastal Village, and Crash Site, too (only I'm scared of it. LOL). But Madubu Gorge is really tricky because of the kayaking. I think I didn't get any health crystal with kayak, although I don't need them as you do, so I don't care if I'll pick it or no. In my next post: a review of Temple Of Puna.

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Level 11: Temple Of Puna


This is relatively short level and because of that I love it. There aren't so many traps and enemies, but those little are very chalangeing. I really hate those blackmen who poisons you at the begining. -.- I remember this level from my childhood, I always played the begining and when I saw those blackmen, I reloaded other level because I was scaried of them.


The next part is the wheel trap room. I spent a long time here figuring out how should I get from one side to another. I tried to jump above the wheels, but they killed me everytime I did so. Then I figured out I had to slide again when they are close to me. Howeever, it took me like 10 minuted until I remembered how, but in the stats is that I finished it in 8 minutes because everytime you reload they bring the time back on the moment you saved. :)


That spike trap, oh. I hade a headache because I tried to pass it without using a medipack pulling the last switch and I didn't make it. Finally, I used a medipack and entered in the next part. That big boulder, wow, I always admired TR makers because of that. It reminds me on the St. Francis Folly from TR Anniversary, I don't remember room of that god is it. I sprinted and pass it without damage and again the toxic guys. I killed them and let them poison me, but I used a medipack then.


I couldn't record the boss fight because I was very lazy and I like that all is perfect on video. I tried like 20 times and I didn't make it and then I beat Puna on my own. However, I brought some screenshoots. :) I don't like so much this boss fight because of those toxic animals, but it's still better than the one in Nevada Desert.



Next station - my least favourite, but a city where I would love to live - London. I like the first level, but I'll have to read Stella walkthroughs for all London levels because I don't remember anything I did 2 years ago. So, I'm looking forward for you reviews, greetings from Serbia.

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I think that room in Francis Folly was Atlas. He was the Titan that had to hold the earth on his shoulders.

With the spike trap--are you talking about the ceiling? I found pulling out that box worked very well.

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I think that room in Francis Folly was Atlas. He was the Titan that had to hold the earth on his shoulders.

With the spike trap--are you talking about the ceiling? I found pulling out that box worked very well.

LOL There is a box? I didn't even know about that. Hahahahaha. xD

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Yeah, if I remember correctly--when you slide down the ramp, it is on the left. You pull out the box, and it stops the ceiling from crushing you. Stella has it written in her walkthrough. I usually use the walkthrough when I play.

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Yeah, if I remember correctly--when you slide down the ramp, it is on the left. You pull out the box, and it stops the ceiling from crushing you. Stella has it written in her walkthrough. I usually use the walkthrough when I play.

Thanks for me letting me know. :) I read Stella's walkthrough only when I need it because I like to try to pass the game without it (which I didn't two years ago and I blame Aldwych and Lost City Of Tinos). However, I am still thrilled about how TR still teaches me some things that I don't know, although I play for, like, ten years now. :D My Thames Wharf review will be put to wait because I have to study today and tomorrow and because I don't know the way to end the level (except the shortuct from the begining which I won't use). :) However, I'm looking forward to read yours, Jessica, and someone's, too... If there is someone still here.

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Level 12: Thames Wharf



Okay, so I think that always when I play this level I use a different path to the end. I was really wandering throught the level for a while until I slowly remembered what's the point. So, I heard a lot of complainings about the design of this level by many TR fans, but I like it actually. It's very different from the levels in the previous games because producers made it more free and enviromental. I don't like the black "whole" in which you fall and die, but it's an epic death for me and I can't pass this level and not doing it.


So, the begining. I first wandered around until I figured out I just had to go right from the begining of the level and there's a platform there. I slided down to the switch which I pulled and then I jumped in the dark room where I kill one of those men. The ground fell down, but I jumped in time to the platform next to it. Oh, rats, I really hate them because they are too big and can be scarry at some point. I pulled thw switches and then got to the window room where I killed a man and picked up some key.


I didn't know what to do next. o.O Then I went back to the begining area and slided down where was another man. I made really weird picture killing him, it's some break dance as Perusin Pixels said. lol I picked up the hidden health crystal and found this down area useless and a waste of time, you can easily bypass it. So, then I remembered the path which you have to crawl. I wandered and I finally found it. There is a switch there which opens another switch where are those English flags.


