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second Peru area collectibles [minor spoilers]

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I've got up to the very first camp in the hidden city.  In the village before that, Tupac Shakur or something (the game's not in front of me right now, the children have taken over with "For Honor"), I am missing six things.  Two chests that I can't open, a monolith I can't translate, a tomb I can't do without a shotgun (and one door that needs the rope-pulling thingy).  That's all fine, but . . .

There's one cache missing - does that come with the monolith I can't translate?  I haven't quite worked out if that's how the game does those things.  Otherwise I've just missed it and a satchel (not map, right?) that puts it on the map.

There's one challenge missing - I am finding this annoying.  I just can't see where to start with it.  I did the plants in the little lake and the "blasphemous" totem things.  I can't see anything flying that needs shooting down, anything (else) hanging that needs shooting, can't see anything to light with a fire arrow, shot blue frogs, spoken to everyone, got the skill and walked through pressing "Eagle Vision" (the franchise seems to be converging with Assassin's Creed if you ask me!) every few steps.

I am not sure how many maps or satchels I've done in this bit, two maybe - how many of those are there?

I suppose the answers I'm after are minimal here - although a clue to the third challenge wouldn't go amiss.


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eagle VISION not eagle sense, doh
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First, I'm totally moving to Tupac! :D Second, yes, some of the Survival Caches can only be found if you read the monolith first to get the clue. I have posted my really rough level maps with all the items revealed here: https://tombraiders.net/stella/walks/TR11walk/next-level.html in case you want to compare notes. I'm not sure I found everything, but I think there are 2 explorer backpacks and 2 archivist maps.

The third challenge is near the Kuwaq Yaku Ruins base camp. You can spoilerize yourself if necessary.


Shoot oil barrels, in the area near the Kuwaq Yaku Ruins base camp. It's easy to miss since those are highlighted in Survival Instinct because they're explosive, as well as being part of the challenge.



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