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Glitched Treasure

Big Tyler 08

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I am in the South Mexico area and one of the treasures glitched on me. Via Stella's walkthrough, it is treasure 48, by the off kilter block near Thor Belt statue.

I picked it up, but the inventory computer thing shows 47/50. 

My question is, how do I access the Treasure Hunt mode?  And also, since it was picked up (not on the map anymore) will it show up in treasure mode? Or is it forever glitched unless I do a new play?

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Hey. I wish I had an answer for the underlying question about the bug. I don't know if the treasure will show up in Treasure Hunt, but I can tell you how to access that mode. Once you're finished with the game, instead of "Resume Game,"  it says "Treasure Hunt" in the center of the circular menu. Select that and the game should put you in the Mediterranean Sea in Treasure Hunt mode. To change levels, open Lara's PDA and choose Revisit Location. I wish I could say the treasure would miraculously appear, but I honestly have no idea. :(


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