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Paititi side-missions? [minor spoilers maybe]

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I've gone through the oil fields and got to the first camp in the mission where fast-travel is available again.  At this point I have done 8 of the 11 side missions in Paititi.  How do I get the other three started?  There are no markers on the map.  I have done:

Hearts and Minds - retrieve the king's horn

Hearts and Minds - retrieve the saviour's amulet

Freedom - free the rebels

Freedom - save Colqui

Stay of Execution - rescue Hakan

Dice with the Dead - find Takiy's dice

Dice with the Dead - seek out the outcasts

Widow's Tears - investigate Sumaq's murder



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@Big Tyler 08 started a thread about this, but I don't know if it was actually resolved. I'm still confused. I only count 8 missions total, for all of the regions combined. I posted my list in the other thread. Maybe the count of 11 on the Hidden City map literally means Mission Givers, as the map key suggests. You may have to talk to 11 different people in order to complete the 6 missions in Paititi. 🤷‍♀️

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PowerPyx and I resolved this other day.  Their are 13 side quests.  The Dice/Outcast get marked as 2 of the 11 even though the game shows it as 1 big mission.  And the list in the other thread shows the Prima Guide doesn't list the Bow you have to retrieve before Final Story Mission

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Thanks for the input.

It seems the number of missions is not the main heading but the second-level heading, so Hearts and Minds contributes three missions to the total, based on Stella's screen shots.

The problem I have is knowing where and when to look to start the other three, I see no clue at this point in the game.

Looking at Stella's screen shots, that means I am still missing

Hearts and Minds - retrieve the champion's bow

Ancient Studies - decipher the murals

Ancient Studies - stop the ritual

Where and when do these show up?  As mentioned I've just arrived in San Juan.  I fast-travelled back to Paititi but can find no indicators or clues as to how to get these started.  Certainly the bloke who came up with the first two parts of Hearts and Minds doesn't have a mission to offer.


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