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Gulag Prison or Copper Mill?

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I recently started a new save file to play the game again and I've reached the Soviet Installation areas. I'm trying to find as many collectibles as I can before I advance in the story and I haven't gone into the Copper Mill yet. I was wondering if I could go into the Copper Mill area before I continue with the story (my current objective is Find a way into the old prison to then Find the native prisoner) or if I had to complete those story objectives before I went into the Copper Mill. 

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Hi, fpernes. You will not be able to enter the copper mill area until you have completed the gulag. There's a piece of equipment that you obtain in the gulag that you need in order to access the copper mill. I will avoid spoilers here, but if you head in the direction of the copper mill, you'll see what I mean. The game does does a pretty good job of "gear gating," preventing you from entering areas that you are not ready for. Good luck!

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