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I. Want. The. Helmets. Maybe whole outfit too...

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When I was little, one of the most fascinating things about the Aztecs, Mayans, etc were the Jaguar and Eagle warriors.  Aztec versions of Seals, Rangers, Green Beret, etc.

Though romanticized a good bit, they were some of my favorite ancient civilization warrior/armies, and got me into studying history. 

In Shadow, imagine my smile when I saw that shiny, green and gold Jaguar Warrior give me the "you the sneaky type?" stare :D And in cutscenes, their brothers, the Eagle Warriors.

I was a giddy as a modern day 6yr old getting a $2000 smartphone 😎.  But sad I was when, obviously, you couldn't get thier helmets or outfits :(

For those who done the past of no return, If I was Jonah, I would of told Etzli "GIVE ME THAT DAMN HELMET!"  🤣

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