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Next Generation Content- "Mission Prep" screen crash to desktop

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Hello, ladies and gentlemen!! When I turn on the graphics option "Next Generation Content", if I complete a level and then quit, when I try to resume my game and the "Mission Prep" screen (i.e. the one where you choose the difficulty for the next level and see what outfit Lara will be wearing), the game always crashes to dekstop! If I don't quit after I complete a level and continue to the next one I don't have problems (I don't even encounter the infamous bug at Kazakhstan!!) But I would like, when I complete a level, to play its Time Trial, so I tend to quit after I finish a level.

So, does anyone know any method, with which I can solve this bug and the game won't crash when the "Mission Prep" screen for the next level appears?

Thank you very much in advance :)

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