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Jaguar Trouble


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If it is the boss fight where Lara gets mauled on the back, after the fight should be cutscene of her skinning it, and should be a campfire/bridge you and Jonah both have to lower.

If by hanging up you mean freezing/can't move, maybe exiting the game and restarting?

I can't recall what part of Peruvian Jungle map the fight was :l

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I'm in the area of the first jaguar fight. I've killed 1 jaguar, the other ran off. I can't do anything until I heal, but I apparently don't have any health to heal with. F1 does nothing, and the "Tap 1 to heal" prompt stays on screen. Since Lara is holding her side, she can't climb out. It would be a real shame to abandon the game after 30min of playing time, just because I didn't save before this. Argh! 

I'm playing on a New Game+, so I'm full up of everything available in the pit area.

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