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Mike Hawthorne

Desktop Lara...

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I have the old Desktop Lara install files and I have had the program working in Windows 10.

Now I am trying to reinstall it on the same computer and it keeps popping up a window that says a Internet Connection is required, I do of course have an internet connection but I can't get past that point.

I believe that I had this same thing years ago, but don't remember how I got around it.

I wondered if anyone else has an answer for this?

I didn't use it all that much but I liked to turn it on once in a while when I had company who were interested in games.

Mike Hawthorne...

I played Tomb Raider since the first week of TR1, believe that I was the first person in the world to figure out the easy way across the burning pillars. I've played all the TR games up through TR4 without using any aid kits, and played TR1 all the way through without saving or restarting in any level.

Posted on the original forum back in the 90s as Nohjekim.

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Thanks I'll give it a try


The link on the page doesn't point at the correct download anymore.

Instead it opens a video for Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Tried it twice.


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Oops when I re designed the site to HTML5  last year I had a few Boo Boo's.   Fixed now and thanks. PS: Not an installer it is an executable.

It launches when you double click on it.  Let me know how it works for you.

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