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EVERYONE!! Please welcome our 2 newest Bundles of Joy!!

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Well, after almost 5 years of Allessandra and Aurora (and their Brothers and Sister) incessantly asking and asking and asking,


Andrea and I'd finally gave in!


We'd decided they are old enough to keep them so this was their 6th Birthday present!!





Misty on the left (that's her sister Patches on the right)


They are both 6 weeks old females.

Allessandra named both of them.

She was:

"I am naming her Patches,

and this one is Misty!!"

(not that any of us adults, or her sisters and brothers, had any say in it)


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Those kittens are adorable! What great names for them. Love their coloring.

We went to Petco on Saturday for Cats Adoption Day.

They had cats and kittens of all ages, sizes and colors.

Allessandra saw Patches and right away she said:

"That's the one! That's the one! I am going to name her Patches!"

Allessandra is very assertive and bossy - a bit like her Mother.


p.s. It was my idea to get 2 kittens because I didn't want to break them up with them being sisters and 2 kittens for 5 kids is better than 1 kitten for 5 kids.

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I hope your wife doesn't see that! :P

Good idea, more than 1 pet for them all to share. We started out with a guinea pig, but she was (unknowingly) pregnant. So we had 3 guinea pigs for 5 kids. That was a bit much!

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Misty enjoying some quiet time while the children are at school.


Misty says: "This is MINE now!"



You know you are not allowed on the bed!

That innocent clueless look won't get you out of trouble!


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They are adorable!!! And growing fast, soon they will be climbing and jumping off everything :)

They are already climbing and jumping on everything, mainly me when I am lying on the sofa trying to get some shuteye.


They see the Angels do it so they do the same thing.

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About 10 days ago, we woke up to find they had turned newspapers into confetti.

Then there was the one night they got hold of one of the extra alarm remote for one of our SUVs and were playing with them.

I must had gone out 4-5 times trying to figure out why the alarm on the SUV kept going off.

The reason we didn't hear them play with the remote is there were no keys attached to it.

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I had a thread for it that I posted the day they were born but it seems the forum did some clean house and deleted it.

My first born twin girls Allessandra and Aurora turned 10 years old 2 days ago on Wednesday.

Also their kitties Misty and Patches are now 4 years old.

Time flies, doesn't it?

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