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All Gold Rewards! *Spoiler Warning*

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This is a spoiler to those who want to find the Gold rewards by themselves , but , if you haven't and need help you can look at this thread. Or if you have Broadband or a fast speed internet, you can look at Tom's flash walkthrough, for a virtual experience.


In the room with the stone 'seesaw', and three triggers.

To obtain this level's Gold reward you must repostion the exit that is currently blocked. Firstly move the 3 crates onto the 3 pressure pads so that the exit is open. Now, take off one of the crates that are on either side of the tomb.

Key- {} < Crate

? ? ? ?I I < Edge of floor

? ? ? ?~~ < This is horizontal edge of floor.






~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I I~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? {} <--- This one? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? {} <--- Or this one

This will stop one of the gears moving halting the door. Now if you take off the centre crate you'll find that the door will not drop because it is stuck. Now position Lara just before one of the pressure pads on either side of the arena (Depending on which crate you removed) preferably facing the exit door. Now stand Lara on that pressure pad and the gate will begin to drop fairly quickly. As it reaches half way immeadiately get Lara off of the pressure pad, halting the gate in it's current position. (Half way down)

Now that's it's stuck it's time to get to the gate. Go to the left side of the room and climb onto the platform next to the chain that appears to be moving up and down. Jump onto the chain and climb up angling Lara towards the ledge. Jump towards it and traverse to the right moving around the corner. Vault up and climb onto the platform. Then traverse across the chain to the other side. Let go and drop of the right side of the platform. Drop again and then move right. Make sure Lara is ready to jump towards the swinging bar (she will sway towards it), and jump. Make Lara swing around the bar and jump towards the gate. Now face the gate and you should notice that on either side of the gate there are ledges that Lara can grab onto. ?Jump onto one of them and then vault up again. Move either left or right (depending on which pillar you took) and swing towards the mouth of the gate. Lara will grab the mouth. Now vault up twice and you will reach a little cave with the Gold Reward. Collect it after your hard work.


You can access this reward after the cutscene where Lara finds a fake piece of a sword leading her to Japan.

After this cutscene grab onto the ledge that the camera is pointing too. Vault up twice and climb onto the platform, (on top of the snake statue). Now jump towards the ladder and climb up onto the statue. Run to the end of the statue and jump to another platform that has a climbable ledge on top of it. Jump onto the ledge and traverse to the left around the corner. Jump across the two broken ledges until Lara reaches an area where she can drop down 3 times onto another platform. Angle Lara and the camera towards the vine and jump onto it. Move Lara towards the left and face the broken ledges above another platform (Nearly opposite the previous platform). Move up the vine about 6 or 7 (Lara's arm lengths) times and start to swing towards the platform. When she's built up enough momentum (about 3 swings) jump off at the peak of the swing towards the platform. Lara should grab onto a ledge above the platform, vault to the platform above. Traverse to the left and jump across the gap. Continue to traverse to the left and climb into the opening.

Move up the small hallway and go right up the slight hill. You will find another boulder. Grab onto it with the interact button and push it down the hill. It will fall into a wall which will collapse and reveal the room you were in previously. Push the boulder off the edge and it will roll onto a platform below and then onto the floor of the large room. Hang off the ledge onto the platform below and then jump onto the statue to the right of the platform. Climb down the ladder on the statue and make your way to the bottom.

Locate the boulder and push/pull it onto the central pressure pad which will take two boulders simultaneously and raise the dog statue further revealing the Gold reward. Collect it and continue with your adventure.


This Gold reward is located in the room with the large dragon statue where Takamoto sends three shotgun wielding goons after you.

Facing the elevator go right and enter Takamoto's office. There is a red shelf in front of you. Grab it and bring it back towards the elevator. Push it off the edge of the ledge opposite the elevator and collect your Gold Reward which appear afters it has been broken.


This reward is found in the room just before you face Rutland, (The room with the pressure pad, 2 large stairways with large boulders rolling down it, and one jaguar).

Shoot the jaguar when entering this room and kill it (Dodging appropriately). Notice the large gold gate in front of you. Climb onto the left staircase and run up, then immeadiately jump to the right and grab the rope to avoid the large boulder. Swing to the other staircase and move up a couple of steps. Then run back down and jump back onto the swinging rope to avoid yet another boulder. Go back onto the staircase and climb up to reach a closed gate. Turn 180 degrees and step onto the pressure pad. This opens the gate you saw previously and another gate which can be seen when you enter the room. Wait until the gat in front of you is open fully. Then jump down to the right (while facing the gate) and run down the stairs jumping off the edge. Run then very quickly towards the gate you saw when you entered the room. Turn on the flashlight and run as fast as Lara can through the gate and roll if neccasary grabbing the gold reward. The Gate will stop closing eliminating the threat of death.


