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Howl of the MOnkey Gods Challenge Tomb

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I am using XBox One. There is a moveable platform in the middle of this puzzle which I have moved but it has stuck between its original place and the final destination.  As a result Lara cannot use it as she obviously should because it is out of reach.  I can see exactly what should happen but it is impossible with the platform stuck where it is.  I cannot return to the mechanism which would enable me to move it again. The auto save has caused me to be stuck here in an impossible situation where I cannot move forward.   Any thoughts?

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IDK about that tomb since I don't have the Season Pass, but if reloading the game doesn't work, I think Spirant said on Xbox One........ you can push both RB/LB(?) on load game and it will bring up various save files. 

So should be able to choose a file before the auto save.


@SpirantCrayon22 could prob tell more since he found out about it last year


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What Big T said is basically correct. Go to the Load Game screen and hold both Trigger buttons (LT and RT) to bring up a full list of saves, which should include a Last Campsite and Backup save. You may have to replay a bit, but at least you won't be forever stuck. :(                                        


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The platform can be moved half of the way so you can use it to jump over to the room on the other side and below, although you should be able to use the rope to get over there also. Once in that room, there's a breakable barrier, which can be used for backtracking, and the rope can be used to go back to the winch, assuming you don't cut the rope, if you do, you'll need to back track to cross back over on the higher level, then drop down when you reach the winch again.

You didn't mention where you are stuck. 

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