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bug - cannot craft outfit

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In San Juan I've done the side mission and in theory been given the outfit.  I cannot, though, craft it.  The resources disappear but the icon changed from the not-crafted one to a broken purple heart.  Re-crafting does nothing except use resources.  I have read elsewhere that on PS4 restarting the game doesn't help (I'm on Xbox).

In terms of "why?", the only slight oddity I can see is I seem to have done part of the mission at the wrong point.  I started the mission almost immediately on arrival but did nothing further.  I went around the map doing loads of stuff, went elsewhere in the "world" and did stuff there, before returning and doing even more.  One of those activities forms part of the mission but I did it before reaching the "right point".  When I spoke to the mission-giver, the mission steps on screen flashed up quickly then went to the final one, I was given the outfit but, well, as written above.  Another thing I can do but am not hopeful is to go through the motions of doing the tomb in case a trigger point is, um, triggered.

I'll also try deleting the local save and see if that does anything but I am not hopeful there either.

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