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Crafting Fire Arrows problem (Shadow of the Tomb Raider PC)

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Hi, I cannot make a fire arrows in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, when I hold right mouse button and click middle mouse button then Lara checks her back and she cannot take anything, but I already have one arrow but the fire arrow is zero.

Here is a YouTube video that I want to do but I cannot do, the fire arrows was 0 and it becomes 1https://youtu.be/kdH5nrgl7-I?t=6844

I already have arrow, cloth and that thing like an oil. But I don't know how to have a Silent Arrow? Please help, I'm stuck at 11%. I have already restarted the whole game to try to have the needed things but I sill not have them. The first image below is a screenshot from the YouTube video (I have all of them, except the fire arrow is 0).



The image below is a screenshot from my computer, I have 14/35 feather, 18/35 hardwood and 11/35 cloth but unknown SILENT ARROWS.


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Hi, it seems a bug for me because everyone explains it simply like hold Right Mouse Button and click Middle Mouse Button, they explain simply like that but it doesn't work for me. When I do it then Lara checks her back and she cannot take a fire arrow.

I believe that it's kind of bug, I mean imperfection of the game that people can be stuck. According to the second image in my first post, the fire arrow requires a SILENT ARROW, CLOTH and a FAT. But what is a FAT, please?

What kind of skill do I need? I thought that this kind of bug is famous because I restarted the game and always have the same problem, should I restart the game and play it with Normal Difficulty? But I played it with Easy difficulty because I wanted to have the maximum resource.
Which of these skills below should I use? For example 4th row, and 10th column looks like a fire arrow but it's a Viper's Lure. Please help, how did people do to achieve this famous game?

The game tip says: Weapons can be upgraded at camp fire using resource. But what kind of upgrade should I do?


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Hi, @manda3d. Welcome to the forums. :)

When you hold the right mouse button, Lara aims the weapon she currently has equipped. If you then press left mouse, she fires normal ammo. If you hold the right mouse button and press the middle button, she fires special arrows/ammo. In order to craft ammo, you need to have the weapon equipped but NOT hold Aim (right mouse). Just press and hold the left mouse button without aiming to craft normal arrows or press and hold the middle mouse button without aiming to craft fire arrows. Of course, you need to have the necessary resources in your inventory or Lara won't do anything.

Lara has the skill to craft fire arrows at the beginning of the game. You don't need to unlock it. Later, when you unlock the skills that let you craft special ammo for the pistol, rifle, and shotgun, you'll do the same thing: Select the gun, but don't hold Aim. Just hold middle mouse to craft special ammo. Then to shoot that special ammo, hold Aim and press middle mouse.

Just to further complicate things, if you have a mouse with a wheel, spinning it cycles through the available weapons, so things can get messy if you're trying to shoot special ammo and accidentally spin the wheel and change weapons. If that bugs you, you can go into Options > Key Mapping, scroll down to the options for Next Weapon and Previous Weapon, then click on the mouse wheel icons and replace them with a different key. I usually play with a controller, but that makes a HUGE difference for me if I do play with keyboard and mouse.

Good luck!

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How to Craft Arrows in Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Shadow of the Tomb Raider is back at it again with the tomb raiding action. Lara Croft returns with her signature weapons, among them, a bow and its arrows! You’re going to be going through these arrows a lot, trust me. Especially if you’re planning on playing with an inclination towards stealth. As such, you’re probably wondering how the heck you can make more arrows. Here’s how to craft arrows in Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

The game makes this incredibly easy to do, you just need to have the crafting materials to do so. If you don’t, by the way, the game will definitely let you know. Feathers and wood are a big part of the ingredients you’ll need, so get to pickin’ and foraging.

To craft arrows, you simply need to hold R2 if you’re on PS4 or RT if you’re on Xbox One. You’ll see a little symbol filling up. Once it’s full, you’ll have some more arrows! Just keep doing that and you’ll have replenished your ammo yourself.

Now, if you’d rather make fire arrows, you can do that by holding R1 (PS4) or RB (Xbox One), instead! Rinse and repeat, wait for the symbol to fill up, and boom, you have new arrows on the go.

Don’t forget what I said before; you definitely need the materials to pull this off. That’s why it’s always smart to be collecting as you come across branches and feathers.

That’s all you have to do, though. That’s how you craft arrows in Shadow of the Tomb Raider be they regular wooden arrows or fire arrows. 



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