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Who will be playing this?

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I'm playing it at the moment, on PC, and it is super fun. It's very much like Guardian of Light, so anyone who enjoyed that will definitely enjoy this.

Awesome! I just downloaded it this morning but for PS4 going to play it later on tonight.

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I have it for the ps4. I started it really late and haven't gotten too far into the game.

I'll resume tomorrow ;) Can't really give any first impressions so far other than the similarity

to Guardian of Light. There is this hint that pops up at the bottom and doesn't seem to go away

until you do what's being asked of you... It becomes a bit annoying because it hides the bottom of the screen

and makes it difficult to see where you are going. Would have been better on the upper right hand or left hand

corner and have the ability to close it. Unless I haven't found the button yet to do so. Everything is tiny

of course to show a full landscape and arcade style. Personally I'd like an option to Zoom in or change the view.

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Yeah, I've noticed the same thing. I'd also like an option to close the game hints, and also to manually zoom in or out - the action can get a bit confusing when the camera is up too high. The spear weapon from GoL is gone, which is a pity because I liked the feeling of using the spear to make my own paths in levels. It's been replaced by a light staff which can raise and lower certain blocks to create new paths, but it feels a bit more restrictive.

I will say that I'm very happy that the game recognises my extra mouse buttons. A surprising number of games don't allow me to re-map the controls to my mouse thumb buttons, so extra points to CD/Nixxes for that :lol:

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My boyfriend and I played GOL and had a blast, so we'll be playing this eventually. Not sure when though, probably have to wait a few months for me to get a PS4.

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Just started last night and got a few levels done. I'm enjoying it very much so far, and glad it's out in time for the holidays, but I sure wish I had more free time to play it! :D

Tom and mods, I hope it's OK to direct people with questions here for help. I'll try and check in regularly, but it's going to be a while before I have a walkthrough done.

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