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I’m in the Paititi cave. Etzli is waiting for me to speak to him.  If I do, I have been told that 'Fast Travel' will be disabled. So I guess this means I am coming to the end of the game.

So, do I play all the DLC Tombs and such now, or would it be better if I wait until the end of the next level/the game?


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It's really just a matter of personal preference. Many people finished the game when it came out then played the DLC packs as they were released. Story-wise, the DLCs are all mixed up. Most take place before the game ending, so if you care about continuity, it makes more sense to play them before finishing the main story. But practically speaking, playing the DLC will earn some gear and skills that might be useful in the endgame. Wish I had a definitive answer, but I don't think it matters that much.

If you're unsure whether you're ready for the final level, you could always make a new save (or change save slots if you're playing on PS4/XO). Then if you're not happy with your loadout, you can reload that earlier save, maybe try some DLC, and continue with the final level later.

Anyway, I hope you're enjoying the game. :)

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What Stella wrote.  I find combat in this game quite difficult so any sort of help in the final battle is a good idea.  In terms of timelines, just the one DLC level occurs after the final battle but I don't think the game lets you play that until you've done the final level.  One DLC features the bad guy, albeit briefly, so for story continuity should be played before the end of the game and I think that is probably true for all of them.  My intention is the replay the game (again, once or twice) after all DLC has been released (and it looks like there's one left at present), partly to see how all the tombs fit in with the story given the bit of extra background.  But of course it's entirely up to you!  Enjoy!

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