This one is very, very, very hard to get. The reward is found in the room where the first magnetic rail gun is found, (Where Amanda says that Archaeologists dig). The rail gun needs to be at full power.

Enter the rail gun and turn 90 degrees to the right and point the gun up until it turns red, (Point it at the row of 5 crates and pull them out throwing them somewhere.) which will create a new ledge. Now point the magnetic rail gun towards the hanging platform and pull it. Move it to the right as far as you can and then immeadiately point the rail gun towards the top left of the hanging platform that connects it to the ceiling. Press fire repeatedly and it will start to move up the rail. This is extremely hard and it may take a dozen times to do. Now after that climb off and go to the small raised platform near the 5 crates you pulled out earlier. Push the crate on that platform, towards the newly created ledge as far as it can go and climb on top of it. Jump towards the ledge, hop up to the ledge above and traverse to the left around the corner. Let go just above the small platform. Hop across to the hanging platform you positioned earlier and then to the broken balcony to the right. Now use the horizontal bar to swing towards the gold reward in the alcove. Phew!


This is hard to explain so it may need to be read thoroughly

This is located just on the floor of the room, after the forklift crashes. But the first part of this puzzle is in the room with the propellars. It involves pushing 3 doors labled, I, II, III. They have to be pushed in numerical order.

The crates that were found earlier need to be in two places. Move the crate blocking the propellar blades, beneath the raised platform just behind the propellars, climb onto it and grab the platform above, pulling up. Then run forward and push the 'I' as far as it will go. Move the second crate to the centre of the room between the two propellars with two platforms either side. Move the crate towards the platform which looks climbable. Climb onto the crate, then the platform and climb up. Push the numerical 'II'.

Now go back to the room where the forklift fell and push the numerical. 'III', and then the door with the statue on it will raise revealing the gold reward.


This is a rather easy one, but hard to find! I will start the walkthrough just after the part where the needle and block of ice fall down after Lara jumps on it.

Lara should be hanging on a ledge, traverse to the right and climb onto the ice platform. Move to the otherside of the platform and hang off of the ledge. Traverse to the left and place Lara above another ledge, drop off and she will grab another ledge. Traverse to the left again and drop to another ledge...now move around the corner to the left and drop into a secret cave. The gold reward will be in plain sight! Congrats on all the Gold Rewards.

Next post will include the Gold Reward in Croft Manor which I will post at a later date! Thankyou.



This is to get the hardest, almost impossible Gold Reward. This is the Gold reward in Croft Manor.

If you have all the equipment already you can cut straight to Study if not, please start from foyer. Also on another note, all plaques (Clues), must be read so that they can lead to the next one etc.

Croft Manor


COLLECTING THE MAGNETIC GRAPPLE: You start facing the fire, and stairs. Turn immeadiately around and enter the tech centre. Go to the right of Zip and move to the computer on the ground.

"Hey Lara!"

"Hello Zip!"

Move to the computer on the ground and press the interact button. Lara will kneel down and type, which opens the safe directly behing Zip. Go to the safe and use the interact button to grab the Magnetic Grapple. Now go up the main stairs and head to the left up to the balcony. Head to the furthest door and press the interact button. Head down the hall to the other door to enter the bedroom.

Croft Bedroom

COLLECTING THE PISTOLS: As you enter the room turn to your left to face the two pillars with a head of Medusa in the middle of them. The pillars are in fact switches, so press the interact button on each one to open the medusa's face to revela the two pistols. Face them and press the interact button to collect them. Ahh that's better. Now leave the bedroom through the door you entered, and continue down the hall to the foyer. On a lighter note, you can change Lara's outfit via the Closet if you feel her Bolivia outfit isn't quite suitable for hunting down Gold Rewards at home.

Foyer Return

Turn to your left and take the first door you come across by pressing the interact button. Continue down the hall (Flipping and such) to reach the study.


As you enter the room you will find Alister and a Personal light source on the desk in front of him, to actually collect it you need to be on the other side of the desk to Alister, not next to him.

"You don't plan on going outside, do you?"

"Why go outside when there are so many dark, mysterious places inside?"

