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Tombraider 1 & Tombraider Anniversary Comparison Group Play


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I decided to do something a little different...or I think it is different anyway. My friend Eldin wanted to do a group play, and I've been in the mood to play Tombraider 1 or Anniversary. Then I got the idea...why not do both? It might be neat to discuss the comparisons between the two. It is a unique opportunity, for Tombraider 1 is the only game--as far as I know--that was remade.

Now, I don't want anyone to be excluded. If you don't have one of the games, or you don't want to play both...that is fine. You can still play with us and give your views about the game. I just thought this might be an interesting variation on the group play. It may also be nice for those players who always shoot ahead the rest of us--you know who you are! The people who play until their eyes bleed, I'm sure! :ninja:

So, happy gaming! Don't worry if you post infrequently. I know a lot of people are busy. I'm busy too--and sometimes after looking at a computer all day, I don't really feel like looking at the TV screen.

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Sounds like a great idea Stella, but I have one so everyone can choose the one that is better. We can split in two, so for example: Stella is playing TR1 level and once she post about it, I play Anniversary level and we compare, so if you guys like we can do this one on one. But everything is fine with me! :D

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Myself, I'm going to do both--doing it the way Stella suggested. However, whichever way you guys want to do it for yourselves, that is fine.

@CaityFM--it has been a while!

Nice to have some new blood too!

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I'm in! When do we start? This is the most perfect excuse/motivation for me to finally finish my Anniversary Let's Play. Does anyone mind if I post it? It's not completed of course :Phttps://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL286E528B736BBA1C. :D

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It's great to see everybody! Welcome, new people, and welcome back, returning "groupies." :D

Jessica (Mute2Conversations) is the "boss" for this one, since she started the thread, but as far as I'm concerned, there are no rules except (1) follow the forum guidelines and (2) have fun. Rule 2 can be temporarily suspended during the centaur fight and the climb up the inside of the pyramid in TRA. ;) Post whatever you like--screenshots, videos, poetry, interpretive dance--the more the better. :D

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:smiley: Has anyone here ever tried the remake that is available on trle.net? Maybe we could try that version out as well. I have both TR1 and Anniversary for PS2, but I haven't played the TR1 remake that was made with the Level Editor. I have played some of the Level Editor games and they are outstanding :woho: . To say the the least. The Jerusalem Project was awesome, so perhaps I'll try the TR1 remake. Viva my fellow raiders!

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:smiley: Has anyone here ever tried the remake that is available on trle.net? Maybe we could try that version out as well. I have both TR1 and Anniversary for PS2, but I haven't played the TR1 remake that was made with the Level Editor. I have played some of the Level Editor games and they are outstanding :woho: . To say the the least. The Jerusalem Project was awesome, so perhaps I'll try the TR1 remake. Viva my fellow raiders!

I heard a lot about the Level Editor stuff and always wanted to try them out but how do I do that? Do I have to download something? If someone could explain to me how to get started on playing the levels that people make that would be great! :D

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:smiley: Has anyone here ever tried the remake that is available on trle.net?

Great idea! I haven't but I've been meaning to check it out. For AmandaA313 and anyone else who wants to try it, I'll give it a go tomorrow (too tired tonight) and post my process here.

With 3 games in the mix, I may not play every level. Maybe I'll just skip around to the ones I like.

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:smiley: Has anyone here ever tried the remake that is available on trle.net? Maybe we could try that version out as well. I have both TR1 and Anniversary for PS2, but I haven't played the TR1 remake that was made with the Level Editor. I have played some of the Level Editor games and they are outstanding :woho: . To say the the least. The Jerusalem Project was awesome, so perhaps I'll try the TR1 remake. Viva my fellow raiders!

Do you mean, Tomb Raider Anniversary Retold? I know that game was never finished, there is only Peru available.

Can you please give us the link, maybe the one you have in your mind is different than the one I am thinking about...

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:smiley: Has anyone here ever tried the remake that is available on trle.net?

