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Fire Arrows


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I am in a part of the game that needs fire arrows and I have run out.  I do not have the items to craft them and I can’t go backwards in the game.  What can I do?  I need to ignite a gas to make an explosion that lifts a platform.  Mission of San Juan in a tomb next to the deer.  Via Veritas 

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If it is the tree of life tomb.... If I remember, you should have alot of materials scattered across the place so you can craft more if needed, They will glow in survival instinct. Or if you are not in a tomb...should be bottles and cloth to make Molotov's which will work.  Or worst case is possible finding campfire and fast traveling to a merchant and buying the mats/arrows.

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So I am also stuck with no way to craft fire arrows (i'm missing feathers) and can't move forward or backward.  I need a fire arrow to get back to a campsite and one to move forward in the game.   I have tried to reload to the last save and it keeps reloading to the same spot and I can't get to a campsite. I am super worried I am going to have to start the game all over.  I there anything I can do.  I am playing on Xbox One.  

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You don't need feathers to make fire arrows (never paid much attention myself but I don't think you do).  Cloth and oil so I suppose it's one of those you're missing.

If you're really stuck then if you hold RB and LB (RT and LT?) at the loading screen and you'll get back-up saves.  They might be a fair bit further back than where you are in the game.

Best of luck.

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