Face the door you entered from and look to the left. Under the stairs there appears to be a wooden wall, change to manual aiming and aim at the wooden wall, (You will know you are aiming at the right wall as Lara's target reticle will turn red) get trigger happy and shoot away like mad revealing a silver reward and, more importantly, a shelf. Pull and push it to one of the grey pressure pads on either side of Alister (preferably the one to the left). Facing Alister turn to the right (Roughly 45 Degrees), to face a metal shimmering ledge which holds the second of our lovely shelving units. Use the grapple to fire at the metal ledge and pull, with all your strength (Well, a button press but still.). Push it onto the second of the pressure pads to open up a lovely secret passageway to the right of Alister (While facing him). Activate your PLS and enter the room. Roughly after a couple of seconds, you will find some boxes, but more importantly, a plaque with a tongue sticking out. Press the interact button next to the tongue and Lara will touch it, revealing a plaque, which you can read with the interact button.

"Above the waters, Twin Sisters turn their backs to leave the Ambages unguarded, how exciting!"

Continue down the corridor, (I hope you know which way you came through), and soon you will come across yet another face with tongue sticking out (I find these rather rude). Interact with the tongue, and a door will open up in front of you which leads to the bedroom. For now you don't need to be here, so leave the bedroom and head to the foyer, yet again.

Foyer, yet again.

Right, to quote TR3, "Fancy a swim?". Head down the stairs from the balcony and face the large glass screen. Take the second door to the left, (It is right beside the glass wall) and use the interact button to open it. Proceed down the hall and enter the Baths.

Baths/Swimming Pool

Now as you enter the room (Feel free to swim, but remember to face the same direction as when you entered the room). You must prepare a path to the upper areas of the swimming pool. Head to the left side of the room and pull out the two spears that the statue's are holding to create horizontal polls that Lara can swing on at a later date. Now Lara must reach the first raised area to access the polls Lara just pulled. From the entrance of the room head to the right side of the pool and pull out the two fish statues that are edged into the wall as far as they will go. Jump onto the farthest fish statue so that you can reach a horizontal poll just above it. Swing from there to the semi circle platform so that she will grab a very indiscrete ledge. Move to the right and move around to the opposite side until Lara's legs arch onto a ledge. Press the opposite directional button so that Lara will spring backwards onto the other fish statue you pulled out. Hop to the spear and swing to the upper platform.

Face the two statues that have a circular grip. Now grab one of the statues and move it around so that it will face the other statue, and do the same to the other one so that their spears are crossed. This will reveal yet another face with a tongue sticking out ( ::) ). Interact with it and a cutscene will show one barrier moving aside in the swimming pool, but another one still blocks it.

***You have to do this first otherwise after the statues face opposite to each other because if you do that first, you cannot trigger the appearance of the tongue switch.

Clue 2 Now if you can remember the clue from the secret passageway you will notice a link. You are currently above the pool or, "Above the waters". The statue's in front of you are the, "Twin sisters". Use the grips again so that you can turn both the statues opposite to each other, "Turn their backs one upon each other". This will rotate the previous tongue statue to reveal a plaque, interact with it to reveal another clue.

"Within the Hall of Knowledge, Tomes of Cerulean, Topaz, Viridian and Crimson in turn reveal their Arcanum...beautiful!"

If you would like to collect the binoculars, or want to open up the second passage to open the tunnel to the assault course, read on. However, if you want to continue with the Gold Reward, skip to Study, Revisited and move back to the study, first through the Foyer, then to the Study.

Move over to the other side of the platform, (The parralel side to which you entered the platform) and jump to a horizontal pole/spear. Swing on it and jump immeadiately press the jump button so that you can attach to a grapple point and then swing to another spear jumping towards the platform. Run towards the horse statue and press the ineract button to collect the binoculars. Now for some fun, walk towards the diving board and dive off into the waters below. Swim forward to the lever and pull it to open the second barrier, leading to the assault course. From here you can either swim through the secret passageway and have some fun in the assault course, or you can exit the pool and return to the study. Either way you have to reviset the study eventually.

Study, revisited

The previous clue spoke of a 'Hall of Knowledge', which most obviously would be the study. The second part of the clue, "Tomes of Cerulean, Topaz, Viridian and Crimson" are clues to the now protruding books. The colours, in order, are Blue, Yellow, Green and red. They refer to the order in which the books have to be pushed. Face the first book which is blue (It's on the ground floor) by pressing the interact button. Next is yellow which is respecfully on the second floor, along with green. The final book is red and is on the ground floor next to an odd looking shelf of books. Push this in and the bookcase next to you will reveal yet another clue (Along with a silver reward). The clue reads;

"Above the Hearth, revealed visage and countenance touched in haste raise up the Steward."

This is in referance to the foyer, so let's visit it for one final time, There is a God. Get to it from the study, not the bedroom.

