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how i think of the new TR

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so maybe this will be taken down or some.....but i just wanna say what i think of the new TR and lara croft.

i have not played the new TR and ROTTR (that sounds weird) i have seen some game play of both games and i have to say the graphics look amazing. the gameplay is new and diiferent and i guess that is a good thing, but i did not really get the TR feeling with any of the games even though lara gets into tombs eventually.

lara herself, it looks like they did not only changed her apearance but also her personality and backstorie.

overall i just don't like it, i would actually play the games if i could though because then i would know more about it then just first impressions, but i don't have the moneys for it.

so yeah, i actually have not much to go with on this forum that is why i mostly will be inactive.

oh and mods, you can movie this to somewhere else if this post does not belong here, because i did not know where to post it anyways.

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Hi, hippo. Welcome back. :) I tend to agree with you on most of these points, but I found that even though it's set in the reboot universe and does continue the Lara's-dad-vs-Trinity storyline begun in the 2013 game, Rise of the Tomb Raider felt a lot more like a classic TR game to me. In case you might ever play it, I won't mention specific plot points, but the story had a classic-TR twist and much more opportunity for exploration than the previous game. I feel like the devs are very gradually drifting back toward classic influences. My main complaint is there still aren't nearly enough puzzles, and the ones that have been included are mostly optional and fairly easy. I guess it leaves room for improvement. ;)

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