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Anyone here owns an XBOX 360 with wireless controller?

I have a question about the wireless controller and the battery.

I put the battery in the charger and there are 2 green lights on the side of the charger (because you can charge 2 batteries at one time).

The lights come on as soon as I put the battery in and then they go off.

Does this means the batteries are fully charged?

Also when I put the battery into the controller, how do I turn the controller on?

Does the XBOX 360 console have to come on first?

My friend came over and loaded several games on the hard drive.

When I tried to start one of the Call of Duty game, it wanted me to create a profile WHICH I DID (pick name, pick funny looking male or female avatar, etc).

But then it's telling me I need to go online to start a new Call of Duty game.

Do I need to buy a XBOX Live minutes card to go online even if I am not going to download any games or movies or do any updates?

p.s. I would call my store but then I will come across as the Boss who doesn't know anything about the products he sells.


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Maybe try posting on the Xbox 360 support forums. They have player moderators who generally know as much or more than the paid techs.

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