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All Silver Awards! *Spoiler Warning*

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Each level will be described in a separate post so as not to confuse as there are quite a lot of silvers.


There are 5 Silver Rewards

After the PDA Cut-Scene

As soon as the cutscene finished, grab the block and push it off the edge. Jump across to the next cliff platform. Face the vine and climb it, then laterally jump to the right onto another vine, and finally laterally jump to the right again to land on another platform. Closely edge Lara to the edge facing the hanging vine. Jump towards is until she grabs it. Now turn Lara approximately 90 degrees to the left until she faces another cave. Swing into the cave and activate the Personal Light Source if necessary. Run to the end of the dark passage, and it will be lit brightly by a silver reward. Collect it and hang off the edge to continue the level.

In front of the Temple Entrance

Face the stairs after all the mercanaries are dead. Look to Lara's left, and you will notice some platforms that also lead to the top of the stairs.Climb two ledges and you will find some bricks in the ruin walls. Use Lara's weapons to shoot them down, and a Silver reward will appear like a shining star.

Facing the gate immeadiately before interactive cut-scene

While facing the gate, turn to Lara's right (About 90 degrees), and turn on Lara's Personal Light Source. There is a ledge-- a short jump -- to the right. Jump onto it and turn the corner to the right. Move along as far as you can and then vault Lara to the ledge above. Jump onto the chain above and use it to get to the other side, where the silver reward rests. Reverse the process to get back to the gate.

The Coat Rack room

Use Lara's Personal light source and scale the room's walls to find a discolour in the wall. This is a block that can be moved. To move it, face it and grab it, then push it forward as far as it can go. You will discover a very narrow tunnel, where Lara ends up finding the Silver Reward, (It's the one in the interactive cut-scene).

Coat Rack room x2

There is another Silver reward in this room, but requires a bit of looking around. Swing around the coat racks until you reach the ledge. Move to the far right until Lara will go no further. Laterally jump to the right, to reach the next ledge. Now move Lara right a few arm widths, and allign the camera until Lara is directly opposite another swingable bar. Direct Lara so that she does the motion to jump backwards, and then press jump. She will grab the bar and it will swing 90 degrees until Lara faces a cave with a silver reward inside it. Swing on the bar and jump into the cave to reach the reward. Reverse the process to reach the ledge to continue again.


2 Silver Rewards

Facing the flagpole after large fight with mercanaries, in the courtyard

Climb the flagpole and jump onto the balcony. In front of Lara there will be a blue door. Kick it by pressing the interact button and inside the room there is a silver reward.

After the cutscene where Lara finds a boot

Face the large broken wall, and turn to the right about 110 degrees, and the silver reward is in an alcove near the iron gates.


4 Silver Rewards

In the gorgeous bike room

There is a pile of boxes very close to each other near a wall in this room. They can be pushed/pulled by Lara, and that is a good thing. Pull the boxes aside to reveal a crate in the middle. Now go into manual aim and shoot at it to reveal the silver reward.

After the fight with the 2 dogs, and 4 mercanaries, plus the line "Well I'll just have to shut it down then!"

Enter the door into the building and go up both flights of stairs until you reach the top. Walk onto the pipes and walk as far as you can go. Now, you should see a ledge on Lara's left, jump onto it and traverse all the way to right. Then jump backwards to land on more pipes. Follow these pipes to reach a crate containing the Silver Reward. Shoot it to claim your prize.

In the office with the very large TV

Climb the stairs to reach the upper office area. Now, move to the far end to the right to find some cabinets. Now kick the left cabinet to reveal a silver reward.

After the large scale of the tower, traversing large neon signs and all

Fight all the mercanaries in this room, destroying all the priceless artefacts as you go. Now, after the firefight, move to a door, next to some stairs. Inside this door is yet more cabinets. Kick the second cupboard from the left to reveal the final silver reward for this level.


4 Silver Reward

After stopping the large waterfall, and after the cut-scene with Rutland

Now the current has stopped in the water, we can get the Silver Reward in the lovely water. Take a dive into the water from the island that you are on. Now if you face the island from underwater, you will spot a tunnel with a silver reward inside it. Swim through the tunnel and collect the Silver Reward.

In the large room where you have to activate the water wheel/ the section behind the large gate, flooded in water

Climb onto the raft and use aim the magnetic grapple at the shining gold block in the next room. Pull the raft into the second area. While it is following the current, drop into the water, and swim to the top left of the room. There is a very un-noticeable platform here thar can be climbed upon. Climb up and collect the Silver Reward in the little wedge, behind the rubble.

After the "OH I LOVE GHANA!" boulder fiasco

After the cutscene and loss of communication from Zip/Alister, move Lara to the little ladder, that is connected to the wall. Climb down it and turn a full 180 degrees, to see the Silver Reward shining brightly in plain view.

