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Hi - I'm East of The Hidden City - on an island - in front of me is an iron door with an orange circle / star and to the left an opening blocked off  rope gate.  Rapids swirl around me below and if I jump into the water, I die immediately.  I cannot get through either door - I've tried burning the rope with a fire arrow and it does not work.  Can anybody help?!  Thanks


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You are on the way back from rescuing Unaratu and have just pulled one archer off a cliff, right?

*IF* (and it is a big if) I remember correctly, there is a wooden ramp to the right of the decorated door and you jump off and grab a climbing wall.

If that isn't it, check Stella's walkthrough and guide at:


under "Area 11: The Hidden City (Upper Paititi)" and locate where you are and where to go.

Have Fun!

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