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Missing (unreachable?) survival cache in Acropolis

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Hey all, I'm missing a survival cache in the Acropolis area, and it seems that you are unable to get it when revisiting... Unless I'm mistaken, which I hopefully am :)

Could anyone enlighten me how I can get this last survival cache? It should be at the + inGZStooZ.png

according to



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Hi, Zum. Sorry if my walkthrough is unclear, but there are only 3 survival caches in The Acropolis. Their locations are marked on the second map you posted and numbered 1-3 in brown. The first two are near the Remnant Bazaar base camp. So if you missed them, it's easy enough to fast travel back there from another campsite. The third is closer to the Tower Courtyard camp. It looks like you already found that one (grayed-out icon).

The item nearest the + sign in the first map you posted is the Explorer Satchel. It's marked with a skull icon on my map.

If you need help finding any of those, this Acropolis Collectibles Guide includes tips and screenshots. If you're still having trouble, just post here again and I'll get back to you a.s.a.p.

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Ahh! I just mistook that icon for a survival cache...

So that simply means I'm missing a explorer satchel. I guess my question then remains the same, but instead of a survival cache a explorer satchel ;)

Thank you for your fast and elaborate response!

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These screenshots show where the satchel is if you're approaching the level exit for the first time. If you've already completed the level, you need to start at the Cliffside Lookout camp in the Geothermal Valley and then re-enter the Acropolis through the tunnel to the south. Then work your way down the canyon (from top to bottom on the in-game map). The satchel is in the shallow pit at the location marked with the skull on my map (or the + on the map you posted).

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Got it! Thank you :)

I didn't think you could return there, considering the arrows only point in one direction...


I have another question but about a different area, should I make a new thread or is it OK here?

If the latter: TJ9INIQ.jpg

I'm missing *one* relic and *one* document, but I'm not sure where to look. It seems your map is missing the one I need as well! :P

Thank you!

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I think it's fine to continue in this thread, since the topic is basically more of the same. It looks like you're missing the relic I call #8 in my walkthrough. It's in the Pit of Judgment Challenge Tomb area (the one with the big pool and the mine cart tracks). The Hidden Ravine base camp is the nearest camp. Here's the series of screenshots that shows where it is: http://tombraiders.net/stella/walks/TR10walk/details/pit-judgment-3.html#2

The missing survival caches seem to be #3 and #4 in my walkthrough. They're in the House of the Afflicted Challenge Tomb near the Infirmary base camp. Pix are here: http://tombraiders.net/stella/walks/TR10walk/details/house-afflicted-3.html

Almost done now! :D

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Awesome thank you!

I made an error earlier, losing ~2 hours of progress so when I re-did the Pit of Judgement I rushed it and may have overseen it.

I thought the two missing caches were near the Infirmary but I didn't see them at first glance, I'll take another look.

Edited by Zum
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Thank you once again for your help :D and making these excellent guides of course.

I got them all now. Will likely finish the game tomorrow and hopefully get a 100% rate while I'm at it <3 (except Syria maybe).

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