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what is your favorite tomb raider game? and why?


whats your favorite tomb raider and why?  

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  1. 1. whats your favorite tomb raider game,and why?

    • tomb raider 1
    • tomb raider 2
    • tomb raider 3
    • tomb raider 4
    • tomb raider 5

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the very first tomb raider game will always be my favorite. Quite simply there wasn't a game like it when it came out in 1996. Having a female lead character, and going into places that had dangerous animals and even more dangerous traps. When Tomb Raider: Anniversary came out, it was a breath of fresh air put into the franchise.

But yes the first Tomb Raider remains my favorite, no matter how many more TR games are made.

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Mine is TR2 it was the first I played and a lot more refined from TR1.

Though I played TR1 not long after TR2 and loved it also I felt TR2 was a bit better all around.

I also have add in TR6 awesome game especially the Hall of Seasons TR at it finest!

For Crystal Legend is my favorite because not only was it fun Lara had a personality for a change

which was refreshing from the stiff Lara in most of the games... Still Core design knew how to make

an exciting TR level which somehow has escaped Crystal imo for the most part and hopefully with TR9

that will change.

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My vote is also with TR2 I loved how it introduced much more elements to the gameplay.

However, 5 is up there pretty high because they gave us a real level editor. Sure there was a level editor b4 that one but they didn't give us that one. Anyhow they are all really really incredibly fun and entertaining games.

dear Tom@LCO.. you clearly forgot to vote since I voted on 2 and there is still only 1 vote for 2 :P

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