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End Of The World

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sorry about this the first time I posted it on off topic area. :( I did that yesterday but now I found were to put it lol


Rose gets some water and gives it to the animals. Then some men come over. Rose asks, can I help you? The men say I'm here to bring news. The animal and the goverment have stoped caring for your animals. Rose says, no you can't do this!! The men say sorry. They take the animals away. They are going to burn them or kill them. So 5 months later. The people there don't have any food. Without animals there is no food. One by one they all die. Rose can't do anything. Then they all die. Rose crys when she sees them all died. babys women men. Then she moves to the goverment. She yeals. Look what you have done!! all oh my people are died becouse of you! This will effect the world!! The goverment says. Who cares. We have a lot of food. Rose: but without animals our land will go bad. Food will go bad! Goverment: That is not going to happen. Rose walks out. Then 3 months later Rose is in a hotel. Then a light comes out from her window. She asks: whos there? An angel steps into the room and shows her a mirror. It has the world dieing and yelling. Rose looks away and goes right into tears. The angel says: This is what will happen to the world very soon. You will go to Heaven and you will be with the Animals. The angel leaves and Rose thinks about what that will be like.

Chapter 2: Rose trys again.

2 years later,

Rose turnes on the TV and watches the news. The news man said that all over the world people are starting to lose food. Rose goes down town and goes to the people who are killing animals. She tells them they have one more try to stay alive. They say no and just laugh at her. She left she said, when the time comes you will wish you have never had done this.

1 year later,

Now everything is hungrey and everyone is trying to get as much food as they can. Food priches are geting very high. Babys don't have enough milk and familys are starting to die.

Chapter 3: No more food

100ds of people are deing everyday now. Rose is not geting hungrey becouse God is not leting her gut hungery intill the last person dies on earth. Rose is praying very hard now. Rose is praying and a kid comes crying in the door and says, please give me some food. Rose says there is no more food in the world. She holds the Child in her hands and says, God will let you in Heaven. Slowley the kid closes his eyes and dies. Rose buts him down and finds people died all over the growned. Rose is waiting for the time to come when no one is alive and she will be the last one on earth.

Chapter 4: Rose goes to Heaven

Rose is in bed and the angel comes to her again and says, Rose it is time. Everyone on earth is died. Rose says one more prayer and dies very very slowley. The next moment she is standing in front of God and she thanks him for leting her be the last one to die. Then a deer comes over and she sees all of the animals that died. Then the boy who asked for some food was there by God and she hughed him. She runs to the top of a moutin and she jumps off it. All of the animals jump beside her. She is so happy.

The End.

This story is telling you this might happen if you don't take care of the animals around you.

I hope one day I can make this movie. I have had it in my head for a very long time. I pray one day it will happen soon.

Did everyone understand the meaning of this story?

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