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I am playing on PS4 Pro.

I completed the Communications Breakdown challenge, but I am guessing that because I travelled back to the train Yard to collect a missing Relic, The Remnant General is no longer present in the Logging Camp, so I am unable to receive the Lock Pick, nor do any other challenges associated with him.

Apart from that, I am really pleased with this edition of TR - so much to do !  Also the guides are absolutely awesome :+D

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Ugh. This is the first time I've heard about this one. Which system are you playing on? If PC, I have save files for various points in the Soviet Installation here: http://tombraiders.net/stella/savegame/TR10saves.html If Xbox One, you can reload a backup save by holding the two trigger buttons while on the Load Game screen. I'm not sure what to suggest if you're playing on the 360 or PS4. I would probably restart, since there will be some useful you'll miss--and you won't be able to get 100% completion--without the lockpick. :(

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Thanks for the reply :+)

I am on PS4 Pro. I guess I will start again ............  and remember not to fast travel between camps mid mission ......... It does ask if one is sure, I guess this is why.


Again, great work on your guides - Cheers and Regards :+)

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Normally that shouldn't be a problem. I have left several missions unfinished while I hopped around the map gathering supplies and doing other things, and this has so far never happened. It would probably be a good idea to try it without fast traveling next time, though, just in case--or at least change save slots right before talking to the general the first time. Then if the game glitches again, at least you won't have too much to replay.

Wish I had a better answer. You might want to check the Square Enix TR forums too, in case someone else may have a solution we don't know about here. Good luck!

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