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Game wont run Win7 64bit

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Anniversary wont start on my windows 64bit PC. I have tried the following:-

I have installed it by right click on D:/setup and install as Administrator

I have turn off DEP for tra.exe

The Problem:-

WhenI try to run it, I get a little CD spinning icon while it checks the CD is in the drive, then about 10 seconds later I get a blank main screen and flashing second screen

Anyone can help???

MY PC is windows 64 with all latest drivers and patches (no patches applied to TRA, are there any?)

Have two screens 30" and 24" and graphics card GeForce GTX680. I trying to run the game on the 30" U3014 screen.

Thanks All


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Hi Tom,

Thanks, I did try that after I posted here and I try a few other combinations for about 30 minutes.

Then I installed Legend and had the same problem. . . :(

So I got onto Steam and bought Underworld for $4.99 and after a big download and install, Underworld worked frist go. YAY.

Now I happly playing Underworld for the first time :D

Awesome to hear about LCO credit in the new TR.

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