I continued to the area with English flags (Oh, I adore England). On my way, I saw an area with a fire trap down where I couldn't get. Obviously, I never did because I used some kind of shortcut (at least I think). The switch in the English-flag-area was already unlocked by the previous one. I pulled it and basically nothing happened. I figured out that the platform with the color can went more high than it was (or not?). I jumped on it and then to the platform above the path which leads to the unlocked switch.


I don't know, but I think this is some kind of shortcut. On that platform there is a slide area from which I never got, although I just jumped from the color-can-platform and got here. However, I continued along and got to the area with... A frozen crystal? I remember seeing this phenomenon earlier, but I had to take a picture. It was probably some bug caused by letting the crystals in the PC game (I really hope it can be picked up in PS version).



So, if my memory serves me well, the next part of the room is the one with three switched and three tanks which you need to fill and unfill with water. Ah, the worst part of the level. I hardly figured out the "game" of the tanks, but I did beat them at all. I hated the room with the yellow robot where you have to pull the boy so that it has to crash the switch. I figured out quickly where the box should be. I also hated the fens in water and had a time figuring out how to pass them.


I finally got to the dark water tunnel which led to the beautiful chamber. I picked up a medipack and shotgun shells from that area and continued along. I killed a man on my way and finally got to the begining area. I jumped to the platform which is next to the spikes. I jumped on the platform where spikes were, then went to the other side to pick up ammo for Desert Eagle.


Then I finally got to that temple, or whatever it is. I killed those two men and spent 20 minutes playing with bugs on this level which are magnificent. I used a corner bug to get to the top of the temple, and it was just awesome seeing the whole area. Then I jumped in that invisible platform where the fence is and went to the bell house. Actually, there wasn't bell, neither the enter to the Aldwych level. That building which can be seen from this spot is maginificent, I can imagine those hackers who are waked in 3am and only their rooms are lighted.


However, I finished the level jumping from the top on the temple to the area where cinematic should begin. This is my favourite cinematic in TR3, it's just awesome when Lara shoots that guy. :D I like the part where she tortures him, and at the end he is killed by a bell. lol



I don't know if I used the right path to pass the level, which I believe I didn't because of the two reasons: a) I never used the key which I found killing the guy in the window-room and B) That fire trap never was shutten down and I never pass in that path which is really strange. Also, the frozen crystal is strange, too, maybe it's frozen because I didn't used the right path. However, I did pass this level which isn't one of my favourites, as the next two. Oh, Aldwych, I don't remember anything about this long level, only some areas which you visit hundreds of times and then going back again to them.

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As I said before, I found this level refreshing after all the others. I could relax a little more. Everything was do-able. That isn't to say I never died. I died plenty of times. However, I didn't mind so much because usually I knew what my mistake was. It wasn't because the task seemed impossible.

I really liked the scenery. It is more primitive, but it reminds me of the Japan level in TR: Legend. I often like these night-time outdoor levels.

It never fails. In levels that aren't that hard, save crystals are plentiful. Eight save crystals in this level! Oh, if only I had so many in the other levels!

I almost forgot to flip the switches in this level! They didn't give us much room often to take out bad guys. I almost always had to use a medipack after a gun fight. Actually, my statistics said I used 6.5 medipacks, and I think that is more than I used in Madubu Gorge. I had many doubts about the jumps I had to do to other ledges--like the one with the breakaway tiles. Usually I missed and died at least once. Also had a hard time making out crevices that I had to shimmy across in this level.

I got caught in the opening trying to get Secret 2. Had a problem on how to drop down for SECRET 3. I also had a lot of problems with jumping and grabbing in this level. I have to remember that I have to press both buttons at the same time. In other levels, I can press jump and then action.

I was a little disoriented in the water tank room. I got through the propellers, but they didn't seem to be moving that slowly to me.

The robot....It was funny. I got killed often trying to push that cage. I found something interesting, though. If I pulled the cage on the right path (the right path when you first face the cage in its alcove), I didn't get killed even when the robot ran into me. On the left path, I did get electrocuted. I couldn't quite visualize what I was supposed to do, but I did wind up figuring it out. It was a little before this part that I started getting a little bored with the level.

