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We have truly reached the digital age with Tomb Raider

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There's going to be a retail DVD version for PC in Europe which I'm probably going to get since I want to add it to my pile of Tomb Raider games. I just have to decide whether I'm going to go for either of the special editions. Might go for the Survival Edition...

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I pre-ordered it from Game.co.uk deluxe edition. was almost 70 pounds or 111 dollars.

I said what the hell the last game was 5 years ago.

I'll also get the Xbox 360 version because that's the system I prefer to play on.

I like the pc version to get the screens and video for the website ;)

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Go for the Collector's Edition, Shrenshy! I haven't got any room left with my collection...it's a never ending pile. :lol:

I refuse to support the new no disc approach. I like to physically have the game I've just paid out for in my hands.

I don't mind if it's one of the small download games that go for $20 or so, such as the indie games or HD classics.

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Got to agree with Morph. Why exempt the PC from having a disc for the new Tomb Raider. Computers are being used to make the game,

But these new consoles coming out now, give the player the option to buy and download complete games (e.g. Playstation network's playstation store). No worry about the game getting damaged like an actual disc, so even consoles are going digital

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I just spotted that the original games (Well, 1-5 at least) have appeared on Steam yesterday. There are a lot of classic games that just aren't being published and seem to get "lost", so it's great to keep the games available in this way imo.

One thing that caught my eye are the requirements... they are the same for every game:


    • OS:Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7
    • Processor:1.8 GHz Processor
    • Memory:512 MB RAM
    • Graphics:3D graphics card compatible with DirectX 9
    • DirectX®:9.0
    • Hard Drive:2 GB HD space

.. Which is pretty funny considering the original requirements for Tr1 were for a P133 or thereabouts as I recall!! I'm guessing the steam version of TR1 runs in dosbox which would explain that, but I don't know why they are so high for the others.

I wonder if they will make the "Gold" levels available on Steam. I hope so. I guess most of us here have them but they are very hard to get hold of these days.

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I purchased all 6 on Gog.com. They come in a executable that installs the game to the hard drive.

No strings and you can re-download your games if needed anytime and they include the instructions in pdf

and bonus materials as wallpapers etc etc. at a very very reasonable price.

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Nice deal that, very good.

Gold levels next please, Enix! The thought has just occurred to me that I don't own TR1 gold (even though I remember playing it, I have no idea how!). Might have to try and get one on Ebay to complete the set.

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If anyone's looking to nab all the Tomb Raider games (TR 1-6, plus Legend, Anniversary and Underworld), you can get the whole lot of them on Steam in a pack for £9.99 / $14.99 for the next eight hours or so. If you want to pick and choose individual games, they're £1.74 / $2.49 each. Not too bad :lol:


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I've ordered my PC DVD retail version from Amazon.co.uk, because Game didn't offer first class/express delivery and I don't want it to arrive a week late. If my Amazon order arrives a week late I might just give up on retail and switch to digital completely...

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