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I'd wondered about maintaining interest in the game after completing it.  The challenge tombs being mixed in with the main story give some reason to replay the whole game when they're all out.  Just did Forge and Pillar while waiting for Hitman 2 to update.  I wasn't quite clear on Forge, how the thing worked, but running around like a lunatic shooting the first available gas stream seemed to work; even there, though I think there was one point of luck rather than being able to work it out.  Looks like Agent 47 is available again . . .

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That is why I didn't buy the Season Pass version. When they said 1 tomb a month, and tombs being fairly short(don't know general length of dlc ones), I was like " game wont even be on console HDDs/PCs after 7 months, when game only takes 3 days to beat "  lol



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The forge has multiple paths. After the second pendulum (and third pendulum) inside the main forge area, Lara can get to the left ledge, back track, and press a switch to emit gas from the left serpent head, then jump down and use the second pendulum to go to the right path with the circling spikes (this probably only helps for score attack). Once at the main column, there's a ring that can be pulled down with a rope arrow that opens a doorway that connects the outer perimeter lower path to the outer perimeter middle path, but it quickly releases the door. Once the platform is raised to some point, that doorway automatically opens, so I'm not sure if there was some last minute change, or I just haven't found something on the platform to make a rope bridge to hold the doorway open.


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I bought the base game when it came out and waited for things to settle down a bit, so on Friday I bought the Croft Edition, which includes the season pass and a whole lot of other lovely stuff from the deluxe edition.

This made a lot of sense for me, because Steam works massively in my favour on the local currency exchange rate, so I ended up paying about US$6.

Anyway, I can now enjoy many more hours of fun in Shadow and it's rekindled my interest. Nothing worse than wandering around an empty Lara universe.

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