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Possible spoilers for Peruvian Jungle level

I stumbled onto a glitch (on PC) with the first jaguar fight. It killed me, and when it reloaded, the jaguar was stuck in one spot, not moving towards me. I shot a ton of arrows into it, and it would turn towards me, but would not start running and would not die. Reloading the checkpoint resolved it.

Unfortunately I forgot to screenshot it - if anyone else finds the glitch with this fight or any other, please do.

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Haven't seen that one yet, but I've had a few minor issues. So far nothing game breaking. My first run-through I was playing a review copy and the game froze before the last cutscene, so I couldn't finish. I nearly panicked, but I reported it and Nixxes sent a fix: enable Vsync, which I guess is normal but which I somehow had disabled. I changed the setting, hit Continue, and it was smooth sailing from there. I'm hoping they fixed that in the Day 1 patch, but I mention it in case anyone else gets stuck.

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It did also take me a few tries to launch the game. Had to update display drivers and restart several times, but eventually it worked beautifully. 

The only other glitch I've noticed so far is (if it's a glitch and not a stylistic choice): sometimes when it's a cutscene and the camera is behind Lara's shoulder, black hexagons flicker on her. I tried to screenshot it - looks like I caught one, but it's a bunch of them.


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