The Rope Bridge Room with the mercanaries

From the entrance face right, and jump onto the first bar. Swing onto the second bar and then jump onto the ledge. Move as far left as possible until Lara starts to swing her arms. Jump and then she will grab onto another ledge across the gap. Drop off the ledge, and on the platform you are on, get into manual aim mode. Move the crosshairs to the left slightly and aim them at the bottom of the large gate. Throw a grenade here (Far enough so it won't damage Lara) and the door willl shatter. In the room, there is a Silver Reward, the last of Ghana's.


3 Silver Rewards

After the large battle has finished, just before the cutscene with the two civilian Kazakhs

Head to the fenced in area to the left of the two civilian Kazakhs building. Inside the fenced in area there is a Silver Reward shining in a box. There is ?two ways into this fenced in area, the latter being the easiest.

1. Move towards the flammable barrel, and stand opposite it. You should notice a very small gap in the fence. This is here so that you can shoot the barrel. Move slightly back and aim at the barrel in manual aim mode, and then finally shoot it.

2. Move to the right hand side of the fence, opposite the building with the Kazakhs. You should notice a stack of boxes. Enter manual aim mode and shoot them all to reveal a very large hole in the fence. Enter the are and shoot the box to reveal the Silver Reward.

In the fuel room where Lara states that Amanda is using back up power

Face the large map that later looks like a circus apparentely. Turn to the right and you will notice two protruding grates upon one another. These are climbable. So stand under one and jump onto it. Then vault onto the one above. Then move to the left and pull up to stand upon a platform. Notice that the door to the left is shining, and to open it, you need to fire the magnetic grapple at it and then pull. Jump through the gate and shoot the wooden box to reveal the Silver Reward.

On the upper platform where the Tesla Tower is

Run over to the hanging cage to the right near the dead scientist's body. You will notice another fuel barrel here, that needs to be shot at. So find the gap in the gate and shoot the barrel to literally blow the door off it's hinges (Be at a safe distance so as not to damage Lara). Shoot the wooden box inside the hanging cage to reveal the final Silver Reward in Kazakhstan.


5 Silver Rewards

In the fork lift room

Look to the top right and you will see a shining grate. Throw the magnetic grapple at it and pull the grate down. You will notice that the gap is too high to jump onto, so you will need the aid of the conveniently placed crates in the room. Get into the forklift and grab a box in the forks. Place the box directly under the gap you created previously, and get another box. Place this box on top of the previous box to create two boxes upon one another. Now get a final, third box and place it to the left of the two boxes, so that it creates a mini stair case. Depart from the forklift and climb the steps. Now finally jump into the gap and enter the room, where you will find the first Silver Reward.

In the lower fork lift room, with the fake grave

This is easy to find. Enter the forklift and move it down the stairs into the fake tomb. Move full speed ahead and crash into the casket to reveal a Silver Reward.

In the spinning blades trap room

As you enter the room, push the crate you used previously (To pass the fire traps) to the left and push it in between the blades. This will halt the blades, allowing Lara to pass through them and into the room beyond, which contains the Silver Reward.

The water chamber with the floating casket

After you've pulled the second lever to release the casket, climb upon it. Turn and face the direction to which the current is flowing. You will notice that there is another alley to the right of Lara, so turn to face that direction. You will notice that there is a glowing lantern at the very end of the alley. Throw the magnetic grapple at it, and pull the casket down the alley. When you reach the end, jump onto the alcove to claim the Silver Reward.

On top of the Castle (Kind Arthur's Tomb)

When you reach the top of the castle, move past the hole in the floor, and move over the sloped roof. A Silver Reward is between some spikes.


6 Silver Rewards

Before the block of ice that needs to be broken by Lara's guns, (Before plane crash site)

Hang off the platform in this area and move as far right as possible, you will notice that Lara will continue past the snowy platform and end up at a little cave. Inside the cave is a Silver Reward.

After the first swingable pole in Crash Site (After collapseable floor)

Turn around to face the pole you've just swung from. Enter Manual aim mode and aim at a lighter section of ice (Use the Personal light source if necessary) and then shoot at it. You will reveal a silver reward in a small alcove. Take a run and jump into the alcove to collect the reward. Jump back to continue the level.

Facing the plane wreck

Turn to the right from the plane wreck and jump onto the small platform. You will notice a plane wing that is shining. This indicates that you can pull it with the magnetic grapple, so pull it with the magnetic grapple. After that, take a running jump across the gap and collect the Silver Reward at the other end.

The first encounter with mercanaries

After the firefight, pull up onto a small platform that's to the right of the entrance. Switch to manual aim and shoot the ice wall, that is higher up. Jump into the alcove to collect the silver reward.

The floating ice platforms room

Jump onto the ice platforms, and go across the lake. You will notice a bank on the right. Jump onto it for a rest, and then continue across the ice platforms. There is an alcove to the left where there's a Silver Reward, so cross the ice platforms until you can reach it.