Foyer...for the last time! Yay!

You will now notice (To Lara's right) that the plaques with tongues have now replaced pictures that were there before. From the exit to the Study, use the magnetic grapple to latch onto shimmering vertical poles above the glass wall to turn them into swingable swingers. This will create a row of three horizontal bars. Now really the only relevance the previous clue had was, "Above the Hearth" and "countenance touch in haste". Before we start use the horizontal bars to swing to the other side of the balcony. You will see another tongue face. The trick is to press this one first and immeadiately swing on the bars to reach the other side of the balcony so that you can press the other one, "touch in haste". If you achieve this (It is quite difficult) the horrid tongue statues will rotate to reveal another final plaque clue and a risen statue. This final one states;

"The risen Athena turns to face the Sun, whose burden then reveals the Golden Laurel."

The statue that rose earlier is 'Athena'. Run down towards Athena and discover that this statue too has a circular grip, which means it is ment to be rotated, like the twins in the pool. You have to rotate the statue so that it faces the floor switch you may have seen earlier which looks like the sun "turns to face the sun". The switch is in front of the staircase. Now once the statue has faced the switch stand on it and the statue will descend into the ground. In turn another platform will rise finally revealing THE GOLD REWARD!!!!

*If you like, while it is rising, start to go, "Dum dum dum dumdumdumdumdumdumdumdumdumdumdudmdum DUMMMMMM!"*

Unfortunately for one final escape it rises a bit too far for Lara to reach from the ground floor. Luckily for you we have some horizontal bars, to reach it. Go onto either upper balcony and swing onto the either horizontal bar. Swing to the middle one and traverse to the end and then drop. Finally collect the final and well deserved Gold Reward!

This has been written from complete memory, so if bits are wrong feel free to PM me and I will change it. Thanks!



I've got all my secrets, its just the gold secret in Kazakhstan which is very, VERY HARD TO GETT!!!!! :(

I'ce tried it soo many times, but the bloody thing dosen't go up! grrr


I've got all my secrets, its just the gold secret in Kazakhstan which is very, VERY HARD TO GETT!!!!! :(

I'ce tried it soo many times, but the bloody thing dosen't go up! grrr

You need to drag it from the far left to give it a good swing (so everytime you fail you do need to take it back before you have another go) then when you get near the part it sticks at just shoot at the hook part on the rail to continue the momentum, it took me ages, then all of a sudden it was there. Good Luck


I finally got that gold reward in Kazhakstan, got it when I came home from work.

It does take persistance to get that platform to move up that last bit of rail, I just kept firing away and it got up there. I also managed to get one of those small crates up on the platform that is to the right of of the swinging platform, so that helped because it took out part of the railing as well so Lara would have something to grab when I jumped over. ?Making the swing across was a little tricky, as there wasn't much room to getting in that alcove but I got in there and got the gold. I would say doing that isn't hafd, its doing all the other stuff before hand.


I have found all rewards apart from the gold in KAZ! ?I have read what you have all said, however I cant even see the reward let alone a horizontal bar and alcove :-/ ?:'(

Can anyone help, with a detailed description of where to look or anything useful?


Ok. first thing to do after you get that gun to full power is take out those guards across from you. You can use those fuel barrels, pull one with the gun and then turn to face the guards. Push the barrel at them and it explodes, and hopefully that takes out a guard. ?When you manage to take all three out, you can focus on moving that hanging platform. Move it as far to the right with the gun as possible. You will then see where the railing goes up, you have to position the gun just a bit to the left of the pulley and then rapidly fire at it. It moves up slow, but after a dozen or so shots it will go up and over to the end of the railing. ?If you have trouble seeing the horizontal bar, use the binoculars and look to the right. Zoom in and you should see that bar, getting up there is another task.

Go back to the gun and turn it to the right. You will see four small crates on the wall, pull all of them out and turn the gun to the right and get one of the bigger crates. Try to put that crate on a couple of the smaller ones. Now you have something to jump up on, get Lara off the gun and jump up onto that big crate. Then jump again and Lara grabs the ledge above, then make her vault up to another ledge and go around the corner to a platform and drop down. Turn Lara around and you should be facing the ?hanging platform that you pushed up, jump over there and just up and to the right above you there is another platform on the wall. Lara can reach that one from the hanging platform, run and jump and she should grab the edge. Pull up and turn right and you will be seeing the horizontal bar, and more importantly the alcove that has the gold reward. Jump to the horizontal bar and swing. I swing three times around to just get the timing, and then I release, you should land in the alcove and you can pick up the reward.

I hope that helps, let me know.

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