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I have been stuck on the middle boss level of the Baba Yaga challenge for the best part of a week now. My aim isn't always steady but when I am able to attach an arrow to her cauldron ,make her duck & reel her in towards the vat, for some reason I can't activate the lever ! This is particularly frustrating as in the game proper I was at the Lost City part 1. Can anyone help please?

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19 hours ago, Tom@LCO said:

Check Hi Tom, thank you for replying. I have used Stella's Tomb Raider Site & have found it invaluable as I am not a very experienced gamer, unfortunately even with her advice & guidance I am still stuck on this level. I suspect I will just have to restart the game from the beginning & avoid Baba Yaga next time. Thanks again for your reply.


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I'm having the same issue.

Purchase the PS4 20 year anniversary version(late 2016) with any or all updates installed.

I'm on the top-most floor trying to destroy the witch(Baba Yaga DLC - Wicked Vale).  The cauldron's/vat lever is parallel to the floor and won't spring back in it's vertical/upright position in order for me to grab it and open the cauldron.

Any help or tips would be most appreciated!

Thanks - Jim J

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