I nearly drowned in that diamond shaped passage from tank 3. I was hoping to save the very last save crystal. However, I kept dying when I jumped over the barb wire to grab the ladder. Tired of doing that part, I decided to use it.

The sight of the moon on the roof of the cathedral was incredible, particularly when you saw it through the windows when getting SECRET 4.

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Level 13: Aldwych

So, my least, but least favourite level in this game. I really dislike and hate this level because it's very backtracking. When you find or do something, you always have to go back to the previous location and then discover a new one, then from the new one to the first you crossed. Awful. I dislike the level design, too. I had to read Stella's walkthorugh at the begining of the level because I didn't know what's the point of the level. I also saw Stella's sentence at the end of the walkthrough: "If you enjoyed the ambience of this level as much as I did..." o.O Okay, so, Stella, no offense, but I really don't know how someone can actually like the design of this level. I agree there are a couple of beautiful areas, but the whole level is really awful for me. I like the area where tickets are bought, the "moon room" and the inside of the train. I played this level like a week now, and I really don't remember every detail. lol


However, I began the level as Stella told. I shooted the vent and picked up a health crystal. I continued and arrived to the upside of the tickets room. I killed a bad guy and picked up the pick-ups. I pulled the crate and managed to get to the locked room. I picked up the maintenace key and went to the right escalators as Stella recomended. From here, I continued alone because my remember served me well. I unlocked the mainteance room, picked the old penny and then went to the room with boxes.


I managed to get to the top and to a room with that wheel trap. I had to try a couple of times to beat it until I figured out what should I do. I passed the flame traps and I don't remember actually what I did then. I think I pulled some switch and some door back in the box room was opened. I knew I had to go back to the wheel-trap-room because there is some pick up (Solomon's Key), but I continued to the area which the switch opened for me.


I arrived to the room with three timed doors. I first went to the first one. lol Then I saw I had to go back to the other ones so that I could reach to the area where health crystal was. However, I was investigating the area and went back to the tickets room where door opened. Then I found a shortcut in the water and got to the water room. I realised I need a ticket and I went back to the room where tickets are bought.


I bought a ticket and went back to the water room and then entered to the last area in the level. I acrossed to the another frozen crystal. lol However, I realised there is nothing to do here and I went back to the three-timed-doors room. I figured out how to get to the platform with health crystal and there it was another key (Again Solomon's or not? :S). Then, I used a shortcut to get to the ticket room. I went to the left escalators.


I arrived to the moon rom after killing a bad guy and that dogs. Oh, my God, they are so creepy and awful. o.O However, I arrived to the moon room. Accidentaly. I tried to find the way to that temple and I accidentaly did just in the moment when I wanted to go to Stella's walkthrough and see which switches should I pull. Uzis, finally, finally! :DDDD Too bad I have just 320 ammo. :/ However, I put the keys in their place and then picked a masonic mallet. I knew about a hidden curtain because I really wandered around this level 4 years ago and I didn't pass it until 2 years ago.



I went back to the final level area. I had difficulties putting the star and masonic mallet in that doors. I tried from the right side, but it's actually in front where you have to press action. I wandered around a level for a while and then tried again accidentaly doing it in front. That's because my timing is so bad. :D I actually picked up the frozen crystal and I confirmed my theory about Thames Wharf. I definetely used a shortcut and that's why the crystal was frozen like it was here earlier in this area. I entered the train and I really like it, it was something never seen in TR until here. However, I finished the level after investigating the whole area.




Next level should be more interesting, I remember it was fun for me 2 years ago and not so hard. :)

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I'm in! I just got this link from Stella on facebook, I've recently started playing Tomb Raider III again so it couldn't have come at a more perfect time! I haven't played this game since I was a little kid as I didn't understand most of it, it's a rather difficult game!

This is the first time I have attempted to actually complete it and it's great to have this forum :)

I'm currently playing the River Ganges level, sadly having missed secret 4 in the previous level due to forgetting to collect it after reloading a game when Lara died. PlayStation user, but I have it on PC too :)

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I'm out. I'm sorry, folks, but this game--at least on Playstation--is more challenge than I really want in a video game. Maybe if I ever get the PC version...er, you know what, not even then.

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