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How to Avoid Cliffside Bunker Glitch

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Hey, all. Sharing a tip sent to me by another player, Andrea, on how to avoid this game-breaking glitch or get around it if it has already occurred:

In the Cliffside Bunker, where some fans say they can't get the crate to drop; this would then mean that they can't make the barrier in the bottom break, thus meaning Lara can't enter the Endurance and continue with the game's current


During my first play through in this part of the game, I killed the two weaker enemies first before the big armored one who you have to defeat using the QTE. After doing that, I was able to make the crate drop seamlessly. However, I noticed that while watching several walkthroughs, some of the comments say that they can't advance through that part since the crate won't drop and instead stays floating in mid-air, even after using the rope ascender.

I tried playing this portion again, this time killing the big enemy before the smaller ones. Doing so, this is when the glitch happened to me. The crate didn't move, since there are now two crates spawned there.

So what I did here instead was to just use another glitch in the game where you direct Lara to where the crate should've made a hole; simply walk slowly towards the edge there, then once you find the glitch spot, you'll just glitch through. It works better if you're aiming, though. It takes a few minutes to find that glitch spot, but this is the only way to get in the Endurance.

So, basically saying, to avoid that glitch and progress through the game normally, kill the armored enemy last, and the two weaker ones first; I'm not sure if this is the true cause of the glitch, but based on what happened to me when I tried it out, it may be because of the enemies. Also, as far as I know, this glitch only happens in the console versions of the game. I'm not so sure in the PC version.

I hope this helps someone. :)

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