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where did the empress jaguar go?

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Did anyone else get to kill the empress jaguar once - but only once?  Lara goes into a crouch in that bit of San Juan for me and can put on mud for camouflage - but there's no big cat, just deer.  On my attempts at the game she vanishes permanently after the first time she's killed.  Doesn't break the game but is there something specific that gets her to appear?

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That's been my experience too. Once you've killed the jaguar the first time, Lara will continue to crouch, like there's danger, but the jaguar never seems to respawn. I haven't playtested it extensively, but I've tried returning to that area before heading into the City of the Serpent, then again after finishing the story. Still no empress jaguar. It feels like a bug to me.

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On 1/23/2019 at 2:23 PM, SpirantCrayon22 said:

Interesting, @rcgldr - did you get her twice, then?  If and when I go through it again might be worth trying.  I am pretty sure it's a bug, though, given her going into a crouch.  Just the wrong animals spawn!

No, I tried the sequence I mentioned and the jaguar did not respond. You do get the hides from salvage caches, but that is random.

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