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Xbox 360 Version Serious bugs


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First of all I want to apologize for my English, I am using a translator.

It is the first time I write in the forum, but I read Stella's page for quite some time and has been very helpful.
I take 38% of the game completed, playing at a slow pace, as I like to complete each region to 100%.
I have encountered a serious bug in the game, more precisely in the Soviet facilities, and that by continuing with the story without completing secondary missions allies Jacob, when I return to the area is impossible for me to reach certain sectors map, due to changes in buildings due to game action.
I have tried different access points from the quick trip from the camps, but no way to access. Nor red laptops are to complete another challenge in the area.
I installed the two update patches that are available, but have not been helpful to solve the problem.
I'm afraid I'll have to play everything from the beginning and before continuing with the story, complete all side quests and challenges in the area to complete 100%.
I hope it helps someone warning, not to lose many hours of play.
Cheers from Argentina.

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Hi, Kato. Welcome to the forum. I'm so sorry to hear you're having trouble. I'm playing the Xbox One version and so far have not encountered any bugs, but I'm only about 1/3 through the game.

I like the friendliness of this small forum for chat, questions, etc., but I would recommend going to the official Square Enix forum to report any bugs. The developers read those boards and may be able to help--or at least take note of the bugs players report in order to fix them in a future update. Here's a link to the Rise of the Tomb Raider section. The tech support forum is second on that list.

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Hello, sorry for the delay in responding.

I visited some forums and followed some advice, I deleted the updates, clear the cache of the Xbox and reinstalled only the latest patch.

I could complete the challenges but I'm still unable to complete a side quest (more precisely one that involves a bird)
The error, as I gather, came to not immediately complete this side quest ,talk to another character who gave me another quest and complete it.
Taking up the first quest, though it appears initiated on the map, there is no way to locate the bird in question, as it has disappeared from the scene.
Still, I decided to continue the adventure, because it seemed a waste of time to resume everything from scratch. I will not finish the game with 100% complete, but it will be 99.9%

Therefore I recommend:
- Before continuing with the story, complete side quests immediately after speaking with the mission giver.
- Do not talk to another mission giver, until you have completed the active side quest.

Surely another patch will appear at some point and I can try to end the slope side quest.
I hope I have helped a player to avoid this inconvenience.


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Ive noticed a serious bug in The Lost City (section 2 after you free up the frozen trebuchet and destroy the 2nd gate).  There is no rope column on the trebuchet platform to attach a rope arrow to the platform across the gap; therefore there is no safe way down to return to the citadel plaza; therefore no way to progress!

Xbox 360.

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