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Hi, I've started playing Underworld (really looking forward to it!) but I'm stuck on the first level already! Avalon where you have to put the blocks on the left to weight it down, do the grapple on the dragon head then it falls, I pulled the switch down and it goes to cut scene (door supposed to open then) finish watching the cut scene to carry on and the door is 'closed' . I've tried everything, moving the blocks around etc, pulling the lever / switch and nothing, I'm gutted, can anyone help or tell me what the problem is and how to fix it. Thanks ( I'm playing it on PC windows 10)

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Hi. I noticed you also emailed me about this, so I replied to that with a save file for the start of Niflheim.

In case anyone else having the same problem is reading this, you can find Windows/Mac save files for Underworld, along with instructions for using them, at http://tombraiders.net/stella/savegame/TR8saves.html

I'm still not sure what caused the bug or how to avoid it, but hopefully this will help.

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