Do you mean this one? http://www.trle.net/sc/levelfeatures.php?lid=1553

If so, installation is quick and easy, since it's one of the ones that has the game engine included.

  1. Follow the link above and you'll see a 'download' link in the left column on that page. Click that and save the file (DaoineSidhe-TombRaiderIrevised.zip) somewhere you can easily find it.
  2. When it's done downloading, double-click the zip file to open it. (Newer versions of Windows should automatically open .zip files. If not, you may need to download a utility like WinZip, 7-Zip, or WinRAR to do it.)
  3. Extract or Copy/Paste the TR1-Remake folder from the zip file to another location (desktop, program files, wherever you like).
  4. Open the TR1-Remake folder and double-click the tomb4.exe file to run the game. Easy peasy. ;)
I think I'll start with TR1/TRA and see how it goes. If I have time, I might try the custom levels.

In fact, I've made a vid showing some crazy physics in Caves level. Because nobody said it has to be 100% serious, right. Enjoy.

The glitches are some of the best things about classic TR. If you can't do a handstand on an invisble floor, why bother living? ;)

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added last 2 paragraphs; fixed bad link
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I wish I still had my tv and ps2 hooked up in my room, it would make this a lot easier. I don't wanna be out in the living room interrupting Duck Dynasty...

Also I downloaded the TR1 demo onto my laptop to see how terrible I was at the controls...just look at the situation I got myself into!


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Alright let's do this! [after spending an hour dragging an old tv upstairs and setting everything up]

Caves and...Caves

Firstly, I'm not gonna start a new game for TR1 because -what can I say- I reeeeeally like unlimited ammo.

Also, I never actually beat Anniversary. I got pretty far but somehow my game got erased. I was at least at the centaur battle, because I remember thinking "wow, now I can be severely annoyed while enjoying these PS2 graphics!"

I have to say, the uzis are my favorite weapon. Probably just because they shoot really fast and it makes me feel like I'm doing a lot more damage.

The first three levels are my favorite, so when I played Anniversary for the first time I was really hoping the developers would keep a lot of the layout and details and whatnot, which they did. I was afraid it was gonna be like Legend, where there really isn't any sense of adventure for me. The path you're supposed to take is plainly laid out for you and you can't stray from it very much to explore. Legend has a great plot and it's one of my favorite TR games, it's just not great for hardcore adventuring. I like to know that when I get bored I can find random things to climb and end up on top of a mountain in the Lost Valley.

I really loved playing the opening of Anniversary instead of watching it in a cutscene.

The process of opening the doors to level 2 in Anniversary is pretty annoying to me after having pulled a lever and slid down for so long.

[these observations aren't going in order at all]

Obviously I love how breathtaking the graphics in Anniversary are and it really is an amazing experience seeing everything. [especially in Lost Valley, but I'll get to that later.] It's super cool not seeing scenery in pixel/block form.


oh my goodness golly gee I need to invest in a new controller


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Ok, so I decided to get back to past once more, wait this is not a past, this is Lara's present yeah every time when I play any TR game I know that it happening to Lara in this moment.

So for the beginning Lara in the action:


I was always thinking what was supposed to be here, since it is black I guess something was supposed to be here, but they never finished it.


When I played this game for the first time I was a kid and believe it or now, this used to scare the hell out of me. :o


This room was always beautiful for me, this green color looks so inviting. :)


I love this level and it was a very good begining for adventure and it seems that I still remember where all the secrets are, hmm I wounder if I will remember in later levels...


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Sorry to be jumping ahead, I just love these first three levels. :D I went out and bought a shiny new PS2 controller [and pizza.]

I made my last post having only played Caves in TR1 and trying to remember the Anniversary equivalent, so I'm actually playing both Caves and Vilcabamba today in Anniversary.

additional Caves observations:

The more I replay this, the more things I realize I forgot about. (freakin Larson)

Does the unlucky guide in the Caves intro have a name? Am I allowed to call him Pedro? ...Gonna take that as a yes

Pedro didn't bring enough rope to let me climb to the entrance. Rude.