The large room with the missing floor

From the entrance, (After you've defeated the Tiger) run down the narrow stairway to the right. When you reach the floor, turn right again and face the wall. Fire at the broken wall to reveal the final Silver Reward.

Silver Rewards for Croft Manor

There are 10 Silver rewards

Study (2 silver rewards)

From the entrance to the study, look to the right, and you will find some wooden boards, that look out of place. If you use RAD mode, you will find that they are breakable. Shoot the boards, and they will fall apart revealing a silver reward, and a shelf.

The second can only be reached, when the Gold Reward Puzzle 3 has been solved. You need to have pulled each of the books in order, and when the alcove opens, the Silver Reward is inside. If you need help with the books refer to my Gold Reward Guide.

Secret Corridor connecting Study, and Bedroom (Look at Gold Reward Guide for help)

The silver reward in this dark corridor, is very noticeable. It is before the plaque sticking it's tongue out, and is between some boxes (Turn on your PLS to find it better)


Head to the stairs. Take the right path, that leads to another balcony, with no doors that open. As soon as you reach the balcony, turn to face the circular switch protruding from the wall--it's adjacent to the stairs. Enter 'Manual Aim Mode', and shoot the switch multiple times, to make it decend into the wall. Below the switch, a wall will slide away, revealing the silver reward.

Swimming Pool Room (There are 3 here)

On the 'ground' level, behind a fish statue. It is the farthest statue to the right, from the entrance. Grab the fish statue with the interaction button, and pull it.

The second silver reward is on the upper balcony, where you find the binoculars, (use my Gold Reward guide, if you don't know how to get there). Face the binocular pedastle, and turn right. There is a fish statue, with a ball on top of it. Run behind it, and the silver reward is there.

The third Silver Reward is in the secret tunnel, which connects the pool, to the gym (Use my Gold Reward guide to find out how to open it). Swim through the tunnel, and it is in plain site resting on the tunnel's floor.

The Gym (There are 3 Silver Rewards here too)

The first silver reward is in plain site on a pedastal, that sits on the pool. To reach it, face the pedastal, and take a long run, and jump towards the pedastal. If done succesfully, Lara should catch it with her knee, and climb onto it.

This Silver Reward is extremely hard to describe, so forgive me if it doesn't make immeadiate sense. A few things need to be done before you can collect it though.

From the main entrance to the gym, turn to the left, and grapple the horizontal pole. Turn it 90 degrees anti-clockwise ( position Lara to the right of the pole). Now run along the left wall (From the entrance) until you see a ladder--on the wall--which has a small golden ball on it. Aim the camera at it, and throw the magnetic grapple, until it attatches to the golden ball. Pull the ladder, so that it faces the entrance. Now, stand on the blue ramp--in the centre of the room--, and jump onto the horizontal bar. From there swing onto the verical pole, and then jump onto the horizontal bar you moved earlier. Swing onto the slanted slope, and then immeadiately jump to grab onto a ledge. Move around to the right, around the corner, and then laterally jump onto the vertical pole. Climb to the top of this pole, and then leap to the ledge on the right, and the onto the ladder you moved earlier. Climb to the top of the ladder, and then laterally jump right, to grab onto a hanging platform. It will move to another hanging platform. Jump onto this platform, and you will find a silver reward. ATTENTION: Stay on this platform to reach the next Silver reward.

While on the hanging platform mentioned above, turn Lara, so that she faces the pool. ?Fire the magnetic grapple towards the pool, and it should latch onto a wall just above it. Pull the wall, to make it face Lara. Now, from facing the pool, turn lara roughly 30 degrees to the left so that she faces a ledge in the wall--to the left of the pool. From the platform jump towards the ledge, Lara will grab the ledge, although she may not do the animation. From the ledge, turn the corner to the right, and drop onto the sliding platform below. ?Jump immeadiately, and Lara will grab a ledge, or the handholds. If she doesn't grab the handholds, jump vertically from the ledge to reach them. Climb to the top of the handholds, and leap to the right. Lara will grab onto a ledge. Move along this, and then face backwards, so that Lara does the animation. Spring backwards, and Lara will jump onto a horizontal pole. Swing across the next two poles so that Lara reaches another swinging platform. Turn to the left, and fire the magnetica grapple at the shimmering ledge. Pull, and the platform will move towards the alcove with the silver reward. When you're close enough, jump into the platform to reach the final silver reward (You might need to alter Lara's position further left, or right, so that she doesn't grab the pole.


Blade: Yes, I do plan on doing a Bronze one, and am in the process of doing it now. It should be with you in 1-2 weeks.

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I'm still search for the last silver rewards in Croft Manor.

but all I get just 9.

at study: 2

foyer : 1

Gym : 3

pool : 3

where's the last silver reward ??? :huh:

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