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Picture of an Egg heart 42.4 million times on Instagram !!

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A stock photograph of an egg has broken the record for the most likes for a post on Instagram.

A record previously held by a Kylie Jenner post, with 18 million, the egg has more than doubled that and it's still going.

It's at 42.4 million hearts, 6.2 million followers and 2.1 million comments now


Further evidence most people are dumb sheep with very short and shallow attention span and they will click likes and heart and thumbs up on anything that's posted on social media.

Now I am just waiting for some idiot to start a GoFund page to save this egg from becoming a breakfast omelette or a quiche and to use the money to provide it a home where it can turn into a chicken.


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Since I posted this thread 16 hours ago, it has garnered another 2.5 million heart, 600,000 followers and 300,000 comments.

Some folks sure just get eggcited over nothing!!

But looking at the sunny side of this, I am glad this egg not only poached the record previously held by Kylie Jenner, it was able to crack it.

I think Jenner's Instagram fans might flip in the scramble for clicks.

At the same time I still can't believe so many million folks got a hard boiled over the photo of an egg - maybe I am the wrong generation because I just can't see the yolk of it.

The whole thing is quite eggocentric if you ask me.

But hey, what do I know?

After all, I am not eggsactly an eggspert on the social media life of an egg.

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Now that I've examined its photo closely, I must honestly admit:

that IS one nice looking egg.

It possesses a nice hue unlike the eggs in my refrigerator: 

all boringly sterile white.

Whenever I eat them I feel like I'm in a hospital or I'm shopping at Target.

This egg has a smooth clear skin devoid of wrinkles, ripples, incomplete pigmentation, bumps and spots. 

It also has a nice oval shape making it very aesthetic pleasing to look at.


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In 2004 I went to Casper Wyoming for business.

i was there about 3 months and I rented a room from a family that had a ranch raising horses.

They had 40 some hens and every day we had fresh eggs.

They don't even keep the eggs (or butter) in the refrigerator.

It sits in a basket on the kitchen counter by the window next to the butter.

The eggs are all different color and sizes.

They tasted different than supermarket eggs including the brown eggs you find at the store that are supposedly better than white eggs.

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An egg provides nourishment and when incubated brings life to the young inside. 

Billions of people around the world day in and day out depend on the egg for sustenance either by itself or as an ingredient in 1000's of recipes.

So what does Kim Kardashian and her pack of animals actually do for the world?

As I see it, absolutely NOTHING AT ALL!

They are famous for being part of the brood of Bruce Jenner:

a former Decathlete who later in life decided he want to be a different person than the one he was born under but other than that they do absolutely nothing, contribute to the world nothing:

unless someone is an idiotic impressionable person who lives and breathes everything the Kardashians do.

They also sure don't look very nourishing or appetizing to eat.

If I was an extra-terrestrial and Earthly humans were my food source, I wouldn't eat any of the Kardashians.

Let's hear it for THE EGG!

Winner every time!

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It's at 50.1 million hearts, 8.5 million followers and 2.9 million comments now.

2 days ago a second egg has appeared and it has garnered 7.3 million hearts and 212,000 comments so far.


This second egg has a slight crack in it.

Will we see a chicken hatch from it in the near future?

Stay tuned!

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