Looks like karma came with fangs today.

Uh...Lara...you wore sunglasses but not, y'know...a coat. or pants. I know you're hardcore but...


Firstly: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jSpHSneHTGc

I also love how easy it is to push and pull blocks in Anniversary. Pushing blocks gets really old really fast in TR1. >,>

WAIT A SECOND I forgot about the dumb shooting system in Anniversary. I don't wanna push R1 repeatedly, I'm lazy!

hold up yo did a single dart just hardcore kill me...well huh

*sighs loudly at the annoying door-opening sequence at the end of Caves*

When I said the developers kept the general layout of TR1, I forgot about Vilcabamba. A lot of my favorite things about this level aren't there in Anniversary!


heheh it did a front flip when I killed it

Oh it's already over! Lost Valley tomorrow.

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I think I'll pass on doing the TRLE level too. It is difficult enough to play the two games, particularly as Anniversary tends to stress me out a little. I think it overstimulates me.

So first, TR1 impressions. I played the first level. Do you know that I didn't realize until the third time I played Anniversary that it was Natla at the beginning flying away after that atomic bomb in Mexico? I was always trying to figure out what that was about. It wasn't until I saw that green light on her back that I realized it was Natla freed from her prison.

I definitely like Larson and Natla better in TRA. Larson is retarded in TR1, and Natla seems like she should be on some reality show puking, whoring, and stabbing people in the back. I just cannot picture her being an Atlantean. Yes, I have standards even for my villains.

So here we have Lara, in her big endowed glory. Unlike Legends, she does climb mountains with some gear. She does not dress appropriately for the frigid mountain air. I never get Lara. Except in Legends, this is one thing that always gets me. When she is in arctic temperatures, she running around in short shorts and a sleeveless top. Then when she is in the Amazon, she wears a leather outfit. I live in a hot climate--trust me, you don't wear leather!

Lara not looking away from that one area while I'm going to get Secret 1 is really annoying. I realize that is where I have to go! Now will you look in front of you!

I prefer TR1 in many ways to Anniversary, though I dislike having to rely on save crystals. I'm playing on Playstation 2. I have to get used to the D-pad again. Lara is doing a lot of "oophing" as I run her into walls and make her jump. It took me a minute to remember how to sidestep.

The initial third bat didn't appear until I went for secret 2. I figured out the side step, and I was side stepping for a long time. I decided to sing "Achy Breaky Heart"--and then I realized I was side stepping under the wrong wall. :/

I'm doing better than I did the last time I played. I have to admit that my old eyes sometimes have a problem distinguishing graphics. I was trying to pick up this medipack and getting frustrated that I couldn't, and then I realized that was because it was a bat.

TR1 Statistics: Kills 14 Pickups 7 3/3 Secrets Time 28:49

TRA: Caves Level 1

Though Lara's endowments had started to decrease with the sequel games, TRA decided to hold true to the original it was making. Not only are they huge, she jiggles them on the Start screen. It is very distracting. Here I am trying to read Stella's walkthrough, and out of the corner of my eye, I see Lara bouncing the twins. And she is wearing even less clothing! I have a theory that the twins decreased in size because they suffered from hypothermia from all the times Lara runs around in freezing temperatures in just a tank top. I hope I'm not offending anyone here. In my defense, the above paragraph was written by my inner teenage boy. Yes, I have one of those too...even though I'm a girl. It gets crowded in my head. I have an inner child, an inner sociopath, an inner teenage boy, and Padme Amidala from Star Wars. So if you guys hear me shouting, "Get out of my head!"...you'll know why.

I get a little ahead of myself. The Mexico scene where Natla was released from her prison was more impressive. When I first played this game, I was frustrated with how dark it was. I didn't realize I could adjust the brightness. I missed Alistair and Zip talking to me. I felt rather isolated and lonely.

Mr. Croft and his employee problems. Gee...it is hard to understand why his employees were fed up with him, isn't it? I mean, I wouldn't be so bent out of shape if we were low on supplies, and I was chasing around some guy who believed in Atlantis--which I think most people don't believe in. Yeah, sure.

