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Outrun the landslide... arrrrgggg

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I have watched 'Outrun the Landslide' (Falling Apart, Mission of San Juan) being done on YouTube but I am finding this insanely difficult, even dialled down to lowest difficulty.  This is the first time I have been genuinely stuck and 35 tries later, I am wondering about seeking a saved game right after this is over (I am not even getting halfway, I guess my reflexes are not what they used to be 😲)

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7 minutes ago, Big Tyler 08 said:

A few of those spots are tricky.  I can't remember all of it but, I think this flee sequence uses the rappel rope and grapple hook rope a few times IIRC

Yeah I have watched it being done on YouTube so I know in theory what to do, but actually doing it... 🙄

I can't even get half way (I had it glitch out once but all the rest were just straight fails)... I am up to 41 tries now & I am going bug-eyed 😂

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still trying
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On 9/25/2018 at 1:40 AM, Stellalune said:

Yep, I'm happy to do it. Just attach your current save here or email it to me (stellalune at tombraiders dot net). :)

Hello Stellalune. I'm having some issues with this level.. not a problem with reflexes or anything.. but after running the first part, jumping over that pick up truck, through the house, and then on some horizontal poles that swing.. she cat walks the poles, jumps, climbs on top of the ledge and stops. Nothing happens. i can move, slide doesn't come, music stops, people keep pulling a guy on the roof over and over again.. lara looks around herself.. but nothing happens. I can't move forward...




any ideas about this glitch??

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For me part of the difficulty was that the timing is different than prior Tomb Raider games, with SOTTR, Lara has to react earlier than what I would expect to hazards, while in prior games, Lara generally had to wait until the last moment before reacting to hazards. The other thing is SOTTR continues the tradition of Lara being able to magically turn mid-air during a jump or drop, something that goes all the way back to TR1.


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this was probably the trickiest bit in the game as it's consistently difficult and is the one that really put me off trying Deadly Obsession, I pictured myself getting more and more and more annoyed and breaking 3000 worth of console and TV and thought . . . I can live without a few Xbox gamer points

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I wish the developers had put an option to skip if you repeat a sequence more than 10 times or something. After 50 tries or so it basically ruins the fun and I'd rather just shelve the game and move onto something that would actually be fun, rather than waste half an hour doing the same boring thing over and over and over.

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Yeah lol How about enemies that just keep on coming and coming. I was playing a survivor is born and was shooting forever and was disgusted.

It wasn't how many you bad guys you decaffeinated but how many in a short period of time. First time I ran into that and really frustrating.

I can understand why some people give up sometimes but it just means 50 times you didn't figure it out. I YouTube it sometimes and go oh yeah lol.

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