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Explanation for odd Base Camp icon on Map

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I note that some base camp icons have a small compass needle icon hovering over them. Particularly those I have just left.

I'm puzzled by this.  Does anyone know what the small compass icon signifies?  It doesn't appear to make any difference to anything in the game as far as I can tell.

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Hi. Thanks for your reply.

It's not the large one with the yellow rose around it that shows one where to go next, it's a modified white base camp icon with a smaller Compass needle (without the yellow rose) above it.  It seems to be only the base camps that I have just used and left behind that have it.

This image has one you can look at, just to the right of the middle near a tomb entrance with a circle around it - image.png.776ac041092dcfe67e57c0e465f4a2dc.png

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