I liked being able to do more at the beginning. However, did anyone interact with that stupid sherpa? You know, the ill-prepared guide that we hired who didn't think to bring rope? Well, at least I get to practice my Spanish. I tried to shoot him. He dies anyway, so it didn't seem like murder. I just love how he says, "We can go to the left." We? He means Lara. He is just going to stand there and complain about how tired he is. I'm surprised he doesn't say, "I like tacos and burritos!" He seems determined to live up to a stereotype.

Lara's shooting was a little inaccurate. She hit a lot of snow. She seemed to regret the guide's death, though I wondered if she was actually thinking, "Damn! I didn't get to kill him!"

Visually, TRA is more interesting and easier to see--but it also stresses me out more, particularly the heart beat sound during timed stuff. I never noticed I could deactivate the dart traps. It never seemed necessary really. Artifact 2 is a real b**** to get. The secret sound was traumatizing my cat. I don't know why. I didn't bother getting the relic. I just want to end the level by that point. Maybe I'll get it in Level 2, though it is hard to get, if I recall.

TRA statistics: Time 26:50 Kills 14 Supplies 5 Secrets 3/3 Relics 0/1 I don't do time trials.

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The Lost Valley: aka in the top 5 best levels of any TR game ever. I love this level so gosh darn much.

I totally agree with Jessica about preferring TR1 to TRA. I guess we're Tomb Raider hipsters.

Cons to this level in TRA:

  • You come in from the wrong side.
  • The wall of cogs at the top of the waterfall serves no purpose whereas in TR1 it's the whole point of completing the level.
  • OK RANT TIME! I hate the t-rex battle in TRA. Hate it hate it hate it. you're forced to fight it and kill it before you can do anything else. My favorite part of The Lost Valley was NOT fighting the t-rex face to face. I liked making a run for the cave that leads to the bridge so that I could (A) feel like indiana jones hauling a** away from a t-rex & ( B ) fight the t-rex from the bridge.
  • that, and pressing R1 50,000 times
  • I got stuck after the battle because I didn't know they put the underwater tunnel in the temple
  • I actually got stuck a couple times but this isn't really a con because it's my dumb fault
  • Just when I was really starting to appreciate the scenery, it was time to go back into the caves :(
  • the way back to the caves is difficult!


  • Still drooling over these graphics
  • The path to getting into the valley is kind of nice [minus the bear that I didn't expect]
  • The way you stumble upon the valley is a nice surprise, and I love how the cave gets foggier and greener the closer you come to the valley.
  • I'm glad they made it a have-to thing to climb on top of the temple and skirt the top of the valley because I loved doing that in TR1 and I think everyone should know how pretty it is
  • it seems like there's too much civilization in here for a place with a t-rex hanging out
  • man it is literally so gorgeous wow
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Hello Crystal Dynamic Lara! How are you my dear? :)

What, I can't hear you Lara what did you say!? Its cold Eldin!! Oh, really I didn't noticed, what the hell were you thinking it is a mountain Lara not jungle! >.< Ah, well I guess there is no need to comment more Lara, do it your way you won't listen to me after all.


I swear if you jump from here she will die, but it seems she won't die in the cutscene, hmm I wounder what she is trying to tell us with that? Ha....


Ok can someone please tell me, how is it there there is so much snow in this room? I don't see any holes where it can go through, so how is this possible? Anyone?


This I understand there is a hole here and snow can get through, but back there no way...still don't understand.


I just took a moment to take a shoot of this, because this I really like. :)


So it seems that Crystal Dynamic decided to cut off my favorite area from TR1, area with wolfs and a looottt of green plants, they turned it into a " hole " :(


Yeah, I can say that this level is long as much as TR1 level was, here they added area before caves and they cut-off my favorite area and in TR1 there was no area before caves, but there was area with wolfs and a lot of green plants/grass so I guess TR1 level and this level are the same now.


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