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Things that took me a long time to notice

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Things that took me a long time to notice:


The “fake” implied defaced date of 13, 0, 0, 0, 0 is the end of the long count on 21 December 2012 that spawned those two terrible movies and a lot of pop culture woo. (I also checked Lara’s math on the difference between that and 8, 0, 0, 0, 0, and, yes, it is around 2000 years.)

Peru Jungle

The airplane wreckage has two right wings. No wonder the plane broke in two and crashed.

Percy Fawcett served in the Royal Artillery.

As mentioned in another thread on this board that I can’t locate right now, you don’t actually have to fight the two jaguars in your first jaguar encounter. If you run laps around the central pillar the game gives up after about 12 laps and starts the QTE to end the sequence. As a bonus, you get plenty of time to eyeball the three sets of monkey cheering sections (two on overhead limbs and one on the exit ledge) every lap. I’m never quite sure if they are cheering for Lara or the jaguars. No matter. They paid for their seat and have the right to cheer for either team 8-).

Croft Manor

The solution to the final bit of the light puzzle is in plain sight on an enormous tapestry hanging under spotlights right next to the board.

One of the artifacts is a Chalice of Saint John, and the description specifically details the legend of the serpent in the cup. No wonder Lara knew about that.

There is also a Kukulkan display, but young Lara doesn’t reveal what the description says. That might explain how Lara was so quick to recognize him in the mural in Cozumel, though.


In the Trial of the Serpent, you can set the oil on fire with fire arrows, though it might take a few.

San Juan

The large fresco of the heron and the eclipse in the library seems to be lacking exactly 50% of the requirements, namely an eclipse. It looks like a huge heron and a rising (or setting) sun to me. On the bright (hah!) side, this helps me give Jonah a pass on not noticing a 20 foot fresco dominating the room when Lara asks him to look for a heron and an eclipse. Maybe he was just being very precise—“Heron? Check. Eclipse? Nope. Ok then--got to keep looking.”

The first thing you are shown in San Juan, even before the stone faces, is Chekhov’s volcano. During the fights against Trinity from outside the Church all the way through to the Cane Field and Distillery, this volcano that dominates the horizon is totally erupting. Ash clouds are filling the skies, flames and lava are at the summit, and volcanic ash is falling like rain. Lava bombs are being thrown through the air. And NO ONE MENTIONS IT. Is it like the Main Street Parade at Disney World and it erupts several times a day for the tourists and Trinity is so bored with it that they no longer notice?

Other odds and ends:

Is everyone an earthquake psychic? How can they tell the difference between a foreshock and a main earthquake in real time? Maybe it was just a small earthquake, and that was it. To quote wiki, “The designation of an earthquake as foreshock, mainshock or aftershock is only possible after the full sequence of events has happened.”

I don’t think the investigator at the murder mystery sequence in Paititi has much of a future in CSI. Lara asks him what he knows about the stabbing victim, and he answers that the victim was stabbed with “something pointy and very sharp.” Thanks a lot, Sherlock. Real specific there. We’ll rule out a cricket bat, then. Oh wait—there ARE no cricket bats in Paititi.

Vocabulary words I have learned in this game—atlatl, cenote, ensorcelled, falconet (sadly, *not* a small raptor), ixik, molosser, morion (sadly, *not* an idiot that has a non-zero net electric charge), Pan-Pan, pishtaco (sadly, *not* a fish taco), quipu, and syncretism.

Oh, and someone somewhere in the rebellion *still* owes me an apology over the entire Colqui ambush thing.

I’ll spare you my rant about Q'orianka being an obnoxious ungrateful cow, as well as my theory that Abby is the head of the Ortiz crime family and